White Christmas Baubles

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year? At Christmas Tree World, we offer a wide range of white baubles that are sure to transform your home into a winter wonderland this festive season!

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Decorating ideas for white Christmas baubles

You can't have a winter wonderland without the presence of white Christmas baubles. These light and bright ornaments can really refine your Christmas tree and complement any colour scheme.

If you're unsure about how to display your white baubles, here are a few suggestions:

  • Christmas tree: Whether you have atraditional Christmas tree, a black Christmas tree or a snowy Christmas tree, white baubles can add an elegant touch to your decor. You can also add other ornaments like tinsel, a star topper and lights for an enchanting look.
  • Wreaths & garlands: Hang some lovely wreaths and garlands around your home this Christmas. The cosy natural greenery of these items provides the perfect backdrop for white baubles as they emulate snow.
  • Table displays: Add some white baubles to create an intriguing centrepiece for your table. You could place them in clear glass jars with other colours and Christmas tree lights or secure them individually on the table. For the latter, you can use candles, faux snow blankets and garland to help keep them in place.
  • Window, mantel & shelf displays: Similar to table displays, you can also place white Christmas baubles on other flat surfaces. These places are particularly good for placing small Christmas trees and creating your own little scene. Windows are especially great for hanging baubles from curtain rods alongside other snowflake ornaments that could really hone in on the winter wonderland theme.

What themes and decorations do white Christmas tree baubles go best with?

Since white is such an integral part of Christmas, there are plenty of fun and interesting themes you can use them for.

Winter Wonderland

As mentioned, a winter wonderland theme is perfect for white baubles. You can create the ultimate snowy paradise by pairing them with silver and icy blue decorations. Snowflakes, icicles, snowmen and lots of silver glitter are great ways of keeping your wonderland lively and full of character.

Heavenly paradise

White can be considered quite an elegant, sophisticated and angelic colour. To bring some calmness to your Christmas, combine white Christmas decorations with gold baubles, ribbons, and white feathers. Fluffy white wool can also be a great way to mimic clouds and add a soft touch to your home.


When we think of sweets, we often associate them with vibrant colours like red, blue and pink. But the colour white is usually present somewhere. Whether you want a candy cane theme with red baubles and a white Christmas tree, or a bubblegum theme with pink baubles and blue baubles, this can be a fun and unique spin on the festive season.

Natural & rustic

If you'd like a calming and laidback atmosphere to reduce all the Christmas stress, natural and rustic elements can pair nicely with white decorations. Combine these white Christmas baubles with green baubles to create a soothing and harmonious aesthetic.

In this instance, white baubles can also work well with mistletoe - a common Christmas decoration. Other natural elements that you could use with white baubles include pinecones, twigs & branches, cinnamon sticks and orange slices.

Something spooky

Although Christmas is usually a colourful and cheery time of year, you don't have to compromise on your own personal style. Black will always be the perfect contrast with white decorations. Create a subtly bold, glamorous or even slightly spooky Christmas display with white and black baubles. For an extra ounce of gothic beauty, add some deeper shades of red, either baubles or ribbons and celebrate Christmas in style.

Why choose Christmas Tree World?

With a wide range of Christmas decorations, at Christmas Tree World, we work to deliver the very best products and service to our customers.

We have a range of shatterproof, hand-painted baubles to suit any festive theme or style. From small to giant Christmas baubles, our products are built to last longer, meaning you can get years of use and great value for money.

If you'd like any more assistance or guidance on any of our products, feel free to get in touch with us, and one of our amazing team members will be able to help you.

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