Best Christmas Trees for Events
Christmas is crucial for corporate events, gala dinners and other celebrations. If you're planning a big party, you know how important it is that the location looks the part. You can wow your guests by hiring a beautiful Christmas tree to take centre stage. As well as having beautifully-decorated Christmas trees fit to impress, you need to find one that's easy to maintain and offers good value for money. Buying or hiring a large commercial Christmas tree can satisfy all of this and more. Camden Market is one event we've assisted Whatever the occasion, if you're planning a big event, like a grand party or even something for the silver screen, our collection of commercial Christmas trees has something for you. Here, we explain why artificial Christmas trees are better than real ones for all of your seasonal events and celebrations and why, when you buy or hire a giant Christmas tree from us, it's best to use professional installers.

Why is an artificial Christmas tree better than a real one for events?

Through our network of clients, we receive a great deal of feedback on why they are switching from a real Christmas tree to an artificial one for corporate events and displays. In many cases, it's similar to why many members of the public opt for an artificial, realistic Christmas tree. They're less hassle; you only have to buy it once and put it up yearly. Over time, this will save you money. Pre-lit-Ultra-Mountain-Pine One of the most common responses from National Trust properties was that our artificial Christmas trees are far cleaner to use than real trees, which drop needles everywhere and can damage carpets with moisture - something that can prove very costly to remedy in heritage buildings. Christmas tree installers also find that real trees can be awkward to erect and may damage doors and fixtures when brought inside and installed. Luckily, our range of artificial Christmas trees includes full, compact, slim Christmas trees or half Christmas trees to fit every space, and they're super-easy to put up and take down.

What is a Christmas tree installer, and why do they prefer artificial Christmas trees?

Artificial Christmas trees are proving ever more popular with event installers. Mainly, this is because they are far easier to balance than real trees, which may be heavier on one side than the other. CTW events Event installers are professionals in setting up Christmas decorations and displays for various organisations. Retail parks, offices, media companies, and heritage properties all use the services of event installers to ensure their spaces look in tip-top shape for the festive season. Spanish City Large, real trees are often delivered on the back of lorries and need a crane to lift them into place. This is an expensive and time-consuming process, which also applies to taking the trees down. Imagine untangling the lights from a 30ft tree! By comparison, hiring or buying a giant artificial Christmas tree from Christmas Tree World allows event installers to decorate the trees before assembling them on-site. This reduces the amount you’ll spend on the labour required to embellish the tree with tinsel and Christmas tree lights once it’s in place.

Which artificial trees are best for events?

We’ve even designed an artificial tree that looks ultra-realistic and doesn't require a flatbed lorry for delivery. Event installers can assemble our Giant Outdoor Woodland Pine Frame Trees on-site, and you can choose to place them anywhere, inside or outside, on cobbles, in car parks, or even in fields! Outdoor/Indoor Giant Woodland Pine Frame Tree Available in sizes from 13ft to 40ft, you can order the trees unlit or pre-lit. Depending on the size you choose, we construct the trees from easy-to-erect steel frames with Christmas baubles ranging from 6cm to 30cm in diameter. This makes choosing Christmas tree decorations much easier as decorating is done at ground level before event installers fix the branches into place - saving valuable time and effort. Using a pre-lit Christmas tree means hassle-free installation each year. When taking the tree down at the end of the festive period, event installers can remove each branch section, unplug and fold up the lights. So all you'll have to do is store the tree away, and it'll be ready for use next year. If you would like to learn more about our unique giant artificial Christmas trees, including ready-made designs, or to make your own, we're here to help. Contact our expert sales team today to discuss tree sizes, styles and pricing.


Does Nordmann fir make good event trees?

A Nordmann fir is a non-drop type of tree, meaning they won't drop their needles - this makes them suitable for use at home and event spaces. The trees are expensive and may not offer the same value for money or convenience as artificial trees.

Does Christmas Tree World make large commercial trees to match a specific colour scheme?

Our ultra-realistic Giant Woodland Pine Frame Tree is only available in green; however, you can decorate them to match any colour scheme or theme. We make these easy-to-assemble trees to be customised to your needs using our selection of giant baubles and Christmas lights.

Can you hire Christmas trees from Christmas Tree World?

Yes, we offer Christmas tree hire and the opportunity to buy giant Christmas trees, so you can choose something to suit your individual needs. Both options have their merits; for example, Christmas tree hire means you don't have to store the tree all year round, while buying a giant artificial tree may work and be more budget-friendly in the long term.

If you would like to learn more about our unique giant artificial Christmas trees, including ready-made designs or to make your own, we’re here to help.

Contact our expert sales team today to discuss size, styles and pricing.