Christmas Tree Colours: Choosing The Right Colour Scheme

A vibrant and colourful artificial Christmas tree is a guaranteed way to bring some festive cheer into your home. Many people decorate their Christmas trees without much planning, resulting in a charming but cluttered look. 

However, if you’re hoping for something more coordinated this year, you may want to consider creating a theme for your Christmas tree colours. 

How to choose the perfect Christmas tree colour scheme 

When selecting a Christmas colour scheme, the best choice can vary depending on a few different factors. The colours in your home, the type of Christmas tree you’re using, and even colour theory are a few things to keep in mind. 

Overall, it’s important to choose Christmas tree decorations that match your home. Even if a specific theme looks stunning in a magazine, it may not be the best option for your Christmas tree. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing your Christmas tree’s colour theme:

The type of Christmas tree you own 

Christmas trees have become incredibly varied over the years. Size, shape, and colour can differ from tree to tree. If you want your tree to reach its full potential, consider these factors when choosing a Christmas style. 

While most people go for a natural green Christmas tree, you can also buy white, black, silver, or even bright colours like red! If you’ve decided to branch out from the typical greens, consider choosing a colour theme that enhances the colours of the tree itself. No matter what colour tree you have, there’s a theme that will suit it perfectly. 

Pre-lit Christmas trees are another option, saving the hassle of untangling Christmas lights every year. For Christmas tree light colours, you can choose from bright white, warm white and multicolour LEDs and use these to showcase your colour scheme.

Colour theory 

Colour theory is a great way to find the right scheme for your Christmas tree. Artists use theory to create eye-catching work. Applying colour theory is pretty simple, even if you’re not a creative person. 

First, determine the main colour scheme in the room where you’ll be putting your Christmas tree. Then, find that colour on a standard colour wheel. You can choose a colour right next to it (analogous colours) or one directly across from it on the wheel (complementary colours). 

After that, you should have an easy time finding the best colour scheme for your Christmas tree! 


Different colours can evoke certain moods. When choosing a colour scheme, decide what kind of mood you’re going for. 

Cool colours like blue can evoke a relaxing mood, while warm colours like red and gold tend to be cheerful and exciting. 

Earthy colours such as emerald green create a cosy atmosphere, and neutral colours like white and silver give your Christmas tree a rather refreshing look. 


Consider what style you’d like to emulate with your Christmas tree. Are you hoping for something vintage? In that case, you may want to have your Christmas tree decorated in traditional Christmas colours, like red, white, and gold, to add warmth.

If you are seeking something a bit more modern, some non-traditional colours such as black and silver may be what you need. 

And to achieve a more minimalist style, you may want to pair a neutral colour (such as white or silver) with another colour (such as red, blue or gold). 

Popular Christmas tree colour schemes 

Now that you know what you’re looking for, here are a few popular Christmas tree colour schemes for you to choose from. Of course, you can always mix and match multiple themes that appeal to you. 

Red & white 

When people think of Christmas, these two colours are usually the first to come to mind! Red and white is a classic, cosy colour scheme that suits just about home at Christmas time. 

If you have a green living room, red and white Christmas tree decorations might be the way to go. The complementary qualities of red and green will make your artificial tree look simply vibrant, and the white will help balance it out. 

As this is a common colour scheme, finding red and white Christmas tree decorations should be easy. After all, red and white baubles go hand-in-hand. You can alternate solid red and white baubles or opt for a red and white bauble set with swirls and stripes. 

Consider hanging peppermint candy canes on the branches or placing nutcracker soldiers around your tree. To top it all off, you could use a fluffy Santa hat or a big red ribbon as your tree topper! 

Red & gold 

When you pair red and gold, you end up with a warm, cosy colour scheme that fills your home with festive joy. A tree with this colour theme looks beautiful in a room with a fireplace! 

Consider decorating your tree with some beautiful red and gold baubles. Or, you could stick with red baubles and wrap your tree in some sparkly gold tinsel instead. 

Find a matching Christmas tree skirt, tree lights, and a gold star to top off your tree, and you’ll have a beautiful Christmas centrepiece. 

Do you have any vintage decorations lying around? This colour scheme pairs beautifully with vintage Christmas tree decorations, so you can put them to use if you go for this colour scheme. 

Red is complementary with green and while gold is complementary with blue. So if you have a room with a blue or green colour scheme, red and gold might be best for your Christmas tree. 

Red & silver 

The warmth of red and the crisp coolness of silver make an excellent contrast for your Christmas decor. Red and silver decorations look best on white Christmas trees, but you can use them for green Christmas trees as well. 

Red and silver Christmas decorations are best for rooms with a neutral, minimalist theme. The silver pairs well with the architecture in modern homes, and the red gives it a dash of festive colour. 

Like red and white, red and silver baubles often come in sets. Whether you go for solid coloured baubles or more intricate designs, it can make a beautiful theme for your Christmas tree. 

Blue & silver 

A cool, relaxing colour scheme will make your room feel like a winter wonderland! Blue and silver pair together perfectly and look simply stunning in rooms with a modern or minimalist design. 

This colour scheme goes best with white or silver artificial Christmas trees or snowy Christmas trees with frosted and flocked branches. 

There are plenty of blue and silver baubles that match this colour scheme. You could also add a touch of black to make it truly pop. 

Choose patterned or solid-coloured baubles, or even use a little of both if you’d like. Some matching tinsel will add some shine to your Christmas tree, too. Also, make sure you add some white Christmas tree lights to truly bring out the sparkly potential. 

White & silver 

White and silver go well in rooms of any colour scheme, especially with neutral or light colours. Like blue and silver, it will give your room a calm, winter-wonderland-like aesthetic. Additionally, it goes well in homes with minimalist designs. 

There are plenty of white and silver baubles to choose from. When you go for this colour theme, some silver tinsel and white lighting can make your tree all the more vibrant. This theme is also excellent if you have a lot of angel-themed Christmas decorations in your home. 

If you like, add a small dash of colour to your white and silver colour scheme. Consider dusting ornaments with white or silver glitter to add colour while maintaining a neutral, snowy appearance. 

Gold & silver 

Gold and silver provide a sophisticated, festive atmosphere to your home during the Christmas holidays. It is also suitable for rooms of any colour scheme! 

This colour scheme looks great on traditional artificial Christmas trees but can also go well with white artificial trees. Be sure to use proper lighting to let these colours glisten to their full potential. 

Top it off with a sparkling star and wrap your gifts in some gold or silver wrapping paper, and you’ll have a beautiful centrepiece for your seasonal celebrations. 

Natural colour schemes 

If you have a realistic Christmas tree, you may want to consider a more natural colour theme. Forest green, brown, and grey colours can make a warm and earthy atmosphere for your tree. 

This colour scheme goes well with a variety of room themes. If your home has a fireplace, it can provide some beautiful lighting as well. Some nutcrackers, poinsettias, and reindeer decorations go excellent with this too. 

If you use a natural colour scheme, you may want to decorate the rest of your room with some Christmas garlands. 

Christmas tree decorations in various colours can be suitable, but try to find ones in muted colours if possible. Make sure the earthy colours are the most prevalent. A great way to do this is by adding natural elements like pine cones.

When you illuminate your tree in white or even amber Christmas lights, it will look simply beautiful! You can also use a cinnamon or pine scent for an even more immersive experience. 

Tips for a vibrant Christmas tree 

No matter what Christmas colour theme you choose, you can have a vibrant tree that’ll brighten up your whole home. Here are a few tips for making the most of your Christmas palette! 

  • Consider buying some tree decorating sets to make decorating and colour coordinating easy. We offer full Christmas tree decoration sets for 6ft trees, 7ft trees and 8ft trees
  • Decorations aren’t the only thing that goes into decorating a tree. Wreaths, garlands, Christmas tree skirts and nutcrackers will add a lot of character to your Christmas decor. 
  • Lighting is essential - even the most beautifully decorated trees will look dull in poor lighting. Be sure to have your Christmas tree decorated with plenty of twinkling lights. You can also choose fibre optic Christmas trees for mesmerising lighting displays. 
  • Use solid-coloured decorations for a more uniform look. Hand painted baubles are also a great option if you want to add something unique to your tree.
  • Coordinate your Christmas wrapping paper with the tree’s colour scheme for a truly vibrant Christmas morning! 

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