Red Christmas Baubles

From Santa's suit and Rudolph's nose to candy canes, stockings and Christmas bows, red is an integral part of the holiday season. At Christmas Tree World, we offer a range of Christmas decorations that really capture the joy of Christmas.

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Decorating ideas for red Christmas baubles

Red is a colour that instantly evokes the spirit of Christmas. So what ways can you use red Christmas tree baubles to add to your home decor?

  1. Hang them on the Christmas tree: No Christmas is complete without traditional Christmas tree. Hang your red baubles amongst other ornaments and Christmas tree lights to get you in the festive mood.
  2. Attach them to wreaths: Decorate Christmas wreaths with red baubles by attaching them with wire or hot glue. You can place them evenly around the wreath or create a focal point with a cluster of baubles. If you'd like to stray from traditional wreaths, you could also have a red bauble wreath.
  3. Put them in garlands: String red baubles along a Christmas garland to add extra colour. If your garland is filled with red berries, red baubles are a great way to complement them. You can use a pre-lit garland or create your own using greenery, ribbons, and lights.
  4. Have them as table centrepieces: Place red baubles in a decorative bowl or vase to create a festive centrepiece. Mix them with other ornaments like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, orange slices or greenery for a complete look.
  5. Mantel, shelving and windowsill decorations: Arrange red baubles on your mantel, bookshelf or windowsill alongside some garland, candles, and other holiday-themed items. You can either create a symmetrical display or curate a more relaxed arrangement.

What themes and decorations do red Christmas tree baubles go best with?

Traditional Christmas

Since red is a traditional Christmas colour, they pair well with many other Christmas baublesand decorations. The association of green, gold, silver, and red with Christmas can be traced back to various cultural and historical traditions where these colours were used in decorations, religious symbolism, and festive attire. As a result, this has solidified their connection with Christmas.

If you want to enhance the traditional Christmas, incorporate elements like plaid patterns, nutcrackers, and stockings to create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere.

Vintage & rustic 

Following these colours, you could easily go for a rustic or vintage-inspired Christmas with natural elements such as pinecones, burlap, and wooden accents. Autumnal colours like brown, mustard yellow and pumpkin orange can work really nicely with red hues. Use twine or jute rope to hang the baubles and incorporate elements like mason jars, lanterns, and vintage-inspired decorations.

A White Christmas

Red has also worked well with white to create a winter wonderland with lights, snowflakes, a snowy Christmas tree and faux snow; a Nordic-inspired theme with white wood tones and other rustic elements; or you could fully embrace the sweetness of candy canes and have a white Christmas tree with red baubles. Some red baubles also come with faux snow sprinkled on top of them to create a frosty look, an ideal match with our snowy Xmas trees.


Red and black can also create a bold and dramatic aesthetic this Christmas. Embrace a Gothic-inspired theme by combining red baubles with black lace and velvet to create a magical and enchanting atmosphere. While you’re at it, why not go for a masquerade ball theme by incorporating black masks and feathers? Use black ribbons to hang the baubles and generate an air of mystery and elegance surrounding your Christmas decor.

Pink & blue

You could also pair red baubles with shades of pink, such as hot pink or fuchsia, for a festive and energetic look. Pink can help you create a Candyland-inspired theme, a floral and romantic theme with roses and love hearts or a retro theme with vintage-inspired shades of pink, such as dusty pink or coral. For a nautical theme with anchors, shells, and ropes, blue can also work well with red.

Read our full guide for more information about why we decorate our Christmas trees.

Why choose Christmas Tree World?

At Christmas Tree World, we aim to provide you with the necessary items to make your Christmas great. With a wide selection of Christmas baubles and decorations in all types of colours, shapes and sizes, we make our products that are durable and shatterproof so you can reuse them in years to come.

We all know that Christmas can sometimes leave our wallets feeling lighter, from the presents to the turkey, which is why we offer the best quality Christmas decorations at a reasonable price. Everybody deserves to have a peaceful and happy Christmas and the team at Christmas Tree World is dedicated to making sure our products can help bring joy to your celebrations.

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