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Product range

Which is the easiest artificial Christmas tree to put up?

All our trees are easy to assemble, but if you are looking to save an extra bit of time, we would recommend our Ultra Mountain Pine with its hinged branches.

Do your artificial Christmas trees come pre-lit?

If you have chosen a pre-lit Christmas tree, the tree will come with lights attached to the branches. Some of our trees come with pre-attached pinecones.

Do your artificial Christmas trees come pre-decorated?

Unfortunately, none of our trees come with Christmas decorations attached. You can buy the decoration sets from the photos separately from our website.

Can I use my artificial Christmas tree outdoors?

Out standard artificial Xmas trees are not suitable for outdoor use unless specified. However, you can find a range of outdoor Christmas trees elsewhere in our online shop.

Where are Christmas Tree World trees made?

All our trees are designed in the UK and manufactured in our factories in China. Where possible, we aim to work with local UK-based companies.

What should I do if one of the bulbs goes out on my lights?

Don’t worry – the rest of the lights should continue to work as normal. All our Xmas tree lights are guaranteed for one year. For more about our guarantees, take a look at our Terms and Conditions.

What is the snow on the snowy/flocked trees made from?

Our snowy Christmas trees are flocked with an industry-standard non-toxic cotton. It is completely harmless to pets and humans.

There is loose snow on my snowy tree. Is the product damaged?

No, the non-toxic cotton has just come loose during dispatch. Rest assured, our trees are sprayed with extra thick snow, so a little debris won’t affect the frosty finish. Just remember to open the box outside when you first receive your snowy tree - and give it a good shake.

I’ve found loose branch tips in the box. Is my tree damaged?

No, your tree is still in tip-top condition. Our artificial Christmas trees are hand cut from larger moulds, which means sometimes the off-cuts fall into the box. Rest assured, our foliage is guaranteed for 10 years. Find more info on our guarantees policy here.

Are your Christmas trees really made by elves?

They are! Though they make toys for Santa for most of the year, the elves work hard on making our trees in the summer. We pay them lots of red and white candy cane (their favourite food). Occasionally, cheeky elves fall asleep in the Christmas Tree World boxes!

Technical specifications

How do you measure your artificial Xmas trees?

We measure from the stand on the floor to the top tip of your tree. Please note that sizes on the website are a guide measurement only and may fluctuate by a few centimetres.

Where do I find width specs of my artificial Xmas tree?

Just select your favourite Christmas tree size and model. Scroll below the photo to ‘Technical Specifications’ where you will find all the measurement information you need.

What is the difference between PE & PVC branch tips?

PVC Christmas trees are made with strips of PVC and achieve a traditional look. PE trees are realistically moulded and have 3D-like branches. Realistic Christmas trees are popular with our customers.

What is the difference between hinged & hook in branches?

Hinged branches are pre-attached to the center pole, meaning installing your tree can be done much faster! Whereas with hook in branches, these are seperated from the center pole to make fluffing them out much easier.

Ordering & storing

Can I add items to my order?

Of course! If you have forgotten to add an item, like a Christmas tree storage bag or lights, contact us either by phone, email or live chat and we can add the extra items to your order.

What is the benefit of pre-ordering my Christmas tree?

Some models are very popular and sell out quickly as peak season approaches. When you pre-order, you guarantee you will receive your favourite tree at the cheapest price possible. For more information about the best time to buy an Xmas tree, take a look at our article here.

How should I store my artificial Christmas tree?

We recommend our waterproof and durable Christmas tree storage bags as they keep your item dry and dust-free throughout the year. Items are compressed to fit their box during manufacturing; if you try to replicate this at home you could damage the tree’s hinges. Leaving the tree looser also makes next year’s assembly much easier.

Delivery & returns

How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver all items within three working days. Items are typically dispatched the next day (if in stock) and are with you within 48 hours of dispatch (peak periods may take a day or so longer).

If I’m unsatisfied with my item(s) can I return it?

Yes, we want you to be 100% with your Christmas Tree World order. You can either send it back to us at our return address or you can request a collection with a courier. More information on our returns policy can be found here.

Can I get an exchange if I buy the wrong sized tree?

You can! If the size is incorrect or you would like another colour, just contact us and we can arrange a collection and delivery of another item of your choice. More information on our returns policy can be found here.

What if a tree branch breaks or the lights stop working?

The foliage on our trees is guaranteed for 10 years and all electrical products – including lights – are guaranteed for 1 year. If in the unlikely event your Christmas tree lights stop working or a hinge/branch breaks, we will send a replacement spare free of charge.

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