7ft Artificial Twig (Blossom) Christmas Trees

Whether you enjoy warm sparkling lights or want to light up your garden with bright colours, our artificial twig Christmas trees are an excellent choice. Each 7ft twig Christmas tree features long-lasting and bright LEDs so you can illuminate your home through the winter. You could even pair your artificial blossom tree with a small twig Christmas tree from our collection. 

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Buy a pre lit 7ft twig Christmas tree

Spread Christmas joy this winter with a 7ft twig Christmas tree from our collection. Our beautiful trees sparkle in the evenings and feature delicate blossom flowers which look just like real cherry blossoms. You can use your twig Christmas tree inside or place it outside (ensure the transformer stays dry at all times) to experience the Christmas sparkle all year round. 

Our Christmas lights also look lovely strung up alongside our artificial Christmas trees. You can choose from a range of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights to decorate your home and garden. Our bright LEDs are available in a selection of show-stopping colours, including blue, warm white, bright white, and multicolour. 

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