Multi-Coloured Christmas Baubles

Add some vivid colour to your tree with multi-coloured Christmas baubles from Christmas Tree World. Available in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes, these Christmas decorations will add a lot of personality to your tree and offer an exciting way to step away from traditional decorations.

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Decorating ideas for multi-coloured Christmas tree baubles

Although singular colour baubles can help establish a clear colour scheme, multi-coloured Christmas baubles can help bring some excitement and make your home decor appear more dynamic.

The following are a few ways you can display multi-coloured baubles:

  • Hang them on your Christmas Tree: Alongside your other ornaments, evenly place multi-coloured baubles around your Christmas tree. Unless you want your tree to look really vibrant, you may want to consider finding a nice balance with how many you place so that it doesn't look too overwhelming.
  • Use them on wreaths & garlands: Having baubles with an array of colours can help make your wreaths and garlands look unique and full of character. Place the wreaths on your front door to welcome guests and drape your garland around bannisters and on mantels for some grandeur. If you're interested in wreaths, you may fancy some of our multi-coloured bauble wreaths!
  • Place on your tables: Having table displays can be a lovely way of showcasing your multi-coloured Christmas baubles. Place them in a clear jar or vase with Christmas tree lights, glitter and other ornaments to create a dramatic focal point for your table. If you don't have a spare jar to hand, no worries, you can simply place your baubles on the table alongside some candles and garland to help keep them in place.
  • Flat surface displays: Mantels, shelves, and windowsills are perfect places to put your baubles and Christmas decorations. You could either take inspiration from your table centrepiece designs or place some small Christmas trees to make your decor more fun.
  • Hang them in the window: Using clear finishing wire or a colourful ribbon, hang your baubles from curtain rods alongside other ornaments, greenery, or even fairy lights. Not only is this fun for inside your home, but folks outside can also enjoy seeing some festive fun.

What themes do multi-coloured Christmas tree baubles go best with?

As the name suggests, you can have a range of patterns and colour combinations with multi-coloured baubles.

Traditional Christmas

For a more classic Christmas look, you could decorate your house with red baubles, green baubles, and gold colours. Some of our red and white baubles have hand-painted images of Santa, green Christmas trees, silver snowflakes and gold stars to help accent the Christmas spirit. Red and gold baubles are perhaps the most traditional pairing, as they exemplify the warmth and joy of the season.

Winter Wonderland

Decorations that include white, blue and silver baubles are perfect for designing a winter wonderland-themed Christmas. Alongside these, you could have snowflakes and icicle ornaments, a cheery little snowman and faux snow on windows, branches or even the floor, so we know Santa has visited. It may also be a fun idea to have a white Christmas tree to bring all these frosty colours together!


Baubles with multi-colours are great for building a Candyland aesthetic. Having a burst of colour everywhere in various patterns like stripes, poker dots and zigzags can reflect the sweet and child-like wonder of Christmas. Red and white baubles perfectly match candy cane stripes which by itself could be a really fun theme to go with this year.

Elegance & glamour

Not all multi-colour baubles need to be bright and loud. In fact, you can have baubles with a mix of bold but stylish colours. Gold, silver, purple and black baubles are great for exuding a regal and modern look.

Types of patterns

Although colour is important, the type of pattern your bauble has can really pull a certain theme together.

Baubles with stars can make your home look magical and dreamy; snowflakes can be a cute and pretty reminder of winter, and fancy cursive lines can promote a sense of sophistication.

Lines and stripes can be bold or complementary depending on the number and position. Candy cane-like stripes are clear and bold, whereas baubles with one horizontal line at the top and bottom can help frame the rest of the pattern.

When choosing multi-coloured Christmas baubles, consider how the pattern would work with your desired theme. For more tips and advice on giving your tree the wow factor, check out our guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree.

Why choose Christmas Tree World?

At Christmas Tree World, we have an abundance of fabulous Christmas decorations to make your environment festive and fun. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality products our customers can use for many, many years. Our hand-painted baubles are shatterproof and can be used for many Christamses to come.

Christmas can be a stressful time of year. If you need any assistance relating to our products and services, please get in touch, and one of our lovely team members will be available to help you. Whether you'd like some pre-lit Christmas garlands or a bushy Christmas tree, we want to ensure all our customers have a special time this Christmas.

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