Are you curious as to how a white Christmas tree could ramp up the festive cheer in your household this Christmas? 

This article will guide you through all the very best ways to make your artificial Christmas tree the star of the show!

With everything from natural, Nordic-inspired looks to more classic and traditional themes, there are sure to be some creative ideas for you to enjoy this Christmas.

Why choose a white Christmas tree?

If you’re looking for something a little bit different this Christmas, a white Christmas tree brings the best of both worlds. Not only do they look classic, traditional and sophisticated, but they also look edgy, modern and fun.

An artificial Christmas tree of this type will also be a big hit with family members, including the kids, who love nothing more than a winter wonderland in their home during such a magical time of year.

But how do you create the perfect look on a white Christmas tree?

Achieving the perfect look depends on how you want to decorate your artificial Christmas tree. If you’re short on ideas for creating an eye-popping, beautifully decorated tree, we have some great solutions for you to get experimental with this Christmas!

Ideas on how to decorate a white Christmas tree

While it isn't difficult to decorate a white Christmas tree, there are some inventive things you can do to make your white tree a beautiful, elegant talking piece.

Below we’ve suggested some great ways to inject some extra sparkle and vibrancy into your decorations this year. Using our ideas, you can create a wonderful white Christmas tree that’s perfect for any style of home!

Flower power

There's something whimsical and ethereal about a white Christmas tree, and the addition of flowers can naturally enhance this vibe. Flowers - whether real or artificial - can bring a fresh and pleasing aesthetic to any Christmas tree, particularly a white tree, thanks to the cool, neutral colour.

From deep red roses to pink lilies or more traditional Christmas flowers, such as poinsettias, paperwhites, and amaryllis, there’s a flower for every Christmas tree. You can even use flowers as part of your tree topper too!

Admittedly, adding flowers to a Christmas tree probably hasn't crossed many people's minds, but they most certainly add flourish and make a pretty alternative to more traditional Christmas tree decorations.

Metallic twist

Metallic themes are highly popular here in the UK and further afield when it comes to any colour Christmas tree. But, when incorporated with a white Christmas tree, it can push the tree onto the centre stage.

Don't be shy about adding texture either. Ribbons do this beautifully and make your tree look extra full. Go for gold, silver and bronze Christmas baubles and ornaments to structure the theme. 

As for lights, subtle white Christmas tree lights and warm white Christmas tree lights pack a punch in terms of minimalist aesthetics.

Into the woods

One popular and exciting interior design trend to come out of the last few years of the global pandemic is the concept of bringing nature into our homes. And, it's set to be just as big, if not bigger, this coming festive season.

You can't get much better than a white Christmas tree as the perfect blank canvas to complete this look!

Use what you can find in your garden, and get the kids involved. You can collect pine cones and leaves, adding them to traditional wooden ornaments and neutral-coloured ribbons to provide peaceful Nordic vibes.

Don't worry about it clashing with your decor; this look will give a beautiful chilled-out aesthetic that can complement any surroundings.

Paint it black

Black never goes out of fashion, and it can enhance a white Christmas tree tenfold. 

You can make your Christmas a gothic masterpiece by adding black and purple ribbons, baubles, and eclectic ornaments, not forgetting the all-important tree topper. You can even paint sprigs of holly black and add them to the tree, which will create the perfect alternative Christmas tree.

Black can also look beautifully sophisticated and elegant when used on its own or introduced alongside other colours such as silver or gold ornaments. Glass and white ornament decorations can look stunning on a white Christmas tree with a black theme, adding texture and light to the white branches.

Let it snow

You can create a complete winter wonderland theme with a white Christmas tree. Introduce cool colours such as blue, green, silver and white ornaments on top of some extra faux snow and white glittery tinsel to make your Christmas tree sing.

Adding some fluffy tinsel will make your tree look incredibly thick and inviting, playing perfectly into a snowy theme. Why not opt to add some icicles and snowflakes, coupled with some glass or plastic bells for an even more luxurious traditional take this festive season.

Make it match

Your Christmas tree should be seen as a festive extension of your interiors, so why not take inspiration from your home and apply it to your white Christmas tree? This personal touch will produce a cohesive flow to your Yuletide display whilst also allowing you to experiment with colours.

For example, if you have brown walls, you can get creative with lighter and darker chocolates, sand and camel colours, adding wooden decorations, gold beads, and subtle amber Christmas tree lights to complete the look.

Be as artistic with your white Christmas tree as you have with your decor, and you will surely be on to a winner!

Be bright and bold

As white is a fresh canvas colour, artificial Christmas trees of this nature simply invite colour bursts. You can be as bold as you like. Try in-your-face hot pinks, stand-out oranges, or even a multitude of strong colours combined. 

A set of bright, flashy Christmas tree lights will wonderfully bring the entire eclectic composition together.

This daring yet playful look would be ideal for children's bedrooms. Kids of any age (even moody teenagers!) can be won over by a beautiful Christmas tree bursting with colour and happiness!

FAQs about decorating white Christmas trees 

Are white Christmas trees popular?

White Christmas trees are extremely popular! Not only are they ornate and majestic, but they are also brilliantly versatile in that they work well with many different Christmas tree decorations and colour schemes.

What's the difference between a snowy Christmas tree and a white Christmas tree?

A snowy Christmas tree, otherwise known as a frosted or flocked Christmas tree, is one that has been treated with a special substance to make it look as if freshly fallen snow has just landed on its branches. 

A white Christmas tree, however, is completely white all over. Both a snowy Christmas tree and a white Christmas tree work great at giving a winter wonderland effect thanks to their white touches. After all, who doesn't love a bit of snow during the festive season?

Which room is best to place a white Christmas tree in?

You can place a white Christmas tree anywhere you wish, depending on the tree size and how much space you have. They can add a special touch of sparkle wherever they end up - and they will never look out of place with your home decor. White is a colour that will match practically any colour scheme or interior design!

Can I get different sizes of white Christmas trees?

Just like traditional Christmas trees, white trees come in various sizes. From slim Christmas trees to small Christmas trees, you’ll easily find a tree to match your requirements at Christmas Tree World!

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