7 Signs that Christmas is coming!

Jack Frost’s nipping at your fingers and Christmas telly is eeking onto the scene; it’s official, the most exciting time of the year is almost here! And just in case those nay-sayers are stating that you can’t get excited until December 1st, we’re bringing you 7 categorical observations that tell us Christmas is practically upon us! If you have any suggestions of your own, please feel free to let us know on Facebook.

That Coca-Cola advert

Last year the advert aired on the 11th November, and since we’re one week into the month it just has to be coming soon! Some of you have suggested that it’ll be showcasing in the X Factor break this Saturday and we’d be inclined to say that’s a very good guess. Despite the famous ad first airing in 1995, it still remains as popular as ever in 2013, signifying to millions that, yes, the holidays are coming!

The trucks will be touring the UK too and rumour has it that they’ve already hit Covent Garden in the past few days! The glimpse of the truck through the trees, the jingle bells followed by a rousing chorus of ‘holidays are coming...’ We can barely contain our excitement...

Magic and Sparkle AKA M&S

We can always rely on the M&S adverts for injecting a little Christmas cheer into the TV schedules and this year the ‘believe in magic and sparkle’ campaign has roared back onto the scene in a flurry of the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whitely and David Gandy. But even Rosie in a selection of M&S’s new season finery cannot compare to those bordering-on-erotic Christmas food adverts. Bring on the miniature tempura prawns!

Mince Pies

While mince pies can be found in the odd select bakery throughout the summer months, we all know that eating a mice pie outside of November-January is frowned upon. Luckily, we are now well into November (1 week counts as ‘well into’) and sampling Mr Kipling’s, Tesco’s own, Morrisons’ own, Sainsbury’s own and your own home made varieties is completely acceptable.

The Office Christmas Party Has Been Booked

Phil from IT’s got his Christmas tie at the ready and the ‘3 courses for 15 quid’ email has raged around the office: it’s official, Christmas is almost here! (Even if the actual event takes place in February for ‘budget’ reasons).

The Diet’s Out The Window

Why skimp on the most wonderful time of the year? Accept that there’s going to be mince pies, enough turkey sandwiches to feed an army and Baileys a-plenty and save the carrot sticks until January. Plus everyone knows that walking on snow is very toning for the legs.

The High-Street’s Gotten Scary

As soon as the leaves start crunching under-foot, the high-street frenzy begins. Suddenly you can’t move for elbows, push-chairs and die-hard Christmas shoppers determined to spread the cost of Christmas over several autumnal sprees. We don’t doubt their logic, just the somewhat apocalyptic state of the great British high street in recent weeks. And it’s only going to get worse... stay at home, buy online instead.

And the final sign...You lovely people getting your Christmas trees in! There’s still plenty of time to secure your luxury artificial Christmas tree, but our fabulous offers won’t last forever, so pop your order in before the rush starts! We’ve also just added a new selection of Christmas tree lighting for large and small trees alike, so please feel free to take a look before you go.


Pre-Christmas wishes,

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