Green Christmas Baubles

When it comes to decorating your home this Christmas, we have a great selection of green Christmas baubles at Christmas Tree World!

While some people might want to stick with tradition with colours like red and gold, there’s also the option to mix it up with unique and eye-catching bauble colours like green, which work really well, particularly on coloured Christmas trees. Whatever you fancy, our huge range of Christmas tree decorations has it all. Browse through our full collection of Christmas baubles and buy online today for fast, free UK delivery on orders over £30!

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Decorating ideas for green Christmas tree baubles

Green baubles are a classic choice for Christmas decorations; here are a few ways you can decorate using green baubles.

  1. Hang them on the Christmas tree: The most traditional use for green baubles is to use them as Christmas decorations. Green has often been best represented by Christmas trees, and having baubles to match can help create a harmonious and festive ambience. Combine them with other colours like gold, silver, or white baubles and you have yourself a great-looking artificial Christmas tree.
  2. Attach to garlands: If you're using artificial garlands to decorate your home, incorporate green baubles by stringing them along the garland. When you coordinate the colour of the baubles with the garland, it helps create a cohesive theme throughout your holiday decor. The green baubles harmonise with the greenery, creating a unified and polished look.
  3. Attach to wreaths: Spruce up your Christmas wreath by attaching green baubles. Place them evenly or cluster them in certain areas to create a more interesting focal point.
  4. Table centrepieces: Create a festive centrepiece by filling a clear glass bowl or vase with green baubles. You can add other elements like pinecones, artificial snow, or Christmas lights for an enchanting effect. Gold and red baubles will also work nicely with green.
  5. Window and shelving displays: Hang green baubles from your curtain rods or window frames using ribbon. Along windowsills and shelves, place faux snow, candles, and other items to create a joyful scene and add a touch of festive fun to your surfaces.

What themes and decorations do green Christmas tree baubles go best with?

Woodland themes

As well as having a traditional Christmas with red, gold, or white ornaments, green baubles are great for a natural and woodland aesthetic. Combine green baubles with earthy tones, rustic textures, and natural elements like pinecones, twigs, or faux greenery to create a cosy and enchanting woodland atmosphere.

Vintage and rustic

Green baubles can also work well in vintage or retro-themed Christmas decor. Mix them with other elements like antique ornaments, vintage-inspired ribbons, and classic patterns to evoke a sense of nostalgia and capture the charm of bygone eras. The colour green is commonly associated with the outdoors and incorporating green brings an organic and earthy element to the decor, reminiscent of lush meadows, forests, or countryside landscapes. Vintage and rustic themes often utilise natural materials like wood, burlap, and jute which all effortlessly blend well with green baubles, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.

Contemporary themes

For a more vibrant look, pair green with bright, contrasting colours like hot pink, turquoise, or purple baubles, and incorporate quirky ornaments and patterns for a vibrant and lively holiday display. Green and purple can also be great colours for a whimsical and slightly gothic Christmas aesthetic, especially when black baubles are thrown into the mix.

Metallic colours like gold and silver will also complement green really well. Green and gold is a classic colour combination that has grown in popularity for many interiors over the years. If your home has a silver and grey colour scheme, green can also work nicely to help make your home feel fresh and calming.

Read our full guide for more information about why we decorate our Christmas trees.

Why choose Christmas Tree World?

At Christmas Tree World, we understand that the holiday season is a time for traditions, cherished memories, and spending time with loved ones. That's why we take pride in offering high-quality decorations that stand the test of time.

Our green baubles are shatterproof and made from durable materials that help them last a long time. Thanks to our brilliant and dedicated team, we can ensure that your Christmas season is filled with joy and free from the worry of broken ornaments. Our green baubles are all hand-painted to make your Christmas phenomenal.

Buy your green baubles online today!

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