The Best Festive Food & Drink On The High Street

We love good festive food and drink, whether this be fanciful spiced fruit, or just plain old turkey wrapped in more turkey stuffed with cranberry sauce – whatever the dish we are more than happy to oblige.

So where can you find the best festive fare in your town? Check out our list of some of the best places to grab those delectable treats you waited all year for…

Costa Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate

Yep this does taste as indulgent as it sounds… smooth and buttery like a gooey brownie and just plain glorious to savour…

Gregg’s Festive Bakes

As synonymous with Christmas as the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, Gregg’s festive bakes have always been a winner with every busy-bee with a penchant for gloriously speedy pasties and the like.

Gregg’s Christmas Muffins

But whilst their festive bakes may take front of stage, Gregg’s Christmas Muffins are not to be scoffed at, just scoffed… A spiced mincemeat muffin with custard filling and topped with Christmassy icing – yum!

Cadbury’s Festive Flake Cakes

Ever since they stopped selling Dream Bars, we’ve been particularly silent on the Cadbury front. That is until these festive flake cakes came to the fore… we are officially once again true believers.

Aldi’s Mature blue Stilton with Port glaze and fruit topping

Never underestimate the discount store…  especially when it comes to festive grub

Thornton’s Snow Dog Chocolate Model

Bite its ears and feel not an ounce of remorse. No Thornton’s Snow Dog is safe this Christmas…

Pret A Manger’s Crimble Crumble

Sweet mincemeat topped with sugary crumble and dusted with ‘sugar snow’, you’ll love this with a milky coffee or simple cup of tea. Not a dunker, but still an amazingly festive accompaniment…

Pret Manger's Christmas Lunch sandwich

The king of all sandwiches and your ‘grab on the go’ December 25th imitator. Because Christmas Lunch is way too good to wait for…

Starbucks Christmas In a Cup Latte

Apparently this is on the ‘secret menu’ at Starbucks, meaning you have to ask specifically for this special concoction. This festive drinks uses a latte as its foundation, with a shop of cinnamon, white mocha syrup, peppermint syrup and whipped cream. Licking your lips yet?

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