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  • The Benefits of Using LED Christmas Lights

    Sep 9, 2018

    A magical display of twinkling lights inspires festive cheer in many of us. It’s a custom that goes way back to when trees were decorated with candles to represent the light of Christ, though today, many of us put on impressive shows in celebrations of all shapes and sizes and for all causes.

    We’ve come a long way since perching naked flames on our tree branches - a fire hazard that seems unbearable today! Luckily, we have moved on, and for many years, we relied on incandescent fairy lights to create our winter wonderlands. However, in recent years, LED lights seem to have swooped in and taken over our Christmas trees for good.

    So, what exactly are these techno-savvy lights? We investigate the benefits of LED Christmas lights to find out more...

    What Are LED Lights And How Do They Work?

    ‘LED’ stands for ‘light emitting diode’, a technology that has been used for decades in things like digital clocks, television sets and even traffic lights. In a nutshell, and without getting too technical, they differ from older incandescent bulbs because they are ‘solid state devices’ that do not rely on heat to generate light. This results in a number of benefits that can save money, help the environment and much more!

    Top 5 Benefits Of Using LED Christmas Lights

    Christmas tree decorated with LED lights

    1. LED Christmas Lights Last Longer

    If you are still using incandescent Christmas lights, we would bet Santa your last glass of milk and mince pie that at least one bulb will blow out before Christmas Day!

    Unlike old fashioned bulbs, which rely on a fragile filament that is at high risk of breaking, LED lights are much more reliable. In fact, in tests they were still going strong after 4,000 hours with little more than a flicker, while incandescent bulbs were out of the game before just 2,000 hours of action were up.

    The parts used to create LED lights are much harder to break and are enclosed in a tough exterior, so you can pretty much guarantee they will last until Boxing Day and beyond.

    2. You Can Save On Your Energy Usage...

    One of the biggest benefits of LED lights is their low energy consumption. This is down to they way they produce light. As we mentioned before, LED lights do not generate light through creating heat - a method that can waste a staggering 90% of energy used!

    LED Christmas lights are incredibly energy efficient, though if you want to go really green this Christmas, you can even buy solar powered string lights for both indoors and outdoors, meaning your display needn’t cost the earth at all. LED lights are also usually recyclable at your local recycling centre and do not use the same potentially toxic substances as older styles of filament lights, making them all-round more environmentally-friendly!

    3. ...And On Your Christmas Spending!

    It has been said that the average UK household can see their energy bills rocket by up to £50 in the month of December. LED lights can make sure that your Christmas decorations are not one of the biggest burdens, thanks to their low electricity consumption, which is around 33% less than filament bulbs.

    You can also find LED lights with built-in timers, which switch off your lights for you incase you forget, meaning you won't find yourself accidentally running your energy bill up overnight.

    And, while they might have a slightly higher purchase price than the cheap and cheerful filament bulbs of the past, you are almost sure to save money on your energy bills and for the future - not only are they cheaper to run, but the durability of LED Christmas lights means you probably won’t have to replace them for many Christmases to come!

    4. LED Lights Are Much Safer

    Saving money is all well and good, but safety should be top of the agenda during your Christmas celebrations. While many of us are in party mode, house fires are twice as likely to happen over the Christmas period, and old filament fairy lights were often the culprit.

    Incandescent bulbs can become very hot to the touch due to the heat they produce, and, if a fault occurs, this can potentially engulf a real Christmas tree in flames within a shocking 40 seconds. LED lights stay relatively cool no matter how long you leave them on, making them a much safer option.

    The fire department advises that if you do have a real Christmas tree, you keep it well watered, and ensure you check your lights for faults regularly. LED lights are far less likely to see a fault, and paired with a fire retardant artificial Christmas tree, are an easy way to give yourself peace of mind against any accidents over Christmas.

    5. LED Lights Come In All Shapes And Sizes

    Despite being around for a few decades, LED lights weren’t immediately picked up as Christmas decorations due to the limited colours they could produce. However, today they have a fantastic selection to choose from, putting filament fairy lights to shame!

    Unlike older styles of lights, which simply depended on a white light behind a coloured filter, one of the benefits of LED lights is the bright and vibrant colour they can produce. You can even get colour changing LED lights that flick between colours within one bulb, plus connectable lights, meaning you can string multiple pairs together without overloading your sockets.

    2000wh_icicle_chaser_lights.1529709193 Pictured: 2000 LED Icicle Chaser Lights-White

    LED Christmas lights also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with an array of multifunctional light options available - whether you want flashing, twinkling or ambient fades, you can set the mood and get as creative as you wish! See our cluster lights, icicle lights and chaser lights for a few ideas. Our Battery operated LED lights also mean that you aren’t limited to your light sockets anymore, so you can sprinkle some festive flair wherever you like!

    It doesn’t end with strings of lights either. Our LED blossom trees make a beautiful addition to your decorations with all the same benefits, while our pre lit LED Christmas trees come ready strung for you to reap the benefits of LED Christmas lights with minimum fuss!

    Whether we have convinced you to upgrade or you have already seen the light, browse our full range today. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors usage, it’s a miracle we ever got by without the benefits of LED Christmas lights!

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  • Secrets of Christmas Window Dressing & Displays For Shops

    Sep 9, 2018

    While most of us are rushing around the shops at Christmas to get all of our shopping done, it’s likely little thought goes into the shops themselves and the work that goes into making them look the way they do.

    However, the intricacies of trying to entice people in shops at Christmas is a fine art, and window dressing, window displays and merchandising is something that takes months of planning.

    From ensuring you have a realistic Christmas tree to positioning it in just the right place, the psychology of window dressing, particularly at Christmas, is fascinating.

    Penny McNeish, window dresserTo learn more, we spoke to freelance window dresser and visual merchandiser Penny McNeish about the secrets of window dressing for shops at Christmas…

    What do you anticipate being the top trends for Christmas window displays for 2018?

    Tree-wise this year, I think we’re going to see artificial Christmas trees a softer green in colour and a more natural look to them. I think we’ll see modern and geometric designs with a Christmas style, flat neon rope lighting to really make the displays stand out.

    An interesting trend is the use of a lot of exotic birds in window displays, such as peacocks, white crowned peahens, birds of fantasy, flamingos, that kind of thing.

    A big trend right now is recycling and ethically designed and sourced displays and I think that’ll will also be the case at Christmas.

    Merchandising is a broader concept and consists of taking care of the user’s shopping experience by generating an attractive sensory and emotional environment. For me, retailers will work harder on channeling the footfall in store by offering more experience as they shop

    For example, we’ll see more Santa’s grottos, christmas smells, demonstrations, present wrapping, etc, and the merchandising will work with these offers and promotions.

    Mother and daughter looking at a Christmas window display

    How has window dressing and merchandising changed over recent years?

    As with most things, technology now plays a much bigger role in window dressing and merchandising. Digital imagery and screens are now often used, as well as things like holographic images, better lighting, and animatronics. You’ve probably already seen a Santa or Rudolph that moves and makes sound!

    What are some no-nos for dressing window displays and merchandising?

    There a number of things you should definitely try and avoid when dressing your shop windows at Christmas. It falls into two areas - having equipment that’s unfit for use, and practices that aren’t fashionable at the moment.

    For example, having Christmas lights that don’t work, using sticky tape or using the same tired decorations every year instantly looks bad, while using things like spray snow and tinsel around window frames went out of fashion a while ago.

    Also, a huge no-no is expecting the window dresser to create something with no budget!

    Could you give us 5-10 top tips for Christmas window displays?

    • Plan your theme and tell a story
    • Don’t put the window display in to early or too late
    • Remember it’s to drive footfall into your store, not drive it away
    • Having the wow factor often means customers spending more money
    • Look at buying key pieces which can be used again in future years or altered to be used again

    A big thanks to Penny for her advice - check out her website for more about she does.

    If you want a spectacular window display, see our fantastic range of commercial Christmas trees - and if you need something bigger, our giant Christmas trees go up to a whopping 40ft!

    Giant commercial Christmas tree banner

  • How To Save Your Business Money This Christmas

    Sep 9, 2018

    It’s no secret that Christmas can be an expensive time for many of us. We have to buy presents, food, decorations and whatever else we feel we need to have a stellar festive period.

    However, Christmas can also be an incredibly pricey time for businesses, and if not properly budgeted for or taken into account then it can be a bit of a shock to the bank balance.

    At Christmas Tree World, we’ve put together some of the ways in which your business can save money this Christmas without sacrificing any of the yuletide festivities for you and your employees.

    Invest in an artificial Christmas tree

    While some prefer having a real Christmas tree, it’s not always practical. Investing in an artificial Christmas tree is a wise move for a number of reasons.

    Not only do they look just as good as the real thing, but with a faux Christmas tree you don’t have to worry about it dying or disposing of it in January. You can simply pack it away until next year - this means that once you’ve bought a tree, you don’t have to shell out again year after year.

    It’s a one-off expense that will serve you for many Christmases to come, whether you opt for a large tree for the corner of an office, a tree for a shop window display

    If you want something truly spectacular, take a look at our amazing giant Christmas trees ideal for indoor and outdoor businesses and events.

    Choose LED Christmas lights

    If you’re going to be decorating your premises with lights this Christmas, then opting for LEDs is a wise move for several reasons.

    LED lights use much less energy than regular bulbs, which will help cut down on your electricity bills. They also last much longer so you literally won’t have to replace them for years. You also won’t have to worry about finding a bulb has blown causing the whole set of lights to not work - we’ve all been there!

    Take a look at our full range of LED Christmas lights.

    Book festivities early

    If you’re planning any kind of Christmas party then it pays to get it all booked in early. Venues are going to ramp their prices up towards the festive season anyway, but if you leave it to the last minute to book something then you’re likely to pay even more.

    If you’re not too precious about when you actually have your Xmas bash, you could even bring it forward to before the busy party season or leave it until after Christmas when you’re less likely to have to fight for elbow room at the bar.

    Office at Christmas

    Be more eco-friendly

    How much do you pay attention to how eco-friendly your business is over Christmas? By thinking a bit greener, you can also save yourself some money!

    If you work for a company that either shuts down or reduces staff numbers over Christmas, then there are plenty of energy-saving measure you can undertake to reduce the impact on the environment and on your overheads.

    The most obvious thing you can do is to turn off lights and shut down unnecessary equipment while it’s not in use. However, also consider turning the heating down if no-one is around to need it on - just knocking the thermostat down by 1ºC can reduce energy consumption by 8%. It all adds up!

    You may even decide to let people work from home over Christmas, which will make life easier for them and also cut down on your costs.

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    Guide to buying an artificial Xmas tree for a small spaceArtificial vs real Christmas trees | Christmas tree decoration colour guide

  • The guide to buying an artificial Christmas tree for a small space

    Sep 9, 2018

    We understand that in a small living space, every square inch of space is precious, especially at Christmas!

    Here at Christmas Tree World we have a wide range of smaller artificial Christmas trees ranging in size from tabletop, up to 3 and 5 feet tall. They’re all still packing in a lot of festive punch and are perfect for nestling into the nooks of a small room. So whether you live in a small house, an apartment or flat, or you just don't have much space to play with, you can still create a fun festive scene.

    If you’re struggling to decide where best to position your Christmas tree or wondering if you have the space at all, start by measuring your space using a tape measure and sketching your room out roughly on paper, marking out where your furniture is, where plug sockets are available and where any obstructions may be. You will then be able to have a better idea of where your tree will fit best and the diameter width you can allow for.

    Slim Christmas tree


    If your room has the height but lacks width, avoid cramping your living space further. Our pencil thin, pre-lit green Italian Pencilimo tree is not only practical, but it’s also a stylish choice that can be adorned with Christmas decorations and accessories.

    Small Christmas tree

    Alternatively, if you’re not as conscious of width, a traditional Woodland Pine Tree is a fantastic option. With lifelike PVC needles and a small base span, this traditional tree can transform any space into an instant Christmas haven.

    You may choose to add a little Christmas accent to your home with a table top tree. Our 60cm Multicolour Aurora fibre optic tree is the ideal option if plug sockets are sparse and you don’t have the room to store Christmas decorations. Made from a mix of tinsel and PVC needles, this tree looks festive when switched on or off.


    For a more abstract take on the traditional Christmas tree, our Blossom Trees are available in a range of sizes and are perfect for adding a Christmassy glow to your home if a larger tree isn’t feasible in the space you have to play with. We have both stand up and tabletop variants to add a modern twist to your Christmas decorations.

    When it comes to Christmas trees, size really doesn’t matter and whichever tree you decide is right for your smaller space there are plenty of ways to decorate it to ensure maximum festivity eludes your room.

    Alternatively, you can use cheery lighting, wreaths and tinsel to create a festive feel in your home even if a Christmas tree isn’t a viable option.

    What is your best space saving tip at Christmas time?
    Leave a comment below or tweet us @xmastreeworld

  • Artificial vs Real Christmas Trees: Which will save you the most money?

    Sep 9, 2018

    There is no more appropriate time to watch the pennies than during the festive season. What with presents for the kids and relatives, as well as the hefty sums spent on the Christmas dinner (last year some “last-minute” supermarket turkeys were sold at a mind-boggling £40.00!), checking that you’re getting the most for your money when you buy your Christmas tree is imperative.

    So which type of tree will save you the most cash – a real or an artificial Christmas tree?


    Whilst real Christmas trees look mind-blowing when they’re first assembled, they’re unlikely to stay looking so pristine for the entirety of the Christmas period. They’re likely to lose their lustre fairly quickly, and are highly likely to discard their needles upon first assembly – this can make a fantastic Christmas tree look incredibly sparse and sad.

    Artificial Christmas trees don’t have to deal with the problem of needles shedding or colour weakening as they are designed with the recipient in mind - Christmas Tree World only use the best manufacturers with quality materials for top quality, long-lasting trees.


    Most artificial trees will also last for as long as 10 years or more – all you need to do is take it out of the loft every year! A real tree, on the other hand, you’re lucky to get at least one year out of it.

    Upkeep & Maintenance

    If you’re looking for a hassle-free Christmas with no additional money spent on your Christmas tree’s upkeep, an artificial tree is probably your safest bet. You’ll also be able to decorate your tree however you like, without the worry of needles falling away from heavy baubles, or tinsel catching the delicate branches.

    Artificial trees are also so much easier to store away and re-use, keeping it all intact for the next year. Christmas Tree storage bags ensure your tree is properly stored away and won’t gather those pesky cobwebs!

    Multiple Trees

    A family home always looks magical at Christmas time when it’s filled with Christmas decorations. Whether this be icicle lights hanging from the roof, or a beautiful Christmas tree complementing each major room. For most, a single tree in the living room isn’t enough, and more and more people are seeking smaller, more elegant trees for window-sills, on their front porch, or even twinkling in their kitchen.

    For choice and personalisation, artificial Christmas trees will tick all the boxes a real Christmas tree couldn’t. Our artificial trees on the come in a range of sizes (from 3ft up to 20ft) in a variety of colours (pink, black, white, traditional) with different characteristics to make your Christmas home even more whimsical.

    We have Christmas trees specifically for the outdoors, slim-line for tighter spaces, or with different modern designs such as blossom trees and fibre optic Christmas trees. The possibilities are quite simply endless.

    Real vs Artificial Christmas Trees - Our Verdict

    Artificial Christmas trees, on the whole, will save you more money than a real tree, but will still give you the realistic look you desire. That’s why it’s important to select your artificial tree from a respected retailer who only deal with quality trees using the finest material.

    See our full range of artificial Christmas trees today!

  • The Best Office Christmas Trees For 2018

    Sep 9, 2018

    There’s something no workplace can do without at Christmas... no, not a full drinks cabinet, but a great inviting artificial office Christmas tree. The ultimate symbol that December is finally upon us, it’s the key piece in the festive puzzle.

    And there’s plenty of decorative artificial Christmas tree options right here at Christmas Tree World to keep the office planning committee busy!

    When it comes to your office Christmas tree, we're proud to cater to all tastes. We understand you may want to cling to time-honoured tradition, with some glorious bushy green artificial trees, or head in the other direction with something like a streamlined white or sparkling blossom tree. With such a vast array of choices on offer, we’ve decided to narrow down our collection to some office Xmas tree essentials. Read on for our seasonal tips...

    Tall Office Xmas Trees

    With images of towering trees in city centres floating around in our minds, it’s easy to see why tall trees are a popular option. Their vast scale combined with a shower of decorations, give off an amazing Christmassy vibe. And there’s nothing to stop your lobby or office entrance being bolstered by a lovely tall tree right here:

    Giant Commercial Trees:

    If you’re lucky enough to have a grand lobby or sizeable reception area, then one of our giant commercial trees extending up to 40ft can be ordered online with no fuss. Uniform in shape, with a consistent all-over crop of bushy branches, these are ideal for creating a welcoming space for workers and clients alike.

    We even have Christmas baubles that range from 6cm to 30cm, so you can easily bulk out your tree with glittering decorations in the process!

    Commercial Christmas Trees:

    Similar to their larger counterparts, but on a slightly smaller scale, a commercial Christmas tree is ideal for nestling away in a corner of the office or as something to present proudly in a lounge or meeting area.

    The 9ft Mountain Pine

    One of our most unique trees, the 9ft Mountain Pine Tree is bright, bushy and ideal for large rooms - perhaps something to impress clients over the seasonal period? This particular artificial tree comes with luscious PVC tips that mimic real-life pine needles, and immediately create the feeling of a genuine tree.

    Featuring a vivid green colour, and able to accommodate a range of decorations and trinkets, you’ll honestly struggle to find a better place for heaping all those secret Santas in the office!

    The 7ft Snow White Fir

    Flocking - if you’re a little unsure of the term - is the process whereby artificial tree branches are carefully frosted to make it look like they’re coated in snow. And they don’t come much more flocked that our 7ft Snow White Fir, with flowing branches that look like they’re being weighed down by real snowfall.

    A brilliant feature by the water cooler, or something to cast a glow over a desk bank, this is a great reminder of what we regularly miss out on at Christmases - snow, snow, snow!

    Other Office Xmas Tree Favourites:

    The 6ft White Blue Ripple Effect Fibre Optic Tree

    A superb innovation, the branches of this 6ft White Blue Ripple Effect Fibre Optic Tree use next gen technology to create a waving or rippling effect across the branches. There’s a real risk of mesmerising colleagues with this stunning creation lying around the office; and the durable LEDs and super lit fibres offer one of the liveliest trees on the market too!

    The 6ft Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree

    There’s a chance you might be strapped for office floor space this year: between the photocopiers, triple screen desks and other office paraphernalia, a grander giant tree won’t always be the right fit. This is where our 6ft Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree is the best choice: with its sleek profile, two-tone green colours and handsome size, make the Slim Pine your office floor filler this year!

    Office Desktop Trees:

    It’s all too easy forget that there’s plenty you can do to spruce up your individual office desk at Christmas. Throughout the year, it may be a space full of useless post-it notes, well-used notebooks and neglected mugs of tea - but during the festive season, try transforming it into a mini wonderland with the following mini-sized suggestions:

    The 45cm Frosted White Flower LED Blossom Tree

    A huge trend in recent years, the Far East-inspired 45cm Frosted White Flower LED Blossom Tree will make a truly elegant touch to your workspace. They’re dainty in size, easy to assemble, energy-efficient and, best of all, the white plastic flowers will ensure you’re wrapped in a heartwarming glow all throughout December.

    The 60cm Red & Blue Colour Burst Fibre Optic Tree

    Sparkle and Christmas go hand in hand, which is exactly why this 60cm Red & Blue Colour Burst Fibre Optic Tree should edge it’s way to the top of the office wish list. With long-lasting LEDs constantly giving off beautiful red and blue sparkles, and a slim profile too (it’s 45cm diameter won’t be getting in the way of your pen pots!) these trees perch perfectly on your desk.


    We hope these ideas help spark some creative ideas for every Christmas planning committee out there - are you starting to scope out your office decorations this year?

    Let us know about your ideas and share your brilliant decorative plans for 2018 below! Alternatively, any questions about the trees themselves don’t hesitate to contact our expert team!

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