a modern christmas tree in a neutral, scandi-inspired kitchen

As the calendar flips closer to December, it's time to answer the questions on everyone's minds. What are this year's Christmas and Christmas tree trends?


From creative Christmas decorations to one-of-a-kind Christmas attire, this festive season promises to bring its own unique charm to our homes. But, if you’re like us and just can’t stand the anticipation, why not get ahead of the game and start preparing your home for Christmas now?! 


So, get ready to deck the halls with a sleigh load of yuletide inspiration!


8 Christmas trends for 2023


1. Pre-lit Christmas wreaths


In recent years, pre-lit Christmas wreaths have become a popular Christmas decor trend thanks to their convenience and magical aesthetic. These lovely wreaths are pre-decorated with built-in LED lights to avoid the need for tedious stringing and untangling of Christmas lights. Pre-lit wreaths are an excellent choice for busy families (which, let’s face it, is just about all of us over the festive season) wanting to add quick seasonal flair to their homes.


Pre-lit wreaths offer a hassle-free alternative while still radiating warm light. There are a range of shapes, sizes and colour options available. Hang it on the front entrance, dangle it over the fireplace or put it up on the walls - it's your choice!


2. Winter wonderland


Are you dreaming of a White Christmas this year? Well, don’t leave snowfall to chance; create your very own winter wonderland to guarantee you can enjoy the enchanting scenes of crisp white snow.


Artificial trees, like the flocked Christmas tree, celebrate this magical aesthetic from top to bottom with fake or spray-on frost to replicate the look and feel of real snow. 


Enhance your winter wonderland decor by creating your own paper decorations. The classic festive pastime of making paper snowflakes is a fun activity for the whole family. You can also decorate your own Christmas baubles in a similarly snowy style to complete the look!


This festive foliage creates a feeling of dazzling snow-covered forests during the Christmas season. Flocked trees are a blank canvas for your imagination. You can customise your tree with Christmas decorations, lights and baubles to create a unified winter-themed display in your home.


3. Natural colours and textures


Using natural colours in Christmas decorations is a rising trend. It's a modern spin on the classic Christmas colour palette. Instead of the traditional red and green, soft earthy tones can really spice up your Christmas to create a rich, cosy ambience.


Consider using a forest green garland for a festive front door or a rustic brown tree skirt. Nature's beauty serves as inspiration for this theme. It adds warmth and authenticity to Christmas decor. Natural materials like wood, burlap and twine can be used to make decorations, wreaths and table settings.


4. Floral and festive


Exquisite floral motifs are making a statement in Christmas decorations this year, from festive table centrepieces to gift wrapping paper. This style covers a wide selection of flowers and foliage. From conventional poinsettias and holly berries to quirky blooms like amaryllis and hydrangeas, it makes for a great holiday choice.


Floral-themed decorations are carefully constructed to create breathtaking displays that radiate natural beauty and elegance. Floral tree decorations add timeless appeal and a sense of elegance and refinement to Christmas decor. Plus, it's perfect for the early seasonal decorator!


5. Modern Christmas village scenes


The modern Christmas village will bring an instant sense of festive fun to your home, especially for the little ones who’ll love the magic of seeing all the Christmas characters together. They are tiny villages with sleek and minimalist designs that bring a touch of urban elegance to the Christmas mood. These villages generally show off clean lines, monochrome colour palettes, and a combination of materials like glass, metal, and acrylic.


Each village has finely detailed buildings, fashionable stores, and lovely street scenes. You can even pay tribute to old traditions by adding some nutcracker soldiers around the village.


Major retail stores are often a lead Christmas inspiration for this latest trend, with lots of little villages popping up in shops. Get inspired by what they are doing, or ask your kids to design their own (most likely funny-looking) village from scratch with toys lying around the house.


6. Natural porch decorations


Natural porches bring the glory of nature straight to your doorstep. This trend focuses on creating a friendly and natural environment on the porch by using natural-looking Christmas decorations. Wreaths fashioned from fresh foliage, greenery, pinecones, and berries are quickly replacing flashy displays.


It's also fun to opt for garlands made of twigs and branches. This earthy and rustic style shows warmth and sincerity. Soft outdoor lights can be properly placed to enhance the charming ambience. It creates a lovely glow on the porch and draws attention to the natural features.


7. Green is good


2023 is the year of the sustainable Christmas, with more of us putting greater emphasis on minimising the environmental impact of our festive celebrations than ever before. 


Eco-friendly Christmas trends stress the use of recycled materials, natural elements, and energy-efficient lighting. LED lights are better than the standard incandescent bulbs due to their energy efficiency. This trend not only decreases environmental impact but also adds a personal touch to Christmas decorations.


Tree-wise, even though you might think that buying a real Christmas tree is the way to go in terms of limiting your carbon footprint, this might not be the case. In reality, the amount of carbon dioxide generated by cycle of growing and felling Christmas trees then sending them to landfill once the holiday period is over is considerable.


If having a sustainable Christmas is a top priority for you and your family, purchasing a high-quality artificial Christmas tree can end up having the smallest impact on the environment. This is because you’ll use the tree year after year, spreading its carbon footprint over a long period of time!


At Christmas Tree World, our artificial Christmas trees all come with a 10-year guarantee as standard, so you can relax knowing that your new artificial tree will stand the test of time.


8. Ugly Christmas jumpers


Whether you’re a self-confessed Santa-lover or a bit of a scrooge, the trend of ugly Christmas jumpers brings everyone together for a healthy dose of festive fun! These eccentric jumpers have vivid, often colourful motifs that embrace the idea of 'the uglier, the better.'


Ugly Christmas sweaters, with their tacky charm, have outlived their original ironic appeal. They're pretty much a holiday fashion standard now! You can buy them relatively cheaply from most high street stores, often in both adult and youth sizes - perfect attire for a tongue-in-cheek family portrait around the Christmas tree.


Jumpers featuring bright snowflakes, a Christmas tree, reindeer and Santas are quite popular. Some designs even add interactive components, such as a light-up Christmas tree or flashing LED lights. It takes the quirkiness to the next level. These jumpers are a fun and lighthearted way to show your appreciation for the holiday season.


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