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  • Top Christmas Tree Trends for 2018

    Oct 10, 2018

    Some may think that Christmas trends are the same each year, and that people just stick a Christmas tree in the corner, throw up some garlands and be done with it.

    However, you might be surprised! Christmas trends do in fact differ from year to year. Here, our very own Stephen Evans, managing director at Christmas Tree World, comments on the top Christmas trends for the home this year.

    Have you noticed how, with each passing Christmas, life seems to get more hectic? But Christmas is the high spot in the dull, dark and long winter, and the lights, tree, decorations and, of course, the parties help to lift our spirits. It's a time to look forward to a time full of traditions.

    One of the great traditions of Christmas is the Christmas tree, and with all the rush of modern life we have noticed a trend towards ease and speed.

    People also want the most realistic Christmas tree possible, without all the faff of a real tree. The modern artificial trees with ultra realistic PE tips (these are tips moulded from real pine needles) and Pre-Lit branches (these are trees already strung with LED lights) can save you hours in decorating the home and give you that perfect designer look, even if you are not artistic.

    Ultra mountain pine christmas tree

    Hey, there’s still a place for the more traditional hook of artificial tree like the Mountain Pine and the Arbor Vitae especially if you want to be creative. The Pre-lit Ultra Mountain Pine and the Ultra Devonshire with a bit of branch fluffing will give instant and spectacular results.

    For an even more dramatic effect and Christmas wow factor, there has been a real upsurge in the popularity of flocked Christmas trees. Covering a tree with white flock gives the impression that it has just snowed and can create a really special ambience in a room. They look great in modern style flats and homes, the white of the tree contrasting with popular grey silver and black decor.

    Again pre-lit versions like the Pre-lit Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine which are professionally strung with lights give that ultra realistic feel, but very popular are the Snowy Scots Pine and the Snowy Alpine Trees. However, if you want something that will take your breath a way, look at the Snow White Fir.

    No matter what look you go for this festive season, each of these trends will transform the home and capture the true magic of Christmas. Make sure to choose your tree and Christmas decorations in good time, otherwise the right size for your home may have already sold out.

    Christmas Tree World is one of the UK's premium artificial Christmas tree suppliers providing unique and realistic decorations to provide a truly magical Christmas for all the family. All Christmas Tree World trees come with a 10-year warranty and free UK delivery.

  • Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide

    Oct 10, 2018

    While artificial Christmas trees can be picked up pretty much anywhere, from supermarkets to bargain shops, there are a few important things you need to consider if you want to make a smart investment.

    While many artificial Christmas trees on the market are cheap and cheerful, they might not live up to your expectations when you take them home. Luckily, Christmas Tree World is here to offer the highest quality artificial trees that your home will love for years to come!

    Why Buy An Artificial Christmas Tree From Christmas Tree World?

    Here at Christmas Tree World, we have over 30 years of experience in creating artificial trees that really impress, so we promise you won't be let down.

    We design all of our trees ourselves, ensuring they are as unique and beautiful as possible, using a mix of realistic PE and PVC branch tips. With a fantastic array of sizes and styles, we have built up a range that we hope meets all of your needs. We also offer a 10-year guarantee on your tree and speedy free delivery on orders over £30.

    The benefits of artificial Christmas trees are plenty. While a real tree will leave your money in the chipper every year, a fake tree is an investment for years to come, so you need to know you've chosen the right one. And, with plenty of sizes and styles available, finding one that fits your home is easy, and doesn’t require traipsing around in the cold to haul one home!

    Artificial Christmas Tree Styles...

    One of the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree is the many styles and effects available for you to create a look you love. Whether you want a classic looking fir tree or an all-out winter wonderland, take a look at the styles we offer…

    Realistic Christmas Trees

    At Christmas Tree World, we pride ourselves on the wonderfully realistic look of our artificial Christmas trees. Our trees use the best natural looking PE tips, filled out by PVC tips for added fullness. If your main concern is finding a tree that looks like the real thing, then we recommend looking at our range of realistic Christmas trees first.

    Shop Realistic Christmas Trees


    Pre Lit Christmas Trees

    A pre lit Christmas tree is the ideal time-saver. If you quickly tire of stringing up lights, or have never mastered the art of arranging your display, then this is the option for you. Simply remove your tree from the box, assemble it and plug it in to have an instantly professional looking tree ready to impress in your home!

    All of our pre lit artificial Christmas trees feature high quality LED lights - find out the benefits of using LED lights here.

    Shop Pre Lit Christmas Trees


    Frosted And Flocked Christmas Trees

    If you have your fingers crossed for a white Christmas every year, a flocked tree may be for you. Bring that sense of enchantment that only frost flecked trees can bring with our snow effect artificial Christmas trees. Whether you want branches laden with snow or just a light dusting of frost, a flocked tree can create a striking effect. We also feature pre lit options to set your faux snow off with a sparkle.

    Shop Flocked Christmas Trees


    The Snow White Fir from Christmas Tree World Pictured: The Snow White Fir

    Slim Christmas Trees

    This is the perfect space saving tree. If you have a smaller size room, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice on height; a slim tree is a compact solution that allows you to make the most of your room size. It also offers a more modern take on the Christmas tree silhouette so even if you have plenty of room to play with, a slim Christmas tree is a great way to create a more contemporary look.

    If you are really pressed, you could also consider a half tree. With one flat side for placing against the wall, you can have the illusion of a full and bushy tree while only taking up half the space! Find out more about trees for small spaces. 

    Shop Slim Christmas Trees


    Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

    A bottle brush Christmas tree is indeed how it sounds! Each of the branches resembles a bottle brush, making for exceptionally full looking foliage. If you want your artificial tree looking lush and full of life, these are a great pick. We also have snow effect and pre lit bottle brush Christmas trees available, too, so your options aren’t limited.

    Shop Bottle Brush Christmas Trees


    Artificial Christmas Tree for Outdoors

    Do you want to bring some Christmas cheer to your garden? Our LED blossom trees make a wonderful way to add an ambient glow to your outdoor areas. Choose from a range of colours, styles and sizes to suit your needs and enjoy the bright and efficient illumination of the LED lights!

    Shop LED Blossom Trees

    Black and White Christmas Trees

    Are you not one for tradition? If you would rather create a contemporary Christmas tree this year, why not give a black or white artificial Christmas tree a go? Paired with contrasting baubles, one of these unconventional looking trees can leave a lasting impression, whether you want a bold minimalist design or just want to try something new!

    Shop Black Christmas Trees | Shop White Christmas Trees


    Black and white Christmas tree in minimalist Scandinavian style living roomn

    Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

    When the festive period comes to an end, you need to make sure you have an artificial Christmas tree storage bag that protects your tree for next year. Add one of our Christmas tree bags to your shopping list to ensure it is kept clean, dry and damage free wherever you store it. It’s also good to think ahead, and store it as you hope you will find it when next Christmas rolls around!

    See our full range of artificial Christmas trees in an array of styles and sizes to buy your today. Remember, we also sell LED Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, so don’t forget to take a look before you checkout!


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  • Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2018

    Oct 10, 2018

    Naturally, we are big believers in the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree. Indeed, there will be no sweeping up pine needles all season for us here at Christmas Tree World!

    However, if we had to pick a downside to artificial Christmas trees, it may be that there are so many styles and options that you can struggle to choose which one to go with.

    To help you out this season, we have put together our ‘nice list’ of the best artificial Christmas trees for 2018. As experts in all things Christmas tree related, we think our top picks are among the best, so get ready to kick off your Christmas decorating with a brand new artificial Christmas tree this year!

    Here are the best artificial Christmas trees 2018 at Christmas Tree World. Read on to find out more about them...


    Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree

    1. Ultra Mountain Pine (4ft to 10ft)

    We know that some people are just too attached to the real thing to consider an artificial Christmas tree. However, the mix of PE plastic moulded and traditional PVC branch tips of the Ultra Mountain Pine may just be able to convince everyone to try faking it with a realistic Christmas tree this year.

    This bushy Christmas tree boasts big branches with plenty of hanging space, so don’t be afraid to stock up on baubles! Available in heights of up to 10ft, it’s perfect for filling up a large room, though our range starts at 4ft for those looking for something smaller.

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    Ultra Mountain Pine Realistic Bushy Artificial Christmas Tree


    Best Pre Lit Christmas Tree

    2. The Pre-lit Ultra Mountain Pine (4ft to 10ft)

    Once you have made the switch to a pre lit Christmas tree, we would safely bet that you’d never go back to untangling fairy lights again. Our Pre-lit Ultra Mountain Pine tree is pre-strung with warm white LED lights - the benefits of which are many - and boasts fabulously realistic PE branches with ready-to-go sparkle built-in to light up your spruce.

    With your lights sorted, you can focus all your attention on arguing whether or not to add tinsel to your tree - or, you may want to go completely minimalist for 2018 and leave it bare to fully appreciate its twinkle.

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    Pre Lit Ultra Mountain Pine Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree


    Best Flocked Christmas Tree

    3. The Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine (4ft to 10ft)

    A snow effect or flocked Christmas tree is the perfect way to add an extra special finishing touch to your decorations. With a festive wintery look, our Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine features a light dusting of frost for added elegance.

    Christmas trees with snow look beautiful dressed in silver, gold and icy blue, or even with a bold purple or red theme, so don’t be afraid of trying one out to update your decorations for Christmas 2018!

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    Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


    Most Magical Tree

    4. The Pre-lit Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine (4ft to 10ft)

    If you really want to go all out with a frosted Christmas tree, our Pre-lit Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine promises to do the job. A beautifully realistic pre-lit and pre-flocked tree, this pick of the best artificial trees for 2018 is perfect for bringing a little enchantment into your home.

    Offering the ideal base to create a true winter wonderland, we would love to see this tree filled up with metallic baubles, opulent glitter ornaments and oversized fir cones - of course, though, the choice is up to you!

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    Pre Lit Pre Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


    Best White Christmas Tree

    5. The Pre-lit Bianca Pine Tree with Warm White Lights (3ft to 10ft)

    White Christmas trees are the perfect blank canvas for many of the best Christmas tree looks of 2018. Get in on the ombre trend with a spectrum of baubles shades and fade them from top to bottom, or keep it simple with timeless muted tones - our Pre-lit Bianca Pine Tree with Warm White Lights tree is the perfect place to start.

    Available from 3ft to 10ft, everyone can enjoy the bushy branches, pre-strung LED lights and super easy assembly of one of our best artificial Christmas trees for 2018.

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    Pre Lit Bianca Pine White Pre Lit Christmas Tree


    Best Slim Christmas Tree

    6. The Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree (4ft to 8ft)

    A slim Christmas tree is perfect for small rooms. Our Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree also boasts our natural-looking PE branch tips, making it both realistic and convenient. Whether you have a tight corner you want to squeeze it into, or simply want maximum room for presents, this is one of the best slimline Christmas trees for 2018.

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    Pre Lit Slim Woodland Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


    Most Impressive Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

    7. The 6ft Vesuvius Fibre Optic Fir

    There are Christmas tree lights, and then there is the stand-out sparkle power of the 6ft Vesuvius Fibre Optic Fir! If you want a fibre optic Christmas tree, you won’t be disappointed by the super-lit, colour-changing LEDs lighting up the 140 branches of this aptly named tree!

    Whether you want to brighten up your home, impress your customers or give your office something to keep spirits up, this is one of the best artificial Christmas trees to make a statement with.

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    6ft Vesuvius Fibre Optic Artificial Christmas Tree


    Best Small Christmas Tree

    8. The 3ft Outdoor Frosted Fir

    Small Christmas trees often get overlooked. However, we are proud to put forward our 3ft Outdoor Frosted Fir as one of the best artificial Christmas trees 2018. Suitable for outdoors, these charming mini trees sit in their own little silver pot to set a truly festive scene.

    They also feature ultra realistic moulded tips, a light frost effect and pine cone decorations - why not sit them outside your doorway with some solar powered LED lights for a grotto-like welcome to your home or business?

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    Outdoor Frosted Fir 3ft Small Artiificial Christmas Tree Decorated with Pine Cones And Berries

    We hope you are inspired by our list of the best artificial Christmas trees 2018 - see more in our full range or contact our team if you would like any more advice.

    Don’t forget, all of our artificial Christmas trees are offered with a 10 year guarantee and free delivery when you spend over £30, too.

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