Ideas For Decorating Small Christmas Trees


Before heading out to get all your Christmas decorations, you'll want to decide what type of Christmas tree to place in your living room, family room, hallway or kitchen. 

And, as the saying goes, good things come in small packages!

Small trees are perfect for those of us in apartments, smaller homes or shared accommodation, where a full-sized Christmas tree might not be feasible. These mini trees provide fantastic festive energy without overwhelming your living space.

So if you're keeping things low-key this year, the Elves at Christmas Tree World have come up with a few small Christmas tree decorating ideas that’ll help you get into the holiday spirit.

How to decorate a small Christmas tree

Small doesn't have to mean simple! These petite trees find their perfect spot on side tables, shelves and window sills, creating a picturesque scene that adds to the Christmassy ambience. Tiny trees can match any aesthetic, whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or a classic red and green theme.

Below are some of our top small Christmas tree decorating ideas:

  • Placement: Whether you opt for a tabletop tree or a tiny floor-standing tree, make sure it's just the right size to add some holiday magic without overwhelming your space.
  • Tree theme: Let your creative juices flow, and pick a fun theme or colour scheme for your tree. With a focused theme, you'll be able to choose decorations that are unique and that help create a cohesive look the whole family can enjoy.
  • Personal touch: Make your tree one-of-a-kind by adding some personalised ornaments or cherished family heirlooms. This is where the magic of memories comes alive, giving your tree a heartwarming, sentimental touch.

White wooden lantern with white wax candle lit and small Christmas fir tree with micro led lights in brown rattan flower pot in snow, snowy fir trees in the background, outdoors in winter

5 ideas for decorating your small Christmas tree

One of the joys of incorporating mini Christmas trees into your home lies in the opportunity to experiment with unique themes. And when it comes to creativity, the only limit is your imagination! 

You can transform a guest bedroom into a festive retreat by adorning a mini tree with Christmas baubles. Or, turn your front garden into a magical winter wonderland with a forest of tiny trees.

Below are a few of our favourite ideas for mini Christmas tree decorations.

1. Jingle all the way

Red and gold jingle bell ornament hanging amongst some silver tinsel

Hang an assortment of tiny jingle bells all over your little tiny Christmas tree. When the holiday spirit is in full swing, give your tree a gentle shake, and let the festive jingling begin. It's like having your very own Christmas percussion band in miniature form!

2. Wooded wonderland

Pine cones, a wooden Christmas tree ornament, tiny baubles and gift box on a wooden background

Bring the magic of the forest indoors with woodland-themed decorations. Add adorable mini woodland creatures like foxes, squirrels, and owls nestled among faux moss and tiny mushrooms. 

Your tree will become a fairytale forest, and you might just catch Santa and his reindeer stopping by for a visit - but don’t forget to leave out the milk and cookies!

3. Don't tell the tooth fairy!

Smiling gingerbread man holding a peppermint stick in a red snowflake dish with colourful sweets. Wrapped gifts, sweets and red dishes in the background

Satisfy your sweet tooth by decorating your small tree with candy-themed ornaments. Hang colourful lollipops, candy canes, and gingerbread cookies to create a mouthwatering display. Just make sure to resist the urge to nibble on your tree decorations!

You could even fill your own Christmas baubles with colourful sweets and chocolates for a fun DIY project that will leave you with a tasty treat when it’s time to take your tree down.

4. Christmas… in space!

Clear bauble with small tiny stars inside next to a gold bauble and blue beaded garland. In the background are blue and gold baubles with gold beaded garland

Turn your tiny tree into a cosmic wonderland with space-themed decorations. Hang tiny astronauts, rockets, and planets among glittering silver and gold stars. Add some Christmas tree lights in between, and your tree will be ready to blast off into the holiday galaxy!

5. Ugly sweater celebration

Knitted baubles hanging from a tree with a patchwork covering and a blue sky in the background

Give your small tree a hilarious twist by decorating it with miniature ugly sweater ornaments. These adorably tacky little sweaters will add a big dose of laughter and joy to your holiday decor. Plus, your tree will be the talk of the town (in a good way)!

Remember, these are just some ideas from our manic Christmas minds - you can interpret the brief in whatever way you like. And, when decorating your small Christmas tree, there are no rules! Let your imagination run wild, and infuse it with your unique, playful spirit. 

Happy decorating!

Essential small Christmas tree decorations

So now you have some wacky inspiration and fun ways to design the perfect smaller Christmas tree, why not add some decorations and tree ornaments to really zhuzh up the festivities this year?

A small Christmas tree and gifts on a wooden table with a green background

Consider hanging ornaments delicately, and adorning the tree with vintage baubles and pine cones for a rustic touch. Incorporating fairy lights for small Christmas trees or lights for 3ft Christmas trees and dried orange slices adds a touch of magic and fragrance to your space, infusing it with the holiday spirit.

If you’re keeping things simple, then consider the following for an elegant and stripped down design:

  • Tinsel and garland: Opt for a thin, lightweight Christmas garland that adds a dash of glimmer without overshadowing your tree's personality.
  • Tree topper: Find a tree topper that's just the right fit for your tiny tree. How about a little angel, a dazzling star, a funky bow or a plaid bow to take your tree to new heights?
  • Tree skirt: Complete the look with a Christmas tree skirt that's perfectly sized for your tree base. A fabulously chosen tree skirt will tie your theme together and add a neat finishing touch that'll have everyone swooning.
  • Tree stand: If you don't want to dress up your tree in a skirt, you could always use a tree stand, making it easy to move, spreading Christmas cheer throughout the home!

Your tree can be whatever you want it to be - a beautiful mess or, as we like to call it, a festive success! 

At Christmas Tree World, we sell a range of 3ft Christmas trees, 4ft Christmas trees and fabulous small fibre optic Christmas trees, which are guaranteed to make your home sparkle!

Small tree decorations from Christmas Tree World

These smaller trees are more than just decorations – they become focal points of Christmas cheer in even the tiniest of spaces. So clear up your floor space, slip into an ugly sweater, and get with the spirit of the holiday season whilst decorating your Christmas tree!

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