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What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a collection of gold baubles? At Christmas Tree World, we offer a range of Christmas decorations that can make your winter truly magical this year.

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Decorating ideas for gold Christmas baubles

Gold is a classic Christmas colour that can really help get the party started. Whether you choose to have matte, glossy or glittery baubles, it’s a fantastic colour to use during the holiday season.

Decorating with gold baubles can add a touch of elegance and warmth to your home. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate these Christmas baubles into your overall decoration scheme:

  • Christmas trees: No Christmas is complete without a glorious Christmas tree. Hang gold baubles in various shapes and sizes to create a warm and festive look. Alongside Christmas tree lights, add gold Christmas decorations like ribbons, tinsel and ornaments to help enhance the golden theme. And lest we forget to adorn our tree with a fabulous star topper!
  • Wreaths & garlands: Attach gold baubles towreaths and garlands by securing them with wire or hot glue. Combine gold Christmas tree baubles with other complementary colours and textures, like any greenery, pinecones, or berries, to create a festive aesthetic. Hang the Christmas wreath on your front door to greet friends and family, or hang them as a statement piece somewhere in the home. If you'd like to stray from traditional wreaths, you could also have a gold bauble wreath. For Christmas garlands, these are great for wrapping around bannisters and draping along windowsills, shelves and mantels.
  • Mantel decorations: Speaking of windowsills, shelves and mantels, these are also great spots to place individual baubles. You can create a festive display using other decorations like faux snow, star ornaments and glitter. For windows in particular, you could hang gold baubles from curtain rods to add intrigue to your Christmas decor.
  • Table centrepieces: Place gold baubles in vases or decorative bowls and put them in the centre of your dining table or windowsill. Add some greenery andmulti-function LED Christmas lights for an extra enchanting effect, or place the baubles in small clusters around candle arrangements.

What themes and decorations do gold Christmas tree baubles go best with?

Traditional Christmas

Gold is a common Christmas colour that works very well with red baubles and green baubles. This colour scheme combines the richness of gold with the vibrant warmth of red and the calm earthy green to create an inviting and homely atmosphere with those traditional Christmas colours. 

Gold baubles add a sense of brilliance and glow to Christmas decorations. Their shimmering and reflective properties evoke a festive and magical ambience, especially when combined with Christmas lights and candles.

Heavenly white & gold

Create a sophisticated and refined atmosphere by combining gold baubles with white or ivory decorations. Hang gold baubles on a white Christmas tree to add depth and visual interest, and use white or metallic gold ribbons to hang them. 

Depending on where you wish to use your baubles, white faux snow is always a great choice if you want a winter wonderland theme. White feathers can also work wonders for creating a peaceful and heavenly paradise.

Glitz & glam

Pair gold baubles with black baubles and silver baubles for something more chic and modern. With these darker and muted colours, gold Christmas decorations can really sparkle. Try hanging gold and silver ornaments on a black Christmas tree. The black backdrop allows the gold and silver to pop and shine, creating a visually stunning effect.

Natural & rustic

As mentioned above, green works well with the colour gold. This pairing has become a recent favourite for home interiors, so if you're eager to start or continue in the trend, matching gold baubles with green decorations is a good idea. 

Various plants like poinsettias, holly and ivy, Norfolk Island pine, and boxwood evergreen shrubs work perfectly with gold baubles. Add some wooden accents, and you've created a wonderful woodland in the comfort of your home.

Read our full guide for more information about why we decorate our Christmas trees.

Why choose Christmas Tree World?

At Christmas Tree World, we create quality Christmas baubles and decorations to help your home look the part. Our shatterproof and durable baubles are all hand-painted with great care so that you can use them again and again to make your Christmas magical.

We all know that Christmas can be pretty expensive, especially if you have a lot of people to buy presents for. This is why we aim to make our products reasonably priced. 

Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones and for spreading some Christmas cheer. With our decorations, we hope they can beautifully enhance this special time of year.

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