10ft Artificial Twig (Blossom) Christmas Trees

Turn heads this Christmas with a stunning 10ft twig Christmas tree from our extensive collection at Christmas Tree World. Each of our twig Christmas trees are unique and add a sprinkle of festive joy to any location. Our 10ft twig trees can be used indoors or outdoors (as long as you keep the transformer dry), meaning you can decorate the entirety of your home to your heart's desire.

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Buy a pre lit 10ft twig Christmas tree

Nothing adds sparkle like a glittering blossom Christmas tree! Our 10ft twig Christmas trees look fantastic all year round and keep you cosy during the winter and summer. There are several breathtaking colours to choose from, ranging from bright white LEDs to pink LEDs.

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller Christmas tree, take a look at our small twig Christmas tree collection. These trees may be small, but they are full of sparkling LEDs and make a real impact wherever you place them. 

Our pre-lit Christmas trees are another option to consider as they offer something more realistic but with additional sparkle. Add your favourite Christmas decorations and enjoy the splendour of these marvellous artificial Christmas trees during the Yuletide season.

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