Become A Wrap God: How To Wrap Presents Perfectly

Ever found your hand covered in mangled sticky tape with scraps of haphazardly cut wrapping paper strewn across your carpet?

The awkwardly shaped present you’re wrapping is sat waiting to be covered and you’d rather just give the experience up as a bad job.

Why bother?..Because after all...

Wrapping paper only gets ripped off and binned within a nanosecond anyway.

But if you’re serious about wrapping your presents perfectly and nailing it this Christmas...Then look no further than our ultimate present wrapping guide.

Firstly, set the mood by playing some classic Chrimbo songs. Those foot tapping tunes from Slade, Wizzard and Elton John to suggest a few. Your festive mood can be further optimised by positioning your present wrapping station next to, or nearby your Christmas tree. 

Step one: Place the present in the middle of the paper

This is to determine how much wrapping paper you’ll need to cover the gift...No matter what size...or shape.

Step Two: Mark the cut lines with a ruler

If cutting in straight lines is nigh-on impossible - be diligent about this and use a ruler (or anything with a straight edge) to cut how much wrapping paper you’ll need to wrap your gift effectively.  Put the rest of the roll aside.

Now it’s going to get tricky...

Step Three: Fold the paper around the gift

With your present placed nicely in the middle of the paper.

  1. Take one side of the wrapping paper and fold it over the top half of your gift.  
  2. Then take the other side, folding it over the bottom.
  3. Put both sides on top of the other end and pull it tight and tape together neatly.

Step Four: Time for some origami...

  1. Start with the left hand side of your package.
  2. Fold both corners into a triangle and tape to secure.
  3. Fold the straight end over your gift.
  4. Pull the paper over the top of your gift and tape.
  5. Repeat on the other side.

You seem to be really getting this now…

Why not add a ribbon tied into a bow to really show off your work?

You could also include a gift tag if you’re feeling really professional. And then there's always the option of a gift bag to present your thoughtfully wrapped gift in...Just don't forget to cut off last years gift tag from your Mum.

And Voila! 

You have before you, a perfectly wrapped present and the honorary title of 'Wrap God.' 

You'll be able to wrap pretty much anything now from a motorbike to a cat.

You have before you, a
perfectly wrapped present and the honorary title of 'Wrap God.' 

You'll be able to wrap pretty much anything now

We’re sure our guide has helped.

Do you have any tips for wrapping a present perfectly? 

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