Every year many of us wonder when it is the right time to put up our artificial Christmas tree and Christmas tree decorations

As the Christmas tree is often the main highlight of the festive season, it’s essential to know when to put your Christmas tree up. 

Depending on your household traditions, at which point you put up your Christmas tree and add glistening Christmas lights around your home will vary. 

In our guide below we’ve taken a look into some of the most popular times to put your tree up to help you decide when to start the festivities at home.

When should you put up your Christmas tree?

This will always be a debatable point. Some individuals follow tradition, while others begin decorating for Christmas early because of the joy and warmth it brings to their home. So, when do some people put their decorations up?

Advent calendar

The weeks leading up to the birth of Jesus are known as Advent and are meant to be used to prepare for Christmas Day. Advent candles and wreaths are used to celebrate the occasion. And in keeping with tradition, Christmas trees should go up at the start of Advent, which takes place four Sundays before Christmas Day.

Roman Catholics

Traditionally, Roman Catholics did not decorate their Christmas trees until the afternoon of Christmas Eve. The same could be said about all Christmas ornaments. The tree and its decorations are intended to commemorate the Christmas feast, which starts with the observance of Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. By putting up your Christmas tree early, you anticipate the feast of Christmas. As a result, Christmas Day - when it eventually arrives - may lose part of its delight.

1st December

However, many people in the UK decorate their homes as soon as December comes around. To many of us, this marks the beginning of the festive season when the countdown begins!

12 days before Christmas 

Others may prefer to decorate 12 days before Christmas and will begin transforming their houses into a merry abode on 13th December.

Why do people put up Christmas trees earlier nowadays?

During the lockdown, you may have noticed Christmas arriving sooner in many households across the UK. Numerous people sought solace as the second wave started to take hold, Christmas wreaths, Christmas garlands, trees and decorations began to emerge in mid-November or even earlier.

According to some researchers, putting up Christmas tree decorations early makes individuals feel a sense of joy, ultimately increasing dopamine levels, a feel-good hormone associated with pleasure. The festive season is an enchanting time for many and it is a time of innocence and joy.

According to psychologists, if you have fond childhood recollections of the holidays, you are more likely to desire to recreate that sensation sooner rather than later.

Is it bad to put your Christmas tree up early?

There are several Christmas superstitions surrounding Christmas trees and decorations. Christmas trees and decorations were traditionally not put up until Christmas Eve. Putting them up sooner or later was considered bad luck in the past.

Some people think that if a Christmas tree is left undecorated, it invites evil spirits and brings the family bad luck. There is also a belief that pitching a Christmas tree before December would bring bad luck.

Even so, deciding when to put your Christmas tree up and bring the Christmas sparkle into your home is up to you!

Are there any benefits to putting up your Christmas tree earlier?

Yes, there are plenty of benefits of putting your decorations up early! In fact, Christmas decorations may have a beneficial psychological effect on you. 

By bringing seasonal happiness into your home early with Christmas decorations, you may foster a longer-lasting sense of goodwill and improve your mood gradually by adding glitter to an otherwise mundane atmosphere.

Numerous studies show that decorating your house and tree early has several advantages. More than any other time of year, the festive period brings nostalgic sentiments. When you look at a childhood ornament or Christmas bauble, you may recollect your wonder as a kid. Alternatively, when you set up your Christmas lights in your home, you may recall how the lighting appeared in your childhood home and the joy it brought to you as a child!

Another reason that holiday decorating may help you feel better is because "acting happy" may elevate your mood. 

When should you put up Christmas decorations? The answer is clear, as early as you like! Why not make your home feel merry and bright!

When should I take my Christmas tree down?

As with putting your Christmas tree up, when you take your Christmas tree down is up to you. 

Most people like to remove their Christmas trees during the first week of January, with the majority doing so on the 12th day of Christmas or the Feast of Epiphany. These dates are based on Christian tradition, with the Twelfth Night commemorating the Three Wise Men travelling to Bethlehem to see the infant, Jesus.

Particular churches, notably the Catholic Church, begin their count on Boxing Day, which coincides with the 6th of January. Meanwhile, some start their count on Christmas Day, making the 5th of January the 12th Night.

FAQs about putting up Christmas trees

Can I leave my Christmas tree up until February?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not unlucky to leave your Christmas tree up until February. According to Roman Catholic tradition, they opt to leave their tree up until 2nd February, keeping with Candlemas customs, which remember Jesus Christ's presentation at the Temple.

Where should I put my Christmas tree?

There are no hard-and-fast rules regarding the placement of your Christmas tree. However, avoid placing your tree near fires, heavily frequented pathway areas, or obstacles as a general safety precaution.

If you do have limited space, there are plenty of options to choose from! You could consider a slim Christmas tree or even a half Christmas tree

Why do we take the Christmas tree down on 6th January?

According to tradition, 6th January is the earliest day a tree should be taken down since it marks the conclusion of the traditional festivities.

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