Snowy Christmas Trees

Choose our artificial snowy Christmas trees this festive season for the full winter wonderland experience. Cuddle up beside one of our Snowy Alpine Trees on Christmas Eve, sample the delights of the chilly outdoors with a Frosted Ultra Mountain Pine, or enjoy the whole holiday experience with one of our other snow-covered artificial Christmas trees.

Complete your flocked artificial Christmas tree with our beautiful Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. Or save yourself some time with one of our pre-lit snowy Christmas trees instead. 

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Which Frosted Christmas Tree is Right For You?

All our luxurious frosted and flocked artificial Christmas trees are made to an extremely high quality. Enjoy your own white Christmas without the hassle of messy snow sprinkles, but still marvel at the ‘branches bowing under the weight of snow’ finish that our trees deliver.

If you’re stuck for choice, we recommend the semi-green Snowy Scots Pine Tree or our bedazzling Snowy Alpine Tree for a complete frosted look. Each frosted and flocked Christmas tree looks incredible adorned with colourful Christmas decorations and brings plenty of festive cheer. 

Our snowy Christmas trees are available as 3ft snowy Christmas trees, 4ft snowy Christmas trees, 5ft snowy Christmas trees, 6ft snowy Christmas trees, 7ft snowy Christmas trees, 8ft snowy Christmas trees, 9ft snowy Christmas trees and 10ft snowy Christmas trees.

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When you buy a snowy Christmas tree online from Christmas Tree World, you receive a 10-year guarantee plus FREE UK mainland delivery when you spend over £30!

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Snowy Christmas tree FAQs 

What colours look best on a snowy Christmas tree?

Almost any colour of decorations will look amazing on our snowy Christmas trees. Stunning bold blue, white and silver are all popular colours for baubles and accessories with our customers.

At Christmas Tree World, we have a range of Christmas tree decorations for you to pick from. Fully decorate the branches of your Christmas tree with your favourite colour and add some sparkling Christmas lights to illuminate your decorations. 

Take inspiration from our full tree decoration sets for 6ft, 7ft and 8ft trees and see which styles and colours would suit your artificial Christmas trees. We also have beautiful wooden Christmas tree skirts which fit perfectly at the base of your Christmas tree.

How do I make my real Christmas tree look snowy?

Most of us dream of a white Christmas, but the weather doesn’t always go the way we hope. Luckily, creating your own winter wonderland indoors is relatively simple. If you have a real Christmas tree, it’s best to use synthetic powder to achieve the perfect snow look. However, this can be messy and difficult to do yourself. 

The easiest way to make your Christmas tree look snowy is by buying a frosted or flocked artificial Christmas tree. You won’t have to clear up any synthetic snow from your floor and can instead sit back and enjoy your beautiful tree. 

Which Christmas lights are best for my snowy Christmas tree?

Almost any colour of lights will look stunning on a frosted or flocked tree, giving you complete freedom to add your own personal style. We have several colours of indoor and outdoor LED lights available, including multicolour, blue, red and amber. 

Our white and warm white Christmas tree lights are a fantastic option for a softer and subtle glow. These lights beautifully illuminate your tree decorations and highlight the stunning shape of your realistic Christmas tree.

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