When Should You Put Your Christmas Tree And Decorations Up?

From its sparkling Christmas tree decorations to the cheerful atmosphere it brings to homes across the globe, anyone can agree that a Christmas tree is one of the highlights of the festive season.

But Christmas trees mean different things to different people. Some put them up as a way to usher in the festivities but for others, a Christmas tree represents something significant in their lives.

This brings us to probably the most commonly asked question during this time of year: when should you put your Christmas tree and decorations up? Some people put up their trees on Christmas Eve, however things have changed over the years, and it’s more common to see these start to go up right after Halloween.

When Is The Right Time To Put Your Christmas Tree And Decorations Up?

While there’s no right or wrong time for this, the most popular time would be the beginning of Advent, which is four Sundays before Christmas, but that’s just tradition. We know that some people just can’t wait to make their home into a festive wonderland, so here are a few of the most popular dates that people believe are the “correct” times to put your Christmas tree and decorations up.

Right After Halloween (1st November) Or Bonfire Night (6th November)

For some people, their Christmas tree goes up right after Halloween or Bonfire Night. Sure, many think it’s way too early, but if you feel comfortable setting up your tree at this time, by all means, go ahead. Enjoying a festive home for a longer period is becoming increasingly common each year.

At The Beginning Of Advent (28th November To 24th December)

This is probably the most popular period among various Christian denominations for putting up Christmas trees and decorations.

Advent (meaning “coming” in Latin) is a period that lasts four Sundays, from late November to Christmas Eve. During this period, Christians worldwide reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ and his second coming.

Christians take this opportunity to prepare their hearts and homes for the birth of Jesus. They do so through prayers, going to Advent services in church, and of course, putting up Christmas trees and decorations.

1st December

Many people in the UK set their Christmas trees and decorations up as soon as the first day of December comes around. To most of us, the beginning of December is always the start of the festive season.

Between 22nd And 24th December

Some households still put their Christmas trees and decorations up on Christmas Eve and then take them down on the 12th night after Christmas (6th January). That said, it’s not as common as it once was for homes to put their tree up so close to Christmas Day.

Now you’ve seen the different options,  you may want to understand why we even put Christmas trees up in the first place and when did the tree tradition even begin?

A History Of Christmas Trees In The UK

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. 

The introduction of the Christmas tree in the United Kingdom dates back to the 1800s. Legend has it that the first Christmas tree in the country was erected by Queen Charlotte (the wife of King George III) in Windsor back in December 1800 and in 1840, Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert brought her a Christmas tree from Germany as a gift. 

The tradition soon caught on, with families across the UK putting up Christmas trees and adorning them with decorations such as paper cut-outs and candles.

Why We Put Up Christmas Trees And Decorations

Like we mentioned earlier, there are many different reasons why we have Christmas trees across the world. The Romans used Christmas trees to decorate their temples during the Saturnalia festival, for example, whilst Pagans put up trees in their homes during winter because it made them think of the upcoming spring season.

But today, most households put up a tree for the simple reason that it helps make the home feel festive, but let’s take a closer look at some of the other benefits of doing so.

Putting Up A Christmas Tree Has A Ton Of Psychological Benefits

According to research, putting a Christmas tree and decorations up makes you happier. Setting up your tree is a way of tapping into the excitement of the festive season, which lifts your mood.

For most of us, putting a Christmas tree brings back some happy memories. This definitely increases dopamine (the happiness hormone), which, in turn, makes us happier.

Being around and looking at the bright Christmas tree lights and decorations is a form of therapy. Chromotherapy or colour therapy is known to enhance happiness and boost your energy levels.

Setting Up A Christmas Tree Makes Your Home Look Warm And Inviting

Putting up a Christmas tree in your home is beneficial to you and your visitors. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing your visitors’ faces light up at the sight of your tree.

Putting Up A Christmas Tree Brings Your Family Together

Decorating a Christmas tree is a common tradition among many families around the world. It is an opportunity to spend time together with your loved ones, tell stories, drink hot chocolate, and so on. This is one of the best ways to bond with your family and enjoy each other’s company.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree

Having a Christmas tree at home is one thing. Choosing the perfect one that suits your needs and preferences and one that complements your home is another task. Luckily, we’ve come up with valuable tips for choosing the right one.

Decide Whether You Want A Live Or Artificial Christmas Tree

When shopping for a Christmas tree, you have to consider which type of tree you want, whether it’s a real or artificial Christmas tree. Live Christmas trees can be lovely to have in the home as they smell great and really add to the natural feel. However, they do require a lot of maintenance, like frequent watering and hoovering up of the pine needles. 

This is where artificial Christmas trees come out on top. Artificial Christmas trees come in various styles and colours that you cannot find in live Christmas trees, for example, pre-lit Christmas trees, snowy Christmas trees and fibre optic Christmas trees to make decorating even easier. They are also quite affordable when you consider that they can last for many years if they’re properly looked after.

Furthermore, artificial trees are hypoallergenic, making them safe for you, especially if you are allergic to the moulds that grow on Christmas trees. And if you’re trying to be more sustainable with your shopping, buying from us at Christmas Tree World also helps to improve the environment as we have partnered with the Borneo Nature Foundation to plant a seedling in the Borneo rainforest for every Christmas Tree World order made on our website - at no extra cost to our customers.

Pay Attention To The Height

This is another essential factor to keep in mind when selecting a Christmas tree to purchase. You wouldn’t want to buy a tree that doesn’t fit in your house and selected room because it is too tall or too wide. This is why we have a range of heights available in all of our artificial Christmas trees and even slim Christmas trees for those smaller rooms.

A Strong And Firm Stand Is Everything

Regardless of how attractive a Christmas tree is, if it doesn’t have a high-quality stand, then it won’t do you any good. A good-quality Christmas tree stand is heavy enough to hold the tree upright to keep it from falling over. It should also lower the tree’s centre gravity, keeping it balanced. At Christmas Tree World, our stands are built with a solid foundation so there is very little chance of your beautifully decorated tree falling over. We also have beautiful wooden Christmas tree skirts in red, natural brown, and brushed white and gold which you can use to decorate the bottom of your tree and hide your stand.


There are many reasons why people set up their Christmas trees and decorations at different times and, at the end of the day, it often comes down to personal preference.

While there are a lot of recommended times on when to decorate your home, it is totally up to you to decide. Just make sure that you have a top-notch quality Christmas tree, stunning multicoloured lights and plenty of decorations to turn your home into Santa’s Grotto! 

Shop the full Christmas tree shop range today! If you need help deciding how many baubles and lights you need, use our Christmas tree decoration calculator to find the perfect number for your tree. Read our guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree to bring your festive vision to life.