Nantwich Town Council

Nantwich's Christmas Lights Illuminate the Town

Situated on the banks of the River Weaver, Nantwich is a medieval market town in Cheshire, famous for its boutique shopping, food festivals and historical listed buildings - iconic for their black and white exterior.

The town is a thriving, bustling spot, filled to the brim with fun-loving locals, as well as tourists visiting the awe-inspiring Peak District and North Wales - both just a short distance away.

Nantwich hosts a number of festivals through the year including the Nantwich Show, Nantwich Food Festival, International Cheese Awards and Nantwich Jazz Festival

Every year, Nantwich Town Council decorate the town to make sure it stands out as one of the most glamorous in Cheshire. And this year, Christmas Tree World was chosen as the company responsible for bringing festive flair to Nantwich.

The order of the day was a whopping 40 4ft Mountain Pine trees, chosen from the Mountain Pine range which ranges from 4ft to 14ft. Bushy and with its unique 'swept-up' branches, it's easy to see why venues love our Mountain Pine range.

James Hope, of Nantwich Town Council, told us why he chose our artificial Christmas trees for his town's iconic celebrations:

"We used Christmas Tree World's small 4ft trees and we put them up all around Nantwich above the local shops and buildings. We dress them with LED lights that come on at night, the quality of the trees is fantastic, the customer service is amazing and the delivery is prompt. It makes Nantwich feel very Christmassy and festive".

For more information on Nantwich Town Council, or to see the trees on display, take a look at the Nantwich Town Council website.