How to Choose a Christmas Tree Height

Every festive season we set out in search of that perfect Christmas tree size. We all want an artificial Christmas tree that effortlessly pulls together our Christmas baubles, bells and candy canes with festive flair.

That means finding a Christmas tree the perfect size for your space. If it’s too big, you risk overwhelming your living room; too small and you might struggle to make a lasting impression on your guests. It’s all about striking the right balance.

So, can your living room fit a majestic 9 foot artificial Christmas tree? Or does your flat need a more modest, yet equally mighty option? To find out, continue reading our artificial Christmas tree size guide, below.

How much space do you need for a Christmas tree?

To work out how much space you’ll need for an Xmas tree, you need to check your chosen spot’s maximum height limit. This means getting out the measuring tape and checking the distance from the floor to the ceiling (the average ceiling height in UK homes is 8ft). Then, subtract a foot from this measurement so your artificial Christmas tree can fit in without your topper scraping the ceiling.

For example, if your floor-to-ceiling measurement is nine foot, then an 8 foot artificial Christmas tree is the ideal height for this space.

To find out how wide a Christmas tree you can fit in your home, you need to measure the maximum square footage of your preferred spot. For this, measure the length and width of your space, subtract a foot from each of those measurements and then multiply them together.

So, if your space’s length is 3ft and its width is 4ft, then the maximum square footage would be 2ft x 3ft, which equals 6ft2.

How are artificial Christmas trees measured?

Once you’ve calculated the space you have available, you need to work out how big a tree you’ll be able to fit. An artificial tree is measured in both height and circumference. These are measured as follows:

  • Height - the height of an artificial Christmas tree is measured from the base of the tree’s stand, where it touches the floor, to the very tip of the tree at the top.
  • Width - the width of an artificial Christmas tree is measured by pulling the branches at the tree’s widest points flat and measuring from branch tip to branch tip.

Finding the perfect Christmas tree for your space

Now comes the fun part; actually looking for a Christmas tree that fits your dimensions. If you’re working with a tighter space, for example, you’ll want to opt for a slim Christmas tree (around 80cm diameter for a 7ft slim Christmas tree), whereas apartments with low ceilings can still look fantastically festive with 5 foot artificial Christmas tree or 6 foot artificial Christmas trees.

However, if you had your heart set on a particular Christmas tree size (maybe a 10-foot bushy Christmas tree), then it could be time to switch your traditional spot. Grab that measuring tape and ensure your dream Christmas tree will have plenty of space to breathe – after all, you don’t want to be knocking your fancy baubles off every time you walk past.

TOP TIP: Avoid placing your tree near any sources of heat, such as radiators or open fires. In fact, there should be at least eight feet distance between your Christmas tree and your fireplace.

How tall should a Christmas tree be?

7 foot artificial Christmas trees are currently the most popular height for residential homes as they’re big enough to light up your living room but don’t overwhelm the space. Plus, 7 foot trees are easier to adorn with Christmas tree decorations – even the kids can place the star atop the tree with a little lift from mum or dad.

As for offices and businesses, bigger is better. Placing a huge 14 foot artificial Christmas tree in a foyer or reception area is sure to impress guests and employees alike. Or, for a truly bespoke experience to get tongues wagging, try our incredible commercial Christmas trees with sizes up to 40ft tall!

That’s not to say smaller trees lack Christmas character – far from it, in fact! 3 foot artificial Christmas trees look the part on desks, tabletops or even posted outside your front door. They are the perfect space-saving decoration that still offers the warmest of welcomes to visitors this holiday season.

No matter the size of Christmas tree you’re looking for, you can find the perfect pick with Christmas Tree World. Head over to our website to browse our full collection of realistic artificial Christmas trees.