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  • Christmas Trees With a Difference

    Nov 11, 2018

    Christmas is a traditional time of year. From stuffing the turkey to hanging up stockings, some of our favourite festive pastimes have been part of the season for hundreds of years!

    However, sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit! Alternative Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular among those who like to buck the norm and create something out of the ordinary.

    Take a look at our favourite artificial Christmas trees with a difference that we hope to see front and centre in many homes this Christmas!

    Alternative Christmas Trees With a Difference…


    Upside Down Christmas Tree

    If you really want to flip tradition on its head, this one is for you! Hanging an upside down Christmas tree was once seen as a religious symbol in Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages, though this obviously gave way to the upright tree we all recognise today.

    However, it looks like this once forgotten ritual is back on the rise! Having been picked up by Claridge's hotel in 2017, who brought in designer, Karl Lagerfeld to decorate, the trend is back on top!

    While you may feel a little dizzy while hanging your baubles, our pre-lit upside down tree comes ready-strung with lights and with a sturdy hook to hang from your ceiling beam - so all you have to do is work out where to put your presents!

    Shop Upside Down Christmas Trees


    Black Christmas Tree

    For some people, only a green Christmas tree will do. However, there are just as many other Christmas lovers who like to think outside the box…

    Something of the marmite of Christmas trees, a black Christmas tree can divide opinion. Isn’t Christmas supposed to be merry and bright? While they may not be for everyone, we love the dramatic and luxurious look a black Christmas tree can give.

    Great for contemporary styles, your sparkles will really stand out against the dark branches, while gleaming golds, glitters, beads and lavish feathers can add some opulence to your tree with a difference! We’ve even seen some people create a spooky Halloween display with theirs before transforming into Christmas…

    Shop Black Christmas Trees


    LED Blossom Tree

    Twig Christmas trees are another alternative becoming popular among those seeking a Christmas tree with a difference. Great for outdoor displays, our LED blossom trees also have plenty of potential for indoor use.

    Whether you want a small table top twig tree or a full size spectacle, our range of LED blossom trees offer a great option for a contemporary alternative Christmas tree.

    Take a look at The 5ft Warm White LED Blossom Tree that can fit beautifully into hallways for a striking minimalist look. If you’re feeling creative, you could also try hanging a few decorations off the branches for a modern alternative Christmas tree with minimal effort.

    Shop LED Blossom Trees


    Half Christmas Tree

    Half the tree doesn’t mean half the fun! The perfect solution for anyone trying to cram Christmas into their apartment or other small space, half Christmas trees have been popping up everywhere!

    Lying flat against your wall, a half Christmas tree can allow you to go with a height and width that would usually take up too much space if it was full size. It also means you don’t have to hang on to unwanted baubles to fill the back of your tree - you can go all out to create a full on spectacle from the front only!

    Shop Half Christmas Trees


    Use Your LED Lights…

    If you really want to create an unconventional Christmas tree this year, your LED Christmas lights could be all you need!

    Follow the latest trend of stringing lights up on your wall in the triangular shape of a Christmas tree to make a display that is sure to spread some smiles. You don't even need a  power socket to adorn your walls if you use our battery powered LED lights! All you need is some adhesive wall hooks to wind your lights around and you will have created a Christmas tree with a difference in no time.

    Other everyday objects can also be transformed into an alternative Christmas tree with the power of some LED string lights - a wooden folding ladder and stacks of books or logs are other popular choices!

    Shop LED Lights


    Are you going to try a Christmas tree with a difference this year? Shop our full range of artificial Christmas trees to see more.

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  • The Most Successful Christmas Football Teams

    Nov 11, 2018

    For football fans, there's no better time of the year than Christmas. They squeeze in as many games as they feasibly can, which means while we're gorging on turkey sandwiches and mince pies, barely a day goes by when we can't watch a match.

    But who comes out on top of this infamously 'busy Christmas period'? It might not be who you think!

    Based on data from the past six seasons and analysing results from games from the middle of December until the New Year, it turns out that Tottenham Hotspur are the highest points earners in the Premier League.

    The Premier League table over that period may throw up a few surprises:

    • Tottenham Hotspur - 74 points
    • Man City - 73 points
    • Chelsea - 69 points
    • Man United - 68 points
    • Arsenal - 62 points
    • Liverpool - 58 points
    • Bournemouth - 50 points
    • Leicester - 47 points
    • Everton - 46 points
    • Burnley - 46 points
    • Huddersfield - 44 points
    • Brighton - 41 points
    • Fulham - 38 points
    • Cardiff - 38 points
    • Newcastle - 37 points
    • West Ham - 36 points
    • West Brom - 36 points
    • Watford - 35 points
    • Crystal Palace - 34 points
    • Southampton - 29 points

    Southampton are the worst performing team over Christmas, accumulating just 29 points over the 6 seasons.

    Christmas football stats

    However, Spurs aren’t the top scorers in the league. That accolade goes to Man City, who have scored 75 times over Christmas. Crystal Palace are the most frugal scorers, netting only 30 times. The top scoring teams are:

    • Man City - 75
    • Spurs - 68
    • Liverpool - 67
    • Arsenal - 61
    • Chelsea - 59
    • Man United - 58

    The top individual scorer during that time is Spurs’ Harry Kane, netting 17 goals, which would go a long way to explain their good festive form. Romelu Lukaku was second with 13 goals, scored during his time at Everton, Manchester United and a loan spell at West Brom. The top scorers are:

    • Harry Kane - 17
    • Romelu Lukaku - 13
    • Yaya Toure / Olivier Giroud / Theo Walcott - 11
    • Sergio Aguero - 10

    Of course, before you sit down to watch the footy, you need to get the festive setting just right. Don't forget to check out our artificial Christmas trees and Christmas tree lights!

  • What Causes The Most Arguments At Christmas?

    Nov 11, 2018

    Christmas is supposed to be a time of cheer and joy, a time to get together with family and friends and eat, drink and be merry.

    However, many of us will attest to this not always being the case. Sometimes Christmas means slightly fraught and tense atmospheres, and tempers can become frayed - especially after a glass or three of eggnog!

    Here at Christmas Tree World, we've conducted some research into what grinds our gears at Christmas and what's most likely to cause tempers to fray around the dinner table.

    Take a look at the graphic below to see what's going to make our blood boil this festive period...

    Christmas family arguments infographic

    As you can see, it's our family who cause us the most irritation at Christmas, with 29.6% of arguments being caused by our nearest and dearest in some form, whether that's not going to see certain people or other family squabbles.

    The next highest cause of arguments is (unsurprisingly) politics of some kind (21%). Politics, whether it's Brexit, Donald Trump or any other type of political discussion can be particularly explosive at the moment, and one in five of us can expect it to crop up at some point this Christmas - we're not here to judge, we just sell Christmas trees!

    Money can also be a touchy subject over Christmas, and 17.3% of us will argue about it at some point over the yuletide season.

    According to the survey, other sources of tension this Xmas are likely to come from gift buying, education, and employment discussions.

    If we look at the age divide in what arguments we're likely to have, the stats get even more interesting. Younger people, aged 18-34, are more likely to argue about politics and money, whereas there's a higher chance of those aged 34-44 arguing about family matters.

    Here at Christmas Tree World, we hope your Christmas is as argument-free as possible!

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