This Is How Much Santa Eats On Xmas Eve [Infographic]

Santa Claus has a pretty busy time ahead. Delivering presents to millions and millions of children around the world (well, those on the 'nice' list anyway) is no easy feat, so it's important he's well fed and keeps hydrated.

So it's a good job many of us like to leave out a little something for St Nick to keep him fuelled on his journey. Christmas Tree World conducted some research on how much we leave out for Santa in different parts of the UK, and the results are very interesting indeed!

While Santa is popping some presents under our artificial Christmas trees, he munches his way through an incredible amount of mince pies, cookies and chocolates, and glugs plenty of milk, sherry and whiskey. Have a look at the infographic below and see the stomach-popping amount that Santa scoffs on Christmas Eve, as well as some fascinating info about what gets left out in other countries around the world, too.

How much Santa eats on Christmas Eve infographic

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Santa's Xmas Eve Supper

To help fuel Santa on his whirlwind trip around the globe on Christmas Eve delivery presents, it's customary to leave out a bite to eat and something to wet his whistle. But just how much does St Nick consume on his yuletide travels here in the UK?

  • 1.5m glasses of sherry
  • 1.4m glasses of whiskey
  • 884K glasses of mulled wine
  • 1.3m cans of beer
  • 2.6m cookies
  • 3.5m glasses of milk
  • 4.7m mince pies
  • 1.1m chocolates
  • 4.1m carrots for the reindeer

Other things people leave out include, sandwiches, Coca-Cola, vodka, port, Baileys, rum, and fruit juice.

In total, Santa would consume a stomach-popping 2 billion calories.

He would need to burn 5 million calories a day to drop that weight for next Christmas. That's the equivalent of running 17,789,395 miles or 555,918 deadlifts.

Santa will also consume 6 million units of alcohol. The alcohol wouldn't leave his system for about 685 years, but as he tops it up every year, he's probably permanently drunk!

Santa's trip around the UK

  • Wales are the stingiest - 62% leave nothing for Santa.
  • Northern Ireland are the most generous - 68% leave something out.
  • London least likely to leave out carrots for the reindeer (12%), but leave out the largest selection of treats for Santa.
  • Santa must love the North East - 47% leave out an alcoholic beverage.

Santa's Trip Around The World

So now we know what gets left out for Santa here in the UK, but what happens in the rest of the world?

  • France - Biscuits are left out for Pere Noel
  • Italy - Le Befana, a friendly witch, is gifted a glass of wine and sometimes sausage and broccoli
  • Sweden - A bowl of porridge is left for Jultomten
  • Australia - Santa gets left a nice cold beer
  • Ireland - Santa must love going to Ireland where many leave him a pint of Guinness
  • Germany - Children must earn their presents from Weihnachtsmann by performing a song or poem.
  • Chile - Viejo Pascuero is given a pan de pascua, a spongy cake flavoured with rum and filled with dried fruit and nuts.

What will you be leaving out for Santa this year?

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