Maximalist Christmas tree ideas

Are you ready to take your Christmas tree decor to a whole new level of festive fabulousness? If you find joy in going bold and beautifully extravagant, you're in for a treat! 

We’re looking at some of the best, most outlandish maximalist Christmas tree ideas that will mesmerise your family and guests with festive fun.

So, get ready to go big or go home, and make sure to leave your Grinch outfit at the door! We’re channelling our inner Whoville to bring you the glitziest, most enchanting Christmas decor ideas to make your tree as over-the-top as can be.

Close up of Christmas tree with red baubles, lights, faux red berries and a Santa ornament

What is maximalist decor?

'More is more!'. Maximalist decor is an interior design style characterised by its bold and lavish approach to decorating spaces. It's all about abundance, vibrant colours, diverse patterns, and a mix of textures.

When it comes to Christmas, Maximalist decor is a festive and cheerful approach to holiday decorating that embraces bright colours and an eclectic mix of decorative elements. Think shimmering tinsel, lush Christmas garlands, and a delightful clash of prints and Christmas tree decorations that somehow manage to harmonise and spread festive cheer.

Maximalist Christmas interiors showcase cherished collections and incorporate playful details, like vintage ornaments/toys or quirky baubles, for an added touch of charm. It's a style that encourages you to let your creativity run wild!

Living room scene with a Christmas tree. To the left is a fireplace with three stockings and some ornaments and to the right is a grey sofa and a white partition with a wreath hanging from it

The perks of maximalist Christmas decorations

A maximalist Christmas tree is the ultimate celebration of festive fun! It's a symphony of colours, textures, and memories that turns your home into a joyful, magical place for the holiday season.

Firstly, maximalist decor means you can go all out with a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. Mix and match your favourite colours, from classic golds and glitters to royal blues, purples, and beyond!

Also, there's no such thing as 'too much' with maximalism. So, get ready to unleash your inner Christmas spirit and pile on the ornaments like Santa piles presents under the tree (and mince pies in his belly)! 

The more, the merrier! Hang baubles, trinkets, Christmas tree lights and bows until your tree sparkles like a thousand stars.

8 maximalist Christmas tree ideas

Get ready to unleash your inner maximalist and let the holiday magic take over. Here are some extravagant and wonderfully over-the-top holiday decor ideas that will make even Santa's jaw drop:

1. Colourful Christmas

Multi-coloured Christmas tree lights with snow and a star topper

Get ready to splash some festive colour onto that Christmas tree canvas! If you love bright, bold, and oh-so-vibrant, you can't go wrong with this colourful Christmas decorating theme.

Deck your tree with ornaments in every colour of the visible light spectrum, and embrace the rainbow! Think reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples, all blending and contrasting. Or forget the hassle of decorating in rainbow colours yourself and opt for a multicoloured fibre optic tree!

If rainbow colours aren't your thing, embrace luxurious jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. Let your tree shimmer and shine like precious gemstones! 

Whatever colour combination you go for, finish it off with fairy lights to make your tree glow like a disco ball!

2. Bigger is better

Big red glittery bauble with a small small bell ornament, red beaded garland and a fake candle

If you're dreaming of a Christmas tree that's the talk of the town, then get ready to go big and bold with larger-than-life baubles!

Start with the obvious - mix large baubles in every colour, size, and texture to turn your tree into a festive disco!

For a luxury feel, go for gold! Embrace the elegance of gold baubles and large red baubles. Your tree will shine like a treasure from a royal palace!

3. Glitter galore

Close up of a Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments and twinkling lights

Who doesn't love glitter? It shimmers and shines like a magical snowfall on your Christmas tree.

Go for a silver theme with an array of dazzling silver glittering baubles. Pair it with bright white Christmas tree lights and your tree will twinkle like a starry night sky - step aside, Van Gogh!

Alternatively, transform your tree into a frozen fantasyland with icy blue and silver glitter decorations and capture the beauty of a frosty snowscape right in your living room!

4. Candyland

Gingerbread man ornament, candy canes and baubles on a Christmas tree

Sugarcoat your Christmas by incorporating the sweetest of treats into your Christmas decorations.

Start with the perfect tree for this theme - a brilliant white, candyland-inspired Christmas tree.

Deck your beautiful new tree with adorable gingerbread house ornaments. You can gumdrop accents and frosting snowdrifts for a deliciously festive touch!

And, of course, you can't forget to infuse your tree with the classic candy cane charm! Hang oversized peppermint swirl ornaments paired with real candy canes, and let your tree look like a giant, festive candy stick.

5. Under the sea spectacle

A Christmas tree with starfish ornaments, clear and white bauble, chiffon garland with gold glitter and a sign saying “we wish you a beachy Christmas”

If you're a fan of all things aquatic, transform your Christmas tree into a magical underwater wonderland filled with mermaids, shimmering fish, and sparkling treasures.

Adorn your tree with mermaid ornaments in every colour of the ocean. Think iridescent scales, flowing tails, and twinkling seashell accessories! Pair it with baubles in shades of turquoise, coral pink, and sunlit yellow to reflect the vibrant colours of the sea. Your tree will look like a dazzling coral reef!

Mix in nautical-themed decorations like ship wheels, anchors, and sailor knots. Whatever floats your boat!

6. Winter Wonderland

A clear close up view of a snowy Christmas tree on the left foreground and a blurry snowy tree on the right in the background

If a snowy wonderland is your idea of the perfect festive display, decorate your Christmas tree with an abundance of shimmering snowflake ornaments. Mix and match various sizes to create a flurry of wintry charm!

Opt for ornaments in cream, ivory, and pearl for some elegant traditional touches.

Add twinkling fairy lights to give your tree a magical, starlit glow, or invest in a pre-lit Christmas tree to create the magic for you.

7. Mid-century modern delight

Looking up at a Christmas tree with gold bows and purple, green, gold and blue matte and disco ball baubles

Create a time capsule of funky, festive fun with a retro-inspired maximalist theme full of vintage glass ornaments and bright, groovy colours.

Who can resist the glitz of mid-century tinsel? Deck your tree with metallic tinsel in every colour imaginable - from shimmering gold to timeless purple!

Mix vintage blown glass ornaments with classic round baubles for a touch of nostalgic charm. Your tree will be a delightful nod to Christmas past!

8. Enchanted forest

Close up of a christmas tree with orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pinecones and fairy lights

Create a tree out of a fairytale with these forest-themed maximalist Christmas tree ideas. This idea is perfect for traditional trees and bushy Christmas trees.

Start by adding rustic wooden and natural elements like pine cones, acorns, and feathers for that Scandi Christmas charm.

Take the woodland fantasy further by filling your tree with ornaments shaped like mythical creatures – think unicorns, fairies, and woodland animals. Faux moss can be a great addition to an otherworldly forest theme, giving your tree a lush, woodland floor look.

Top off your tree with whimsical tree toppers like a sparkling star or a majestic owl.

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