Pink Christmas Baubles

Whether you're dreaming of a pastel pink Christmas or seeking a vibrant pop of colour, pink baubles are the perfect choice for this year's Christmas decorations. With their delicate allure and undeniable charm, these baubles add a touch of femininity and playfulness to any Christmas display.

At Christmas Tree World, we have a range ofChristmas baubles in all shapes, sizes and colours. From classic vintage styles to modern contemporary designs, our pink baubles are sure to add a touch of luxury and glamour to your Christmas decor.

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Decorating ideas for pink Christmas baubles

Although not traditionally associated with Christmas, pink has become an increasingly popular colour to use during the festive season. From soothing light pastel pinks to bold fuschia, pink baubles can really make your Christmas unique and fun.

Here are a few ways you can decorate your home with pink baubles:

  1. Hang them in a Christmas tree: Perhaps slightly obvious, Christmas trees are one of the best ways to use your baubles. Whether you have asmall Christmas tree or amodern Christmas tree, arrange the pink baubles evenly throughout the tree branches. All-black Christmas trees can also work really well with fuschia pink baubles to add some glamour to your Christmas. An all-white Christmas tree is also a great option, particularly if you want to hang love hearts alongside your baubles.
  2. Attach them to wreaths & garlands: Incorporate pink baubles intowreaths and garlands with an added pop of colour. Place them alongside pinecones, ribbons, or faux berries and hang the wreath on your front door, above the fireplace, or on walls to instantly brighten up your space. If you have garlands, wrap them around your staircase, drape them along mantels and windowsills or on top of furniture.
  3. Use them for table centrepieces: Create eye-catching centrepieces by adding pink baubles to your table decorations. Place the baubles in a decorative bowl or vase with greenery, candles, or other themed ornaments. You could also add black starry glitter or opt for more pastel colours.
  4. Place them in the window: Hang pink baubles in your windows to create a bright and inviting display. You can attach them to a curtain rod using ribbon or hang them individually with clear fishing line. The baubles will catch the light and add a lovely touch of colour both inside and outside your home.

Read our full guide for more information about why we decorate our Christmas trees.

What themes and decorations do pink Christmas tree baubles go best with?

Pink Christmas tree baubles can be paired with various decorations and colours to create different aesthetics and themes. If you're keen on having light pink baubles, having a pastel-themed Christmas could help create a soft and dreamy ambience. 

Cute and bubbly

Pair light pink baubles with white or silver decorations like tinsel, snowflakes, and white Christmas tree lights for a sophisticated and glamorous look. Add a touch of gold, rose gold or champagne-colour ornaments for extra exuberance. Using these colours with pink baubles will create a more warm and luxurious feel. Hang gold ribbons or garlands, add gold ornaments, and incorporate warm white or golden fairy lights to enhance this heavenly aesthetic.

Candyland theme

Why not create your very own Candyland-themed Christmas? Since it's likely you’ll be chomping on lots of sweet treats, hang lollipops, candy cane and gingerbread men decorations for a fun and playful look. You could also use a rainbow or multi-coloured ribbon to match the overall aesthetic. 

Fairytale theme

Pink baubles can also lend themselves perfectly to a fairy tale or princess-inspired theme with ornaments in the shape of crowns, castles, and carriages. Use sparkly silver or gold accents, sheer ribbons, and tulle for a whimsical and enchanting display.


Switching from a warm to a cool and refreshing atmosphere, you could also use mint green and aqua accents. Whether that's by adding mint green ribbons, aqua-coloured decorations, or touches of silver for a playful and modern twist, you could lean towards a more wintry aesthetic. By adding more green colours, you can also have a nature-inspired Christmas with tiny pine cones, hanging plants and faux berries. Pair pink with a white or green Christmas tree to create a lovely contrast. This is also a great opportunity to add more floral elements for a delicate and feminine touch to your decor.

Continuing with a more relaxed and eclectic look, try incorporating some bohemian-inspired elements. Use macramé ornaments, feathers, wooden accents, earth-toned ribbons and warm fairy lights for a cosy and laid-back atmosphere. 

Bold and glamorous

Stepping away from light pink baubles, fuchsia pink can spark even more inspiration. As mentioned, fuschia pink works well with black to create a bold and glamorous look. This type of pink can also help create a tropical aesthetic by combining fuchsia pink baubles with other vibrant colours like turquoise, lime green, and yellow ornaments alongside palm tree decorations, flamingo accents, and other beachy elements.

80s and 90s themes

For a more retro-looking Christmas, why not use neon-coloured ornaments, geometric shapes, and disco balls for a bold and vibrant 80s or 90s aesthetic? Pair these nostalgic elements with the pink baubles to create a whimsical fusion of retro charm and modern elegance. Don't be afraid to incorporate other retro-inspired elements, such as cassette tapes or lava lamps, to complete the festive throwback vibe. Get ready to dance the night away under the shimmering lights of your pink baubles, reliving the magic of the past while celebrating the joy of the present.

Why choose Christmas Tree World?

At Christmas Tree World, we want to provide you with the very best decorations to make your Christmas magical. Our range of hand-painted baubles are created with durability in mind, making them shatterproof so you can preserve them for a long time, especially if you use one of our sturdy yet stylish bauble storage boxes.

Experience the wonder and joy of the season with our extraordinary collection of pink baubles. Thanks to our dedicated time, we're always here to offer any help and advice on the products you purchase.

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