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  • Christmas Trees With a Difference

    Nov 11, 2018

    Christmas is a traditional time of year. From stuffing the turkey to hanging up stockings, some of our favourite festive pastimes have been part of the season for hundreds of years!

    However, sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit! Alternative Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular among those who like to buck the norm and create something out of the ordinary.

    Take a look at our favourite artificial Christmas trees with a difference that we hope to see front and centre in many homes this Christmas!

    Alternative Christmas Trees With a Difference…


    Upside Down Christmas Tree

    If you really want to flip tradition on its head, this one is for you! Hanging an upside down Christmas tree was once seen as a religious symbol in Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages, though this obviously gave way to the upright tree we all recognise today.

    However, it looks like this once forgotten ritual is back on the rise! Having been picked up by Claridge's hotel in 2017, who brought in designer, Karl Lagerfeld to decorate, the trend is back on top!

    While you may feel a little dizzy while hanging your baubles, our pre-lit upside down tree comes ready-strung with lights and with a sturdy hook to hang from your ceiling beam - so all you have to do is work out where to put your presents!

    Shop Upside Down Christmas Trees


    Black Christmas Tree

    For some people, only a green Christmas tree will do. However, there are just as many other Christmas lovers who like to think outside the box…

    Something of the marmite of Christmas trees, a black Christmas tree can divide opinion. Isn’t Christmas supposed to be merry and bright? While they may not be for everyone, we love the dramatic and luxurious look a black Christmas tree can give.

    Great for contemporary styles, your sparkles will really stand out against the dark branches, while gleaming golds, glitters, beads and lavish feathers can add some opulence to your tree with a difference! We’ve even seen some people create a spooky Halloween display with theirs before transforming into Christmas…

    Shop Black Christmas Trees


    LED Blossom Tree

    Twig Christmas trees are another alternative becoming popular among those seeking a Christmas tree with a difference. Great for outdoor displays, our LED blossom trees also have plenty of potential for indoor use.

    Whether you want a small table top twig tree or a full size spectacle, our range of LED blossom trees offer a great option for a contemporary alternative Christmas tree.

    Take a look at The 5ft Warm White LED Blossom Tree that can fit beautifully into hallways for a striking minimalist look. If you’re feeling creative, you could also try hanging a few decorations off the branches for a modern alternative Christmas tree with minimal effort.

    Shop LED Blossom Trees


    Half Christmas Tree

    Half the tree doesn’t mean half the fun! The perfect solution for anyone trying to cram Christmas into their apartment or other small space, half Christmas trees have been popping up everywhere!

    Lying flat against your wall, a half Christmas tree can allow you to go with a height and width that would usually take up too much space if it was full size. It also means you don’t have to hang on to unwanted baubles to fill the back of your tree - you can go all out to create a full on spectacle from the front only!

    Shop Half Christmas Trees


    Use Your LED Lights…

    If you really want to create an unconventional Christmas tree this year, your LED Christmas lights could be all you need!

    Follow the latest trend of stringing lights up on your wall in the triangular shape of a Christmas tree to make a display that is sure to spread some smiles. You don't even need a  power socket to adorn your walls if you use our battery powered LED lights! All you need is some adhesive wall hooks to wind your lights around and you will have created a Christmas tree with a difference in no time.

    Other everyday objects can also be transformed into an alternative Christmas tree with the power of some LED string lights - a wooden folding ladder and stacks of books or logs are other popular choices!

    Shop LED Lights


    Are you going to try a Christmas tree with a difference this year? Shop our full range of artificial Christmas trees to see more.

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  • Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide

    Oct 10, 2018

    While artificial Christmas trees can be picked up pretty much anywhere, from supermarkets to bargain shops, there are a few important things you need to consider if you want to make a smart investment.

    While many artificial Christmas trees on the market are cheap and cheerful, they might not live up to your expectations when you take them home. Luckily, Christmas Tree World is here to offer the highest quality artificial trees that your home will love for years to come!

    Why Buy An Artificial Christmas Tree From Christmas Tree World?

    Here at Christmas Tree World, we have over 30 years of experience in creating artificial trees that really impress, so we promise you won't be let down.

    We design all of our trees ourselves, ensuring they are as unique and beautiful as possible, using a mix of realistic PE and PVC branch tips. With a fantastic array of sizes and styles, we have built up a range that we hope meets all of your needs. We also offer a 10-year guarantee on your tree and speedy free delivery on orders over £30.

    The benefits of artificial Christmas trees are plenty. While a real tree will leave your money in the chipper every year, a fake tree is an investment for years to come, so you need to know you've chosen the right one. And, with plenty of sizes and styles available, finding one that fits your home is easy, and doesn’t require traipsing around in the cold to haul one home!

    Artificial Christmas Tree Styles...

    One of the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree is the many styles and effects available for you to create a look you love. Whether you want a classic looking fir tree or an all-out winter wonderland, take a look at the styles we offer…

    Realistic Christmas Trees

    At Christmas Tree World, we pride ourselves on the wonderfully realistic look of our artificial Christmas trees. Our trees use the best natural looking PE tips, filled out by PVC tips for added fullness. If your main concern is finding a tree that looks like the real thing, then we recommend looking at our range of realistic Christmas trees first.

    Shop Realistic Christmas Trees


    Pre Lit Christmas Trees

    A pre lit Christmas tree is the ideal time-saver. If you quickly tire of stringing up lights, or have never mastered the art of arranging your display, then this is the option for you. Simply remove your tree from the box, assemble it and plug it in to have an instantly professional looking tree ready to impress in your home!

    All of our pre lit artificial Christmas trees feature high quality LED lights - find out the benefits of using LED lights here.

    Shop Pre Lit Christmas Trees


    Frosted And Flocked Christmas Trees

    If you have your fingers crossed for a white Christmas every year, a flocked tree may be for you. Bring that sense of enchantment that only frost flecked trees can bring with our snow effect artificial Christmas trees. Whether you want branches laden with snow or just a light dusting of frost, a flocked tree can create a striking effect. We also feature pre lit options to set your faux snow off with a sparkle.

    Shop Flocked Christmas Trees


    The Snow White Fir from Christmas Tree World Pictured: The Snow White Fir

    Slim Christmas Trees

    This is the perfect space saving tree. If you have a smaller size room, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice on height; a slim tree is a compact solution that allows you to make the most of your room size. It also offers a more modern take on the Christmas tree silhouette so even if you have plenty of room to play with, a slim Christmas tree is a great way to create a more contemporary look.

    If you are really pressed, you could also consider a half tree. With one flat side for placing against the wall, you can have the illusion of a full and bushy tree while only taking up half the space! Find out more about trees for small spaces. 

    Shop Slim Christmas Trees


    Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

    A bottle brush Christmas tree is indeed how it sounds! Each of the branches resembles a bottle brush, making for exceptionally full looking foliage. If you want your artificial tree looking lush and full of life, these are a great pick. We also have snow effect and pre lit bottle brush Christmas trees available, too, so your options aren’t limited.

    Shop Bottle Brush Christmas Trees


    Artificial Christmas Tree for Outdoors

    Do you want to bring some Christmas cheer to your garden? Our LED blossom trees make a wonderful way to add an ambient glow to your outdoor areas. Choose from a range of colours, styles and sizes to suit your needs and enjoy the bright and efficient illumination of the LED lights!

    Shop LED Blossom Trees

    Black and White Christmas Trees

    Are you not one for tradition? If you would rather create a contemporary Christmas tree this year, why not give a black or white artificial Christmas tree a go? Paired with contrasting baubles, one of these unconventional looking trees can leave a lasting impression, whether you want a bold minimalist design or just want to try something new!

    Shop Black Christmas Trees | Shop White Christmas Trees


    Black and white Christmas tree in minimalist Scandinavian style living roomn

    Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

    When the festive period comes to an end, you need to make sure you have an artificial Christmas tree storage bag that protects your tree for next year. Add one of our Christmas tree bags to your shopping list to ensure it is kept clean, dry and damage free wherever you store it. It’s also good to think ahead, and store it as you hope you will find it when next Christmas rolls around!

    See our full range of artificial Christmas trees in an array of styles and sizes to buy your today. Remember, we also sell LED Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, so don’t forget to take a look before you checkout!


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  • Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2018

    Oct 10, 2018

    Naturally, we are big believers in the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree. Indeed, there will be no sweeping up pine needles all season for us here at Christmas Tree World!

    However, if we had to pick a downside to artificial Christmas trees, it may be that there are so many styles and options that you can struggle to choose which one to go with.

    To help you out this season, we have put together our ‘nice list’ of the best artificial Christmas trees for 2018. As experts in all things Christmas tree related, we think our top picks are among the best, so get ready to kick off your Christmas decorating with a brand new artificial Christmas tree this year!

    Here are the best artificial Christmas trees 2018 at Christmas Tree World. Read on to find out more about them...


    Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree

    1. Ultra Mountain Pine (4ft to 10ft)

    We know that some people are just too attached to the real thing to consider an artificial Christmas tree. However, the mix of PE plastic moulded and traditional PVC branch tips of the Ultra Mountain Pine may just be able to convince everyone to try faking it with a realistic Christmas tree this year.

    This bushy Christmas tree boasts big branches with plenty of hanging space, so don’t be afraid to stock up on baubles! Available in heights of up to 10ft, it’s perfect for filling up a large room, though our range starts at 4ft for those looking for something smaller.

    Buy Now


    Ultra Mountain Pine Realistic Bushy Artificial Christmas Tree


    Best Pre Lit Christmas Tree

    2. The Pre-lit Ultra Mountain Pine (4ft to 10ft)

    Once you have made the switch to a pre lit Christmas tree, we would safely bet that you’d never go back to untangling fairy lights again. Our Pre-lit Ultra Mountain Pine tree is pre-strung with warm white LED lights - the benefits of which are many - and boasts fabulously realistic PE branches with ready-to-go sparkle built-in to light up your spruce.

    With your lights sorted, you can focus all your attention on arguing whether or not to add tinsel to your tree - or, you may want to go completely minimalist for 2018 and leave it bare to fully appreciate its twinkle.

    Buy Now


    Pre Lit Ultra Mountain Pine Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree


    Best Flocked Christmas Tree

    3. The Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine (4ft to 10ft)

    A snow effect or flocked Christmas tree is the perfect way to add an extra special finishing touch to your decorations. With a festive wintery look, our Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine features a light dusting of frost for added elegance.

    Christmas trees with snow look beautiful dressed in silver, gold and icy blue, or even with a bold purple or red theme, so don’t be afraid of trying one out to update your decorations for Christmas 2018!

    Buy Now


    Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


    Most Magical Tree

    4. The Pre-lit Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine (4ft to 10ft)

    If you really want to go all out with a frosted Christmas tree, our Pre-lit Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine promises to do the job. A beautifully realistic pre-lit and pre-flocked tree, this pick of the best artificial trees for 2018 is perfect for bringing a little enchantment into your home.

    Offering the ideal base to create a true winter wonderland, we would love to see this tree filled up with metallic baubles, opulent glitter ornaments and oversized fir cones - of course, though, the choice is up to you!

    Buy Now


    Pre Lit Pre Flocked Ultra Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


    Best White Christmas Tree

    5. The Pre-lit Bianca Pine Tree with Warm White Lights (3ft to 10ft)

    White Christmas trees are the perfect blank canvas for many of the best Christmas tree looks of 2018. Get in on the ombre trend with a spectrum of baubles shades and fade them from top to bottom, or keep it simple with timeless muted tones - our Pre-lit Bianca Pine Tree with Warm White Lights tree is the perfect place to start.

    Available from 3ft to 10ft, everyone can enjoy the bushy branches, pre-strung LED lights and super easy assembly of one of our best artificial Christmas trees for 2018.

    Buy Now


    Pre Lit Bianca Pine White Pre Lit Christmas Tree


    Best Slim Christmas Tree

    6. The Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree (4ft to 8ft)

    A slim Christmas tree is perfect for small rooms. Our Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree also boasts our natural-looking PE branch tips, making it both realistic and convenient. Whether you have a tight corner you want to squeeze it into, or simply want maximum room for presents, this is one of the best slimline Christmas trees for 2018.

    Buy Now


    Pre Lit Slim Woodland Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


    Most Impressive Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

    7. The 6ft Vesuvius Fibre Optic Fir

    There are Christmas tree lights, and then there is the stand-out sparkle power of the 6ft Vesuvius Fibre Optic Fir! If you want a fibre optic Christmas tree, you won’t be disappointed by the super-lit, colour-changing LEDs lighting up the 140 branches of this aptly named tree!

    Whether you want to brighten up your home, impress your customers or give your office something to keep spirits up, this is one of the best artificial Christmas trees to make a statement with.

    Buy Now


    6ft Vesuvius Fibre Optic Artificial Christmas Tree


    Best Small Christmas Tree

    8. The 3ft Outdoor Frosted Fir

    Small Christmas trees often get overlooked. However, we are proud to put forward our 3ft Outdoor Frosted Fir as one of the best artificial Christmas trees 2018. Suitable for outdoors, these charming mini trees sit in their own little silver pot to set a truly festive scene.

    They also feature ultra realistic moulded tips, a light frost effect and pine cone decorations - why not sit them outside your doorway with some solar powered LED lights for a grotto-like welcome to your home or business?

    Buy Now


    Outdoor Frosted Fir 3ft Small Artiificial Christmas Tree Decorated with Pine Cones And Berries

    We hope you are inspired by our list of the best artificial Christmas trees 2018 - see more in our full range or contact our team if you would like any more advice.

    Don’t forget, all of our artificial Christmas trees are offered with a 10 year guarantee and free delivery when you spend over £30, too.

  • The Best Office Christmas Trees For 2018

    Sep 9, 2018

    There’s something no workplace can do without at Christmas... no, not a full drinks cabinet, but a great inviting artificial office Christmas tree. The ultimate symbol that December is finally upon us, it’s the key piece in the festive puzzle.

    And there’s plenty of decorative artificial Christmas tree options right here at Christmas Tree World to keep the office planning committee busy!

    When it comes to your office Christmas tree, we're proud to cater to all tastes. We understand you may want to cling to time-honoured tradition, with some glorious bushy green artificial trees, or head in the other direction with something like a streamlined white or sparkling blossom tree. With such a vast array of choices on offer, we’ve decided to narrow down our collection to some office Xmas tree essentials. Read on for our seasonal tips...

    Tall Office Xmas Trees

    With images of towering trees in city centres floating around in our minds, it’s easy to see why tall trees are a popular option. Their vast scale combined with a shower of decorations, give off an amazing Christmassy vibe. And there’s nothing to stop your lobby or office entrance being bolstered by a lovely tall tree right here:

    Giant Commercial Trees:

    If you’re lucky enough to have a grand lobby or sizeable reception area, then one of our giant commercial trees extending up to 40ft can be ordered online with no fuss. Uniform in shape, with a consistent all-over crop of bushy branches, these are ideal for creating a welcoming space for workers and clients alike.

    We even have Christmas baubles that range from 6cm to 30cm, so you can easily bulk out your tree with glittering decorations in the process!

    Commercial Christmas Trees:

    Similar to their larger counterparts, but on a slightly smaller scale, a commercial Christmas tree is ideal for nestling away in a corner of the office or as something to present proudly in a lounge or meeting area.

    The 9ft Mountain Pine

    One of our most unique trees, the 9ft Mountain Pine Tree is bright, bushy and ideal for large rooms - perhaps something to impress clients over the seasonal period? This particular artificial tree comes with luscious PVC tips that mimic real-life pine needles, and immediately create the feeling of a genuine tree.

    Featuring a vivid green colour, and able to accommodate a range of decorations and trinkets, you’ll honestly struggle to find a better place for heaping all those secret Santas in the office!

    The 7ft Snow White Fir

    Flocking - if you’re a little unsure of the term - is the process whereby artificial tree branches are carefully frosted to make it look like they’re coated in snow. And they don’t come much more flocked that our 7ft Snow White Fir, with flowing branches that look like they’re being weighed down by real snowfall.

    A brilliant feature by the water cooler, or something to cast a glow over a desk bank, this is a great reminder of what we regularly miss out on at Christmases - snow, snow, snow!

    Other Office Xmas Tree Favourites:

    The 6ft White Blue Ripple Effect Fibre Optic Tree

    A superb innovation, the branches of this 6ft White Blue Ripple Effect Fibre Optic Tree use next gen technology to create a waving or rippling effect across the branches. There’s a real risk of mesmerising colleagues with this stunning creation lying around the office; and the durable LEDs and super lit fibres offer one of the liveliest trees on the market too!

    The 6ft Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree

    There’s a chance you might be strapped for office floor space this year: between the photocopiers, triple screen desks and other office paraphernalia, a grander giant tree won’t always be the right fit. This is where our 6ft Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree is the best choice: with its sleek profile, two-tone green colours and handsome size, make the Slim Pine your office floor filler this year!

    Office Desktop Trees:

    It’s all too easy forget that there’s plenty you can do to spruce up your individual office desk at Christmas. Throughout the year, it may be a space full of useless post-it notes, well-used notebooks and neglected mugs of tea - but during the festive season, try transforming it into a mini wonderland with the following mini-sized suggestions:

    The 45cm Frosted White Flower LED Blossom Tree

    A huge trend in recent years, the Far East-inspired 45cm Frosted White Flower LED Blossom Tree will make a truly elegant touch to your workspace. They’re dainty in size, easy to assemble, energy-efficient and, best of all, the white plastic flowers will ensure you’re wrapped in a heartwarming glow all throughout December.

    The 60cm Red & Blue Colour Burst Fibre Optic Tree

    Sparkle and Christmas go hand in hand, which is exactly why this 60cm Red & Blue Colour Burst Fibre Optic Tree should edge it’s way to the top of the office wish list. With long-lasting LEDs constantly giving off beautiful red and blue sparkles, and a slim profile too (it’s 45cm diameter won’t be getting in the way of your pen pots!) these trees perch perfectly on your desk.


    We hope these ideas help spark some creative ideas for every Christmas planning committee out there - are you starting to scope out your office decorations this year?

    Let us know about your ideas and share your brilliant decorative plans for 2018 below! Alternatively, any questions about the trees themselves don’t hesitate to contact our expert team!

  • Best Fibre Optic Trees for Bay Windows

    Oct 10, 2017

    At Christmas Tree World, we have grand trees, tiny trees and everything in-between. For those who like to draw attention to their stunning Christmas decorations without seeming "too much",  a fibre optic tree is ideal.

    Beautiful, ambient and eye-catching, fibre optics looks fantastic when positioned front and centre, and nothing greets visitors better than a Christmas tree gleaming coquettishly from a window.

    If you haven't yet decided where to place your first tree, we have the answers. Take a look below at our favourite fibre optic Christmas trees for bay windows.

    The Gold Flower Fibre Optic Tree

    Like a tiny ray of dewy sunshine peeking through the darkness, our Gold Flower Fibre Optic Xmas Tree casts a gorgeous glow through bay windows.

    Inviting and simple in design, the Gold Flower tree comes with 80 golden tinsel tips, emitting a warm white ember-esque radiance which lovingly welcomes in guests. Long-lasting LEDs come ready-fitted to this tree, so you needn't worry about buying replacement bulbs in a hurry.

    An ideal choice for big, barren bay windows which demand a festive feel.


    The White Blue Ripple Effect Tree

    For a calming feel to your space, add a White Blue Ripple Effect Christmas Tree. Startlingly brilliant, this fibre optic tree is very much a tree which demands all the accolades. The beautiful bright blue fibres elegantly ripple up and down the tree, mesmerising guests and relatives during the festive season.

    Pop in your front bay window to show off your Christmassy flair, or add to back bay windows and watch the garden bask in a gorgeously relaxing blue haze.


    The Red & Blue Colour Burst Fibre Optic Tree

    Add a splash of colour to bay windows this Christmas 2017 with the Red & Blue Burst Artificial Xmas Tree. Casting a rainbow hue from your front window, this fibre optic tree is illuminated through acrylic stars perched at the end of realistic branches.

    While this tree transitions from red, to blue, and every colour in-between, you needn't worry about noise; like many of our fibre-optics, this tree has no moving parts, which means no noise.


    Our fibre optic Christmas trees comes in sizes from 3ft up to 8ft. If you like the look of the fibre optic Christmas trees above, browse our newest in the range: the LED Bellisimo, Red & Blue LuminescenceAndromeda and Multicolour Aurora.

    If fibre optic isn't your thing, take a look at our whole range of Christmas trees.

  • Best Small Artificial Christmas Trees For Xmas 2018

    Sep 9, 2017

    Christmas is the best time of the year.

    There. We said it.

    We love it because absolutely anybody can get stuck in; whether you like to go big with the brightest lights and most garish Christmas jumpers, or prefer the humble warmth of togetherness during the winter months, we know the feeling.

    To get you in the mood for the Christmas season, why not look at our range of small artificial Christmas trees? Ideal for table-top decorations and to sit in the nooks of small rooms, our 3ft Christmas trees and 4ft artificial trees prove it’s the little things in life that really do make all the difference.

    Here are our favourite small artificial trees for Christmas 2017.

    3ft Woodland Pine

    Woodland Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

    Our Woodland Pine range is one for those who simply adore the outdoors.

    Christmas Tree World customers love this range for its realistic pine trees; with its perfect mix of PE & PVC branch tips and two-tone green colour, our Woodlands demand your guests’ attention.

    Boasting an impressive 382 branches and at 63cm diameter, our 3ft Woodland Pine might be small, but they sure are full of heart.

    Shop Woodland Pine Artificial Christmas Trees.

    4ft Snowy Scots Pine

    Snowy Scots Pine Artificial Christmas Tree
    If you can’t think of anything more gorgeous than a beautiful snowy day, then look no further than our 4ft Snowy Scots Pine trees.

    A thin blanket of snow rests atop our Snowy Scots, providing a fetching ambient glow from the moonlight. Not only do they look realistic from afar, they’re also fantastic up-close; expect your guests to marvel at this tree’s delicate branch tips – all 298 of them!

    Bushy and full of character, our 4ft Snowy Scots is 68cm in diameter and combines PE/PVC branches with large bottle brush tips. Traditional with an extra hint of opulence – divine!

    Shop Snowy Artificial Christmas Trees.

    4ft Arbor Grande

    Arbor_Grande Artificial Christmas Tree

    Our 4ft Arbor Grande artificial Christmas tree is grand in name, and – despite being just 4ft tall – is certainly grand in nature.

    This is one of our most realistic Arbors, with 447 branch tips and 72cm in diameter.

    Elegant and with a gorgeous subtle look, it really is impossible to spot the difference between this and a real tree. Add some multifunctioning LED lights and see how much warmth your small Christmas tree brings to chilly evenings.

    Shop Arbor Artificial Christmas Trees.


    Don’t forget, many of our trees come in multiple sizes, ranging from 3ft up to a whopping 20ft. Browse all our artificial Christmas trees and show us how you’ve styled yours on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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