How to Decorate a Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

If you've decided to step away from tradition and opt for a fibre optic Christmas tree this year, you might be wondering how you can best decorate it. While these pre-lit trees offer a low-maintenance alternative, finding the right Christmas decorations can be tricky.

But fear not! In this guide, we'll be showing you how to decorate your fibre optic Christmas tree into a dazzling masterpiece, ready to fill your home with fabulous festive joy.

What are fibre optic Christmas trees?

Fibre optic trees are a type of artificial Christmas tree that use LED Christmas tree lights to illuminate the tips of their branches and create a colourful lighting effect.

One of the main advantages of fibre optic Christmas trees is that they require minimal maintenance and are generally safer than traditional trees with incandescent lights, as they don't generate heat. 

These trees are also ideal for people who don’t fancy untangling string lights when decorating their trees, as the faux needles already twinkle away merrily on their own.

Fibre optic trees come in various sizes and styles, from small 60cm tabletop trees to tall 8ft fibre-optic fir trees. They are popular for their modern, space-saving design and mesmerising visual effects.

Fibre optic Christmas tree on a red background

Decorating a fibre optic Christmas tree

Decorating a fibre optic Christmas tree can be a fun, creative process, but if you're struggling to know where to begin, here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Decide on a theme

Although there's nothing wrong with decorating a tree with no theme, it is always good to consider how you'd like your artificial tree to look. For some people, having a theme can help them decide on the types of decorations they should include.

Whether you opt for a classic theme like "Traditional Red and Green," a whimsical theme like "Winter Wonderland," or something more unique like "Vintage Rustic Charm." Once you've chosen a theme, it will guide your ornament selection, colour scheme, and overall decorating approach, creating a cohesive and visually appealing display.

Looking for some decoration inspiration? Check out our blog for more ideas; from retro Christmas decoration ideas to choosing the right Christmas tree colour scheme, you’ll find everything you need.  

2. Gather your supplies

Before we can decorate, we need supplies.

Depending on your chosen decor theme, you may want to consider the following Christmas decorations:

  • Ornaments: Choose a variety of ornaments, like baubles, ribbons, figurines, snowflakes etc., to add depth and personality to your tree. Look for different sizes, shapes, and colours to create visual interest.
  • Tree topper: The tree topper serves as the crowning glory. It can be a star, angel, bow, or any decorative element that complements the theme of your tree.
  • Tinsel or garland: Tinsel and garland add a touch of sparkle and texture. Use them sparingly for a subtle effect or generously for a more opulent look.
  • Tree skirt: A tree skirt not only covers the base of the tree but also adds a decorative touch. Choose one that matches your overall decor theme.
  • Hooks or strings: Make sure you have enough hooks or strings to hang all your ornaments securely. Consider using colour-coordinated hooks or clear strings to maintain a seamless look.

3. Set up your tree

Before you start decorating, it's important to properly set up your fibre optic Christmas tree.

Begin by carefully assembling the tree, following the manufacturer's instructions for a stable base. Take a moment to fluff out the branches, spreading the tips to achieve a fuller look, and for extra stability, secure a stand or a decorative skirt.

If your tree has adjustable branches, customise the height and shape to fit your space perfectly. It's important to consider the placement of your fibre optic tree so it is in a spot that pleases you and any guests who come to visit.

Star on top of a fibre optic tree with other trees blurred in the background

4. Hang ornaments

Now you've got everything set up, you can begin to hang your ornaments. Keeping in mind your chosen theme and colour scheme, begin with the larger ornaments. Due to their size, this can help you identify gaps you can fill with slightly smaller baubles and other decorations.

Unless you're a maximalist, you may want to distribute these decorations evenly around your fibre optic tree to achieve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Remember to mix various shapes, sizes, and colours to add a dynamic and captivating element to your fibre optic Christmas tree.

There's also nothing stopping you from adding more Christmas lights to your tree; however, you may need to consider a few practicalities like energy efficiency, how much heat they emit and how you can evenly distribute the lights to complement your tree.

5. Final adjustments

Step back and take a look at your tree. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.

If you notice any areas where you can make additional touches, consider adding something small like bows, ribbons, or other decorative elements.

6. Enjoy your tree

Once you've decorated your fibre optic Christmas tree, take a moment to step back and appreciate the festive beauty you've created. Whether it's the soft glow of the fibre optic lights, the shimmering ornaments, or the overall ambience it brings to your space, bask in the festive spirit it exudes.

Close up of a fibre optic Christmas tree

Benefits of having a fibre optic Christmas tree

Opting for a fibre optic Christmas tree offers several distinct advantages, including:

Low maintenance

Fibre optic trees require minimal upkeep compared to traditional trees with string lights. There's no need to untangle or replace light strands, reducing hassle and time spent on tree maintenance.

Energy efficiency

Fibre optic lights are very energy-efficient. They use LED technology, which consumes significantly less electricity compared to more traditional lights. This can lead to lower energy bills during the holiday season.


Fibre optics are robust and less likely to break compared to traditional glass bulbs. This means they have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Colour variety & effects

These trees often come with colour-changing features, creating a dynamic and visually captivating display. This allows you to customise the look of your tree to suit different moods and occasions.

Easy storage

You can save a lot of floor space with their slim and compact design. This makes these trees fairly easy to store.

Overall, choosing a fibre optic Christmas tree can enhance your holiday experience by providing a safer, more energy-efficient, and visually stunning centrepiece for your festive celebrations.

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Can you decorate a fibre optic Christmas tree?

Absolutely! Decorating a fibre optic Christmas tree can be a delightful and creative holiday activity. 

While fibre optic trees come pre-lit with built-in colour-changing effects, you can enhance their festive charm by adding ornaments, garlands, and a tree topper. It's important to choose lightweight decorations and secure them properly to avoid damaging the delicate fibres. Additionally, consider using LED lights if you wish to add more illumination.

With a bit of creativity and care, you can transform your fibre optic tree into a dazzling centrepiece for your holiday celebrations.

Are fibre optic trees expensive to run?

Fibre optic Christmas trees are generally energy-efficient and cost-effective to run. When comparing LED lights with traditional Christmas lights, they consume significantly less electricity compared. LED lights are known for their efficiency and can help reduce energy bills during the holiday season. Additionally, fibre optic trees do not generate heat, which means they don't contribute to heating costs.

Overall, the operating cost of a fibre optic tree is relatively low compared to other types of Christmas trees, making it a cost-effective choice for holiday decorations.

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Do you need Christmas lights for a fibre optic tree?

No, you do not need additional Christmas lights for a fibre optic tree as they already have built-in light sources that illuminate the tips of the branches. These fibres transmit light, creating a sparkling and colour-changing effect. This feature eliminates the need for traditional string lights, making fibre optic trees a convenient and low-maintenance option for holiday decorating. If you wish to enhance the lighting effect, you can simply plug in the tree to activate the fibre optics, and it will beautifully illuminate all on its own.

What’s the difference between a pre-lit Christmas tree and a fibre optic Christmas tree?

The primary distinction between a pre-lit Christmas tree and a fibre optic Christmas tree lies in their lighting methods.

A pre-lit tree comes equipped with integrated string lights, typically incandescent or LED bulbs, providing steady and consistent illumination. In contrast, a fibre optic tree employs optical fibres made of glass or plastic to distribute light throughout the branches, creating a dynamic, colour-changing effect. This gives the tree a unique and captivating appearance.

Additionally, pre-lit trees may emit some heat, while fibre optic trees do not, making them more energy-efficient and safer.

Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference for lighting effects, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

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