8 Christmas Tree Trends of 2023

Some things are traditional in December: arguing about who cuts the turkey, which Christmas playlist is on a loop and deciding who opens their presents before anyone else. But some things aren’t so set in stone. Each year in the UK, we see an array of Christmas trends popping up that pique our interest and get us excited for the festive season.  


It’s never too early to start thinking about how to decorate your home for Christmas. That’s why at Christmas Tree World, we have compiled an extensive list of Christmas tree trends to inspire you and your little elves! 


With just a few tweaks and unique tree decorations, you can create holiday decor and beautiful Christmas trees that will be admired and unforgettable in years to come. So what are you waiting for? Get up to the attic, dust off the decoration box and get started. 


8 Christmas tree trends for this year


  1. Classic Christmas trees


Sleigh it ain’t so! It wouldn’t be St Nick without the classic red and gold Christmas tree. Every year this one is the star of Christmas tree trends and for good reason. More classic than the Dulux dog, this timeless colour duo is what we all associate with 25th December, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Brussels sprouts! 


These traditional Christmas colours know no limits and can be incorporated all over the house to give off a warm, fuzzy festive feeling! Whilst there is an abundance of Christmas tree decorations to choose from, think about how gold and red can take centre stage with the use of ribbons, red and gold baubles, and Christmas tree lights.  


a minimalist christmas tree made from two pieces of wood in a triangle


  1. Minimalist Christmas trees


'Tis the season to celebrate in style and spread festive cheer! As we embrace the joy of sustainable living, the magic of Christmas is taking on a delightful new twist. Yep, you guessed it, the minimalist tree trend is upon us. 


As we all learn to live more sustainably, many of us want to reflect on this at Christmas time, too. With just a few tweaks and adjustments, like tree lights, watch as your Christmas tree becomes the star of the show. All eyes will be naturally drawn to the tree's natural features and forest-green needles. 


So subtly go all out on your tree this year. Keep decorations simple but make them eye-catching. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of minimalist festivity, where simplicity reigns supreme and understated elegance steals the show. 


Pre-lit Christmas trees are among the most minimal trees available, and look as elegant as the night sky. What’s more, minimal tree = minimal fuss! 


  1. Vintage-inspired trees


From old to new, traditional to vintage - there’s no end to how you can transform your festive front room this holiday season! The key to nailing the vintage-inspired designs this Christmas is to try to evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm. 


Moreover, to make a vintage Christmas tree, you can incorporate traditional Christmas colours and an oversized tree bow peppered with hang baubles and ornaments to give it a magical display.


It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s so cosy. What’s great about the vintage tree trend is the journey. You can pick up all your decorations at flea markets and local sellers nationwide. Once you have the essentials, like some warm white lights, Christmas wreaths and Christmas garlands, then you can decorate it with whatever takes your fancy. 


Read our full inspiration guide on retro Christmas decorations for even more ideas!


a close up of a christmas tree with pine cones, cinnamon sticks and dried oranges


  1. Organic tree trend


There is no doubt that the organic Christmas tree trend is undeniably festive and one of the most popular for spreading joy during the Christmas period.


To create an organic feel for your home, use natural materials that incorporate natural elements into your tree decor. Consider using wooden ornaments, pine cones, dried flowers, twigs, or branches - or to save the hassle, you could opt for a pre-decorated wreath with pine cones. These items will enhance the organic aesthetic and give off a sense of warmth and familiarity, allowing you to be closer to nature. 


But what about tree lights? Well, instead of bright, colourful lights, opt for warm white or soft yellow icicle Christmas lights to create a more subtle and natural glow.


  1. Rustic and natural tree trends


Embracing the beauty of nature, the rustic and natural trend brings the charm of the outdoors, inside. Wooden ornaments, burlap ribbons, and pinecones take centre stage, while the colour palette gravitates towards earthy tones and organic textures. 


It's a perfect choice for those seeking a cosy and down-to-earth atmosphere reminiscent of a winter cabin in the woods. So if you’re looking to escape to the château this Christmas, then treat yourself to a rustic Christmas tree.


a white snowy artificial christmas tree in a decorated living room


  1. Winter wonderland-inspired trees


This tree trend doesn’t need introducing - no no no, this is the ho ho hottest trend among them all!


Dust off your white and silver baubles and bring the delights of a white Christmas to your front room and watch as your neighbours pass by your window with awe. You’ll no longer need to dream of a white Christmas, for you’ll have it right here - in your home. 


White lights, shimmering icicles, and snowflake-shaped Christmas decorations create an enchanting scene. To enhance the effect, add touches of silver, blue, and pale pastel hues to the tree's decorations and watch as they evoke a magical, snow-kissed landscape.


The winter wonderland trend brings a touch of frost and snow indoors all the while you stay cosy in front of the fire (whilst sipping a brandy). 


  1. Whimsical delights tree trend


Did someone say quirky? Love or hate the word, Christmas is a wonderful time to embrace all things obscure and go against the grain. Embrace baubles, snowy landscapes and fairy lights as they adorn your tree.


For those with a playful spirit, the ‘whimsical delights’ trend offers a chance to unleash their creativity. Imagine a tree decorated with quirky ornaments - such as oversized stars, colourful characters, and unexpected combinations. From whimsical animals to cartoon-inspired baubles, this trend invites laughter, fun, and a touch of childhood magic into the heart of Christmas.


So gather round the tree as a family and enjoy all the wonders of a whimsical Christmas!


a disney castle christmas bauble


  1. Themed trees


Another trend that continues to captivate seasonal decorators is the concept of theme-based Christmas trees. 


From movie-inspired trees to destination-themed creations, this trend allows all the family to showcase their passions and interests through the holiday season. Whether it's a tree adorned with Harry Potter memorabilia, Barbie or one that celebrates the beauty of the Mountains, themed trees offer a unique and personal touch to the festivities.


So why not let the kids decide on the decorations this year? We guarantee it’ll be a holiday to remember and they may even go to bed at a reasonable time on Christmas Eve, giving you time to relax and crack open the Baileys!


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