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Creating the perfect Christmas doesn't have to be difficult! Our artificial Christmas trees have been crafted with care to sprinkle that little bit of extra Christmas magic on your festive season. You'll be amazed at the variety and realism our artificial trees have and we're confident that we offer the best artificial Christmas trees in the UK.

Browse our range of artificial Christmas trees, including pre-lit Xmas trees , snowy trees , slim trees, pop up trees and half Christmas trees, below.

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Make your festive season magical with an artificial Christmas tree

There's an artificial tree for every need. Whether you want something ultra-realistic, snow-covered or simply a slim Christmas tree to fit into a small living room, we can help make Christmas memorable for you. Discover bushy Christmas trees or grab one of our glamorous yet convenient pre lit artificial Christmas trees.

Our artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of different sizes, perfect for Christmas in any household and just waiting to be covered in beautiful Christmas decorations and twinkling Christmas tree lights

Your Christmas tree sets the scene for the whole festive season, and Christmas Tree World can help you make it truly special. We've provided trees for some of the biggest TV and live shows too. 

You don't need to worry when you shop with Christmas Tree World. Each of our artificial Xmas trees has been assembled by a single staff member, straight out of the box. They are then fluffed, decorated and photographed. There are no tricks of the camera or a large team of experts – just high-quality fake Christmas trees that are easy as pie to put up.

For help on fluffing your tree, view our guide here.

Different types of artificial Christmas trees

Stuck for choice? Sift through the best artificial Christmas trees on our website with ease below:

Pre lit Christmas Trees

As the name suggests, these artificial trees feature bright lights fitted into the branch tips. As they're already strung for you, there's no need to do it yourself (unless you want extra glow, of course!).

The LED Christmas lights on each pre lit tree are also professionally spaced out at the very ends of the branches - something which non-professionals may struggle with when stringing Christmas lights themselves!

Slim Christmas Trees

Slim or 'pencil' Christmas trees are thinner in diameter, leading to a skinnier shape. However, what they lack in width, they make up for in bushy, full foliage.

As they're skinnier than our standard artificial Christmas trees, they're also easier to assemble and decorate with stunning Christmas tree decorations! You'll find the same benefits from our range of space-saving half Christmas trees.

Snowy Christmas Trees

Whether you call them 'frosted', 'flocked' or 'snow-covered', our snowy Christmas trees come with varying levels of 'snow fall'.

Our Snow White Firs and Snowy Alpines have the snowiest finish of all our frosted Christmas trees, while the Frosted Ultra Mountain Pines and Snowy Scots Pines add a distinct chill to the air!

Colour Christmas trees

Green Christmas trees are a traditional choice, but there are many other colour Christmas trees available for you to choose from!

Black Christmas trees, for example, are ideal for a midnight theme, white Christmas trees for a winter wonderland and blue Christmas trees for a cool and frosty effect. But we also have blue Christmas trees, red Christmas trees and silver Christmas trees too. If choosing a different coloured tree is too alternative for you, there is always the option of multicolour Christmas tree lights to delight the eyes!

Buy Your Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree Online Today!

Our artificial Christmas trees are both durable and stylish, so you can rest assured that you have made a wise investment and can rely on them year after year.

Each luxury artificial tree is crafted from a combination of exceptionally natural-looking realistic Christmas trees and/or high-quality PVC tips. The result is a range of real-looking artificial Christmas trees that are bound to impress!

Our luxury artificial Christmas trees are all free-standing, easy to assemble, and guaranteed to look great every Christmas. Shop now and take advantage of our free UK delivery when you spend more than £30 on artificial Christmas trees, Christmas tree accessories and Christmas decorations! 

You can find more information on our delivery & returns procedure on your product page specifications.

Artificial Christmas Trees FAQS

What is the lifespan of an artificial Christmas tree?

An artificial Christmas tree can last for up to 10 years. Our fake Christmas trees are built with longevity in mind and we're proud of the quality of our hand-cut trees. We also offer a 10-year guarantee for the foliage. With the proper care, we're confident your fake Xmas tree can last this long.

Why are fake Christmas trees better?

Several things set artificial trees apart from real Christmas trees. They're much more cost-effective and can last years. Plus they are entirely fire-retardant, making them much safer. They'll also hold their shape across each festive season and not drop any fallen needles. At the end of each Christmas season, you just need to pack it away carefully ready for next year too. On top of this, you've don't need to worry about disposing of your tree.

What are the easiest artificial Christmas trees to put up?

All our trees are easy to assemble, but if you are looking to save an extra bit of time, we would recommend our Ultra Mountain Pine with its hinged branches.

How do I choose a fake Christmas tree?

This entirely depends on your needs! You need to work out how much space you have, both in terms of height and width, then you'll need to decide on the level of realism and your budget. While all our artificial Christmas trees are designed for their realism, others offer that little extra. We even have pre lit trees and fibre-optic trees that are perfect for people after something a bit different.

Do you have realistic Christmas trees?

All our artificial trees are created to be as realistic as possible. However, we have a complete range of realistic Christmas trees that have been carefully designed to make your Christmas extra magical.

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