Black Christmas Baubles

In need of black baubles this Christmas? With Christmas Tree World, you can decorate your home with black baubles for a modern and effortlessly glamorous look.

Our black baubles come in a range of shapes, sizes, patterns and textures to help bring your Christmas vision to life. Whether you want to enhance tradition or have a complete revamp with a modern Christmas tree, we're here to offer you some of the best black Christmas baubles to make your winter truly magical.

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Decorating ideas for black Christmas baubles

If you think that Christmas baubles can only be used to decorate trees, think again! There are many ways you can use black Christmas baubles when decorating your home this winter. If you're not too sure where to start, here are a few ideas that could get the bauble rolling:

  1. Put them in glass jars: You could use one big glass jar as a centrepiece or place several smaller jars on windowsills, shelves and other surfaces. Black lanterns are also a great alternative that can add a more gothic element to your decorations
  2. Decorate a wreath: Black baubles on wreaths can help set the overall tone for the rest of your Christmas decorations. You even make the whole wreath out of baubles if you want to step aware from tradition
  3. Decorate them with glitter: You can have black baubles in various textures. Glitter can be a fun way to add some shimmer and sparkle!
  4. Small Christmas trees: You can use small white Christmas trees with black baubles and small black Christmas trees with white baubles as complementary decorations. Small Christmas trees dotted around the house can add some extra magic and get you in that festive mood
  5. Hang them with coloured ribbons: The best colours to use for ribbons are red, black, dark blue, dark green, gold and silver. Try matching the colour of your ribbon to your aesthetic

What decorations do black Christmas tree baubles go best with? 

Although black is not a colour commonly associated with Christmas, there are ways you can incorporate black baubles to create a chic, elegant look.

Romantic and gothic

If you have a traditional Christmas tree with gold, red, green and ivory baubles as the primary colours, black can also be added for some extra drama. Black is perfect for creating more gothic and romantic tones, especially when paired with red.

Glitz and glam

Another popular colour combination is black, gold and silver. This colour scheme is not loud but subtly bold and an excellent way of adding glitz and glam to your Christmas. Removing gold from the equation, homes with a monochrome grey colour scheme can also use black to complement their aesthetic. Black and white baubles are a classic colour combination that can be used in a sleek fashion. To soften the look, try adding silver or blue baubles and ornaments that evoke winter.

For those looking for a more vibrant mix of colours, black works well with fuchsia pink. This combination can work even better with a black Christmas tree with glossy black baubles. Any Christmas lighting used around the tree will be reflected in these baubles and can really add some texture to your tree, making it the standout feature of your home during the festive period.

Read our full guide for more information about why we decorate our Christmas trees.

Why choose Christmas Tree World?

When it comes to adding that extra touch of magic and enchantment to your holiday season, Christmas Tree World is the ultimate destination for baubles that will truly dazzle.

All of our hand-painted Christmas baubles are crafted with great care to ensure you have a spectacular Christmas. With a friendly and knowledgeable team ready to assist you every step of the way, we want to provide you with the best quality products that can really help you make wonderful memories with the people you love the most. Our range of baubles are shatterproof and built to last, allowing you to get the most out of your purchase.

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