We all want the same thing when it comes to Christmas tree decorations - to invoke the magic of Christmas in our homes. 

But how do you go about choosing and decorating your Christmas tree? Discover some of the best Christmas tree ideas below to inspire you this festive season. 

1. A good old classic red theme

You can't go wrong with a traditional red Christmas theme, can you? It's beautiful, cosy and oh-so-festive! There is something enchanting and mystical about sparkling red ornaments, baubles and poinsettias on a Christmas tree. 

Add some red berry sprigs and you've got a sophisticated artificial Christmas tree with a classic green and red theme. Red pairs beautifully with other colours as well, including red and white baubles, red and gold baubles, and red and silver baubles.

2. Create a cool look with white artificial Christmas

A white Christmas tree is the ideal choice if you love the look and feel of a cool winter scene indoors. They’re also great if you have any darker spaces as white reflects light, meaning you can use a white tree to brighten any room.

When used with a white Christmas tree, blue ornaments give a perfect wintery feel. Combining blue with white decorations or choosing blue and silver baubles is a great idea if you want to replicate ice and snow. 

Gold is also an excellent complement to white, giving your white Christmas tree a sparkling sheen that will be a sophisticated addition to any living room. Gold ornaments and copper decorations are perfect for an elegant display.

A white Christmas tree will also reflect any colour of ribbon, providing a touch of class to your Christmas tree.

Why not go for a white fibre optic Christmas tree if you want something unique? You can use Christmas baubles, tinsel or paper decorations to provide a festive touch and create a fun tree.

3. Take a minimalist approach

Being purposeful is the most crucial aspect of having a more minimalistic Christmas tree. Add a small selection of glittering ornaments or you could go without any decorations to let the Christmas tree lights shine. 

Small Christmas trees are a great option and look good in any space, especially if you have less room to decorate. Choose a pre-lit small Christmas tree for a minimalist approach, or add a couple of carefully selected decorations to your mini tree for a simple and effective design.  

A classic twist on a minimalist Christmas tree is an artificial blossom Christmas tree. It's the ultimate Christmas decoration and is the perfect focal point for the festive season. Blossom trees add Christmas magic to your home with their dazzling colours and shimmering lights. 

What's nice about twig Christmas trees is that, although they make a lovely complement to your Christmas decorations, they also work beautifully in your home and garden all year long. 

They're highly adaptable and provide beauty and flair to your house throughout the seasons. An LED blossom tree will not disappoint and is the perfect choice for minimalists! 

4. Use gold tree decorations to create contrast in a dark room

The gold and black colour scheme is one of the most attractive and sophisticated. Whilst this might be a popular colour scheme for New Year's Eve, it’s a more unusual choice for Christmas, which is what makes it a great idea. 

Rather than changing the décor between holidays, you can immediately adopt this colour scheme and enjoy it throughout the season.

Gold and black are also fantastic for Christmas baubles. They sparkle, but not excessively, and look stunning. You can use gold and black ornaments on a white Christmas tree to add elegance or add them to a black Christmas tree to make a striking impact.

5. Kitsch Christmas decorations to add some fun

Rather than matching your decorations, why not stand out from the crowd with some bold and garish colours? Kitsch decorations come in all shapes and sizes, from ice cream and doughnut baubles to dinosaur ornaments wearing Christmas hats!

If you’re not a fan of traditional Christmas trees and prefer a more colourful tree, then this is the ideal trend for you. Why not add the quirky kitsch colourful ornaments, twinkling lights, and decorations to make your tree stand out?

6. Liven up the bottom of your tree

Instead of leaving the bottom of your tree bare, add a stylish Christmas tree skirt to complete the look. Christmas tree skirts are trendy, not only for their appearance but also for how their form conceals the Christmas tree's base. 

Another way to liven up the bottom of your artificial Christmas tree is to surround the base with more Christmas decorations to create a winter wonderland scene. 

7. Go for a simple Scandinavian look

If you like a minimalist style, you'll love the brilliant simplicity and warmth of Scandinavian Christmas tree designs and decorations. This elegant and tranquil style is both contemporary and rustic, catching the warmth of Christmas tree lights, comforting textures, and winter features. The minimalist, drawn-back aesthetic is a signature of this design style.

Whites, silvers, and golds are typical natural elements for a Scandinavian bushy Christmas tree. Alongside this, faux fur is an excellent option for tree skirts because it adds a lot of texture without too much colour.

8. Make your Christmas lights the star of the show

Similarly to a minimalist Christmas tree, you could decorate your tree using just Christmas tree lights. The magical aspect of Christmas lights is their variety. There are so many options, from dynamic and vibrant multifunction LED lights to LED icicle lights - you can’t go wrong! 

A pre-lit Christmas tree is an excellent option if you want your lighting display to be front and centre of your decorations this year. Pre-lit Christmas trees are stunning, but they are also incredible time savers! There’s no need to string any lights, saving you time to decorate the rest of your home and garden. Some pre-lit trees even come with decorations, making these trees simple to assemble and plugin.

9. A more traditional and cosy tree decorating scheme

This time-honoured Christmas tree theme is sure to evoke memories of previous Christmas memories. Naturally, having a green Christmas tree helps, and you can accessorise with the most delicate Christmas decor pieces.

Occasionally, nothing but classic Christmas decorations will suffice. Perhaps you've exhausted all new decoration schemes and are yearning for a more traditional Christmas appearance. Or maybe your goal is to recreate the enchanted Christmas you remember from your youth?

Adding colourful baubles, red berries, tinsel, and lights add to the look of a cosy Christmas tree. However, if you want to stick to the most traditional decorations, stars, bells, and angels are the ornaments you’ll want to add to your tree.

10. For a contemporary twist, mix up red and blue

If you’re looking for a quick update on traditional red Christmas tree decorations, why not try something different? Combining colours creates a striking look and something new for you to enjoy this Yuletide. 

Combine classic red decorations with cool blue ones to quickly transform your tree into a more intriguing and modern centrepiece. 

Consider the Nutcracker ballet as a Christmas theme to get a sense of how wonderful blue and red on a green Christmas tree will look.

11. Go big and bold with oversized baubles

Sometimes bigger is better and it can be beneficial to experiment with scale! Add bold baubles to your artificial Christmas tree for a more dramatic effect in your home. 

To really make a statement and give your tree a designer touch, exaggerate the ornaments on the tree. Using large Christmas baubles creates a more intriguing, bolder, and eye-catching appearance.

12. Create a snowy winter wonderland

Without snow, what is Christmas? Our snowy Christmas trees are the perfect tree if you want to bring the outdoors inside. Imagine a cosy winter night curled up with your family in front of your glowing snowy Christmas tree.

If you're a fan of the Ice Queen and Jack Frost, try pairing icy blue ornaments with your snowy Christmas tree to create the ideal winter picture. Match the wrapping paper on your presents to the theme and use a touch of silver or pastel blues as an added feature.

Explore our range of Christmas trees and decorations

There are many Christmas tree decoration styles to consider for your home. From minimalistic themes to all-out colourful finishes, there are a lot of options to choose from. 

When decorating your tree, think outside the box and make your home feel magical this holiday with Christmas Tree World.Whether you like contemporary tree decorations or a more classic design, we have the best range of artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights and Christmas decorations to suit your style.