When is the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree?

While it might seem like waiting for the online offers of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are your best bets for bagging a bargain, it’s always better to buy an artificial Christmas tree as early as possible.

After all, artificial Christmas trees aren’t like holidays – there are no last minute deals needed to put bums on seats. Instead, it’s the organised planners that enjoy all the purchasing perks!

Continue reading, below, to find out the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree this year.

The best time to buy your artificial Christmas tree

The truth is, you can find amazing deals all year round for artificial Christmas trees, and the earlier you plan the better! If you buy early in the year, you’ll not be scrambling for the perfect tree. However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain one of the best times to buy an artificial tree.

Still not sure? We’ll run you through the perfect times to order your artificial Christmas tree.

Black Friday

In recent years Black Friday has come out as one of the leading contenders for the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree. Like many items, artificial Christmas trees get discounted on Black Friday, and with Christmas right around the corner, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular time to buy them.

Many choose to put their Christmas trees up on the first weekend of December, and ordering a tree on Black Friday allows you to do just that! It’s the perfect time to get your Christmas planning going ahead of the festive season.

January sales

Going on sale just after Christmas, artificial Christmas trees in the January sales are the same high-quality models you see in November and December - just for a fraction of the price.

So, whether you’ve got your eye on a 4 foot artificial Christmas tree or a 12 foot Christmas tree, our January sale could light up your living room with a festive flourish and save you money come Christmas time.

Just remember, when you do buy your gorgeous artificial Christmas trees in the January sale, they will likely be secure pre-orders (you’ll be shown this before adding to your basket). This means that, although you won’t receive your tree until autumn (when they come back in stock), you can sort out your Xmas tree with just a couple of clicks.

Plus, it’ll be a nice surprise when the confirmation email pops up in your inbox – a timely reminder that the festive season is about to begin!

Off-peak Christmas

Even if you miss the January sales and summer discounts on artificial Christmas trees, you can still find a bargain in the latter half of the year.

Right up until November, Christmas Tree World offers up to 60% off some of our most popular artificial Christmas trees. From slim Christmas trees to white Christmas trees, our range of sale artificial Christmas trees help you save a pretty penny while beating the festive rush.

And with our speedy despatch service, you’ll be admiring your brand new artificial Christmas tree in no time. That’s because we provide free weekday delivery on all orders above £30, with each being despatched within 1-3 working days of the order confirmation.

Of course, delivery times may increase in November and December – but that’s all the more reason to beat the rush and order today. Then, when the festive season does begins, all you have to do is fetch your pre-purchased tree from the loft!

To find out more about the stress-free benefits of buying early, head over to our website and browse our extensive range of quality artificial Christmas trees. Happy hunting!