'Tis the season to let your creativity free and infuse your home with the magic of boho Christmas decorations!


Picture the scene: snug crocheted Christmas stockings, rustic rope garlands weaving their way through your living space, ochre baubles adorned with playful tassels, and a fabulously-decorated boho Christmas tree frosted in golden browns. It's time to embrace the bohemian spirit and celebrate Christmas with a unique twist and style.


If you're looking to break away from traditional Christmas decorations, here are our creative boho Christmas decor ideas to inspire fabulous festive enchantment.


What is boho design for Christmas?


Boho-themed Christmas decor is all about embracing a free-spirited, eclectic style that celebrates individuality and nature.


One of the key elements of boho seasonal decor is bringing nature indoors. Look for ornaments made from natural materials like wood, rattan, and dried flowers.


What about the Christmas tree? There are no rules here, but it’s a great idea to have an ample canvas by choosing a larger Christmas tree - a 6 foot Christmas tree will give you that extra bit of room to let your vision come to life.


For boho Christmas tree decorations; think pinecones, feathers, rope garlands, and handmade paper decorations. You can set your tree tastefully in a Brushed White and Gold Wooden Skirt.


For those on a budget, a slim and affordable 5ft Gold Tinsel Pop-Up Tree offers the possibility of dotting a family of trees around your home.


For a bohemian theme, chunky wool blankets and pillows, macrame garlands, ceramic trees, little wood houses, and bottle brush trees all go together. Mixing textures is a great way to elevate your look.


Opt for warm white Christmas lights to enhance the cosy atmosphere of your boho-inspired space.


The top 10 DIY boho Christmas decor ideas


1. Macrame ornaments


Embrace the magic of macrame with the joy of an elf on Christmas Eve! No boho Christmas decor would be complete without macrame. Use macrame wall hangings or festive wreaths and garlands to add a touch of artistry to the heart of your home.


This Christmas, lean into your DIY persona and create your own macrame ornaments. A handmade macrame garland or textured wreaths will personalise your holiday decor to amazing effect.


2. Dried flowers


Dried flowers are a super accompaniment to a boho vibe. Dried roses, eucalyptus and lavender can work a treat for a neutral Christmas decor - and they’ll make your room smell great. Create wreaths and hang them on your front door to welcome all with their subtle fragrance.


Decorate your mantelpiece with flower garlands intertwined with twinkling lights. Pop your arrangements in vintage vases to add a natural elegance to your table or gathering space.


3. Wooden beads


Chic, organic wooden beads make excellent accessories to Christmas ornaments and are oh-so boho.


String an assortment of wooden beads on twine and before you've sung 'Twelve Days of Christmas' you’ve made yourself a festive garland that will fit with any decor.


Fill glass globes with a clutch of beads and you have another versatile ornament to inspire the boho Christmas decor aesthetic.


4. Baubles with tassels


Adorn your tree with Christmas baubles that are anything but ordinary. Opt for decorations and tassels in strong colours like warm gold baubles or rich cream or terracotta. Smooth burgundy and ochre also bring a unique pop of colour.


Don't be shy to make your own tassel baubles using colourful yarn and cute bells. These whimsical touches will bring playfulness and movement to your tree, capturing the cheery spirit of the holiday season.


5. Cosy Christmas candles


The beauty of candles is you can collect and curate them all year round. Maybe you've even made your own. So you can congratulate the you of Christmas past, because your boho-inspired Christmas needs candles by the sleigh-load.


Use browns, creams, and beige candles all over or wherever you feel inspired - just not too close to the gift wrapping.


Wood-encased or coconut candles match the boho style perfectly. Cinnamon, mulled wine, balsam, and vanilla are the scents of this boho holiday season.


6. Natural feathers


A splash of striking natural feathers can be eye-catching in any space so let your creativity roam.


Soft and wispy ostrich feathers are a perfect compliment to your bohemian home decor. You'll have an array of colours to choose from.


In the spirit of mixing? Then why not mix and match feathers and cool pampas grass? You can then twin this look with a natural brown Christmas tree skirt to match.


7. Pom poms as tree decorations


What's not to love about Christmas pom poms? They just scream "joy to the world". These delightful little bursts of texture add a terrific sense of playfulness. Mix and match different sizes and colours happily.


Don’t be afraid to push the colour scheme here into the rich plums, burnt oranges and crimsons. Incorporate them as tree ornaments or in homemade garlands and over doorways to remind even the family grinch that 'tis the season to be jolly!


8. Crocheted Christmas stockings


They say it's better to give than to receive. And nothing evokes the warm joy of gifting than gorgeous crocheted Christmas stockings - the perfect boho addition to your decor. Handcrafted with love and care, these stockings offer a personal touch that will be treasured.


For your boho Christmas stocking choose natural and earthy yarns in beige, rich cream, sandstone, or soft grey to create a feeling that's special and unique.


Hang your stockings along the mantelpiece or a staircase railing alongside a decorative Christmas garland, or around a cosy area where loved ones gather. 


9. Pampas grass


Bring the outdoors inside with lovely pampas grass. As we say, there are no rules, but elegant pampas grass has become something of a boho decor essential. And it's no wonder - its soft neutral hues pull the theme together beautifully.


Incorporate this feathered look freely in the space, in vases on your dining table, the hallway, or adorning your mantlepiece - or even on a white Christmas tree.


Create your own pampas grass wreath by arranging the plumes in a circle and securing them with twine.


10. Rope garlands


Rope garlands are the perfect boho-inspired alternative to traditional tinsel. Choose a natural-coloured rope and drape it gracefully around your tree or string it on the walls of the room that's the heart of the gathering.


Intertwine some twinkling LED string lights or snow-dusted branches for that extra touch of enchantment. Or add beads and other small Yuletide ornaments for a unique twist to the Christmas decorations.


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What colours are best for boho Christmas decor?


Typically, design schemes with a boho theme will include brown, cream, white, muted green, and gold. Burnt-crimson, ochre, and russet can also serve this holiday decor wonderfully.


What Christmas trees are best for boho Christmas decor?


While all kinds of trees can work a treat for a boho Christmas decor, pre-lit Christmas trees or snowy Christmas trees make a great addition to this look. Bushy Christmas trees also work really well to provide a more natural look to your home.


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