The 5ft Mountain Pine Tree

The Mountain Pine Christmas Tree is one of our most unique trees which carries decorations such as lights, baubles, and other trinkets effortlessly.

Picture shows 7ft model of the range

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Special Price £50.99

Full Price £84.99

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Special Price £50.99

Full Price £84.99

You Save 40.00%

The 5ft Mountain Pine Tree


Product Features

  • Large range: Available in 4ft to an impressive 14ft
  • Bushy: 649 up-swept branch tips
  • Best for small rooms: 117cm diameter at its widest point
  • Great colour: Realistic natural green
  • Realistic look: Comes with traditional high quality PVC tips
  • Easy assembly: Colour-coded unattached hook-on branches
  • Sturdy base: Folding metal stand with plastic tips to prevent scratching
  • Fire resistant: Fire retardancy certified
  • Indoor use only: The trees construction will rust in rain
  • Height measured from the floor
  • Pick your size and enjoy multi-buy discounts
  • Eligible for European shipping

Reasons you'll love the Mountain Pine Tree...

A great number of traditional PVC branch tips in the mountain pines signature up-swept branch style keep characterful realism central to its homely “bushy” look.

The Mountain Pine which is only available from Christmas Tree World has been hugely successful, making its home in thousands of families homes as well as high profile venues such as the Liverpool Cathedral in their light up a life ceremony.

For inspiration on decorating your tree, check out our range of stunning lights, decorations and accessories here. Remember our Christmas tree bags are also a simple, mess-free way of storing your Christmas tree for future Christmases!

Some of our notable customers include;
The Royal Northern College of Music (The Merry Widow), The Royal College Of Music, The Bridgewater Hall, The Open University, The Royal Festival Hall, The Royal Agricultural University, The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, RSC Royal Shakespeare Company, Blenheim Palace, Liverpool Cathedral, Salvation Army, Exeter University, Eton College, Guildhall School of Music Drama, Furness Academy, The University Of Liverpool, The Wales National Rugby Union Team (Millennium Stadium), National Marine Aquarium, 'The Army' at Sandhurst, The British Embassy Rangoon, Epson UK Ltd, Holiday Inn, Unilever, Antler Luggage, The BBC, MTV, ITV, Chanel 5, Thames TV X Factor, Geordie Shore, Big Brother, Ferne Mccann (Towie), Carol Wright (Towie), Jess Wright (Towie), Bobby Norris (Towie), Deborah Douglas (Towie).


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Christmas tree memories 18/04/2018
Fantastic Tree

I was not expecting much at that price or height, I had a much larger one over the years and then decided on a wall or half tree, but I never took to that, this is a proper tree, I am well pleased, I intend to change the base /stand though but other than that the tree is unfaultable.

SantaPaws 02/01/2018
Fabulous little tree!

My hubby is a real tree aficianado! He LOVES Christmas and everything about it - especially the tree. In his whole life he had never had a fake tree, whereas I had been brought up with a threadbare 2 ft silver tinsel thingy on top of the tv (but I loved it anyway!). Since we have been together (17 years) we have only ever had real trees - every year we would go to the tree farm and painstakingly spend a couple of hours choosing the tree that was to live with us. Out of all those years, looking back on them, only one was perfect, but hey, at the time, we liked them all.

Anyway, this year we went shopping for our trees (we have had two for the last ten years, a big one in the hallway, and a smaller one in the dining room) and almost fainted at the £52.00 price tag for the 7ft hallway tree. Hubby decided it was just too painful, and that from now on, we would be a one tree household :( I knew he was secretly sad about that, and kept asking was he sure? Half heartedly, he kept saying he was. So, one day, I started searching online for - heaven forbid - a good looking artificial tree. Something that would hopefully be an investment - last a few years, and most importantly, look real. I stumbled across this website on Google and came across this tree.

I knew the picture was of the 7ft model, but hoped that the 5ft would be just as nice. Also, I hoped it would have a proper top - you know, the one stick that you pop the star on, not the feathery spare branch thing that so many fake trees have? Anyway, I took the plunge and ordered it, then that evening, took a deep breathe and told hubby what I had done. I promised if it was awful, we would send it back, no two ways about it, so begrudgingly, he agreed to give it a go.

It arrived next day (awesome service, thanks!) while I was out, and hubby excitedly opened it and started assembling it. He'd been at it an hour when I got home. I walked in to find him crouched on the floor next to the tree - and my heart sank. It looked, well, pants :( My face fell, it matched the face of my hubby. I said there and then, lets send it back, but he said no, lets at least see what it looks like when it's finished - he'd come this far and wanted to see it through.

After another hour or so, he'd attached all the branches and set it up in the dining room. It still looked awful. Hubby went to play with food in the kitchen having lost interest. Out of boredom - maybe hope - perhaps despair - maybe all three, I'm not sure - I poured myself a glass of wine and started to mess with the branches, slowly bending and positioning each one, using the photo off the website as my guide as to trying to salvage something from this 'thing' that was now in the corner of my dining room. and that was when a Christmas miracle happened . . .

Slowly but surely, the 'thing' started to transform before my very eyes. It was like a Christmas tree version of the tale of the Ugly Duckling - it was becoming a swan! After about an hour, Hubby came back to see what I was doing having been unusually quiet for so long, and he was amazed! He just stopped and stared at it, every bit as astonished as I was, probably more so as he hadn't seen it undergoing it's transformation. Somehow, it really did look like a real tree!!!! It is such a beautiful shape, not that silly conical shape that most artificial trees are, this was like a stocky little thing you would find actually growing in a forest! The colour looked good too, and yes, it did have a proper top! I wish so much I could upload a photo for you to show you just how good it looks, because I honestly think you would be convinced. Bending those branches and taking your time is just SO worth it, put in the effort and you SHALL be rewarded!

So, from being a hater of artificial trees, Hubby is now a convert - to this tree anyway. He openly admitted going in the dining room just to look at it. He has even gone so far as to say it is his favourite tree that he has ever had! It is even HE who has been telling ME that we should get another in 7ft to replace the hallway tree - yes, really! It's that good! So you can probably guess what I'm going to do after leaving this review, but you'll have to wait until this time next year for a review of 'big brother tree' as he won't be getting assembled for another 11 months. But having read other reviews of the 'big fella' I am in no worry at all that it will be just fine :)

That's another thing - we can put them up at the beginning of December without worrying that they will be half bare before Christmas itself (been there, done that, got the t shirt) - because of this we had taken to putting off bringing the trees in until just 10 days before the big day itself to try to keep them looking fresh, which of course means you have no sooner put it up and it feels like you are taking it down again :( Not any more!

The only thing hubby did was to abandon the base that came with it and use a proper tree base instead to add to the authentic look. We also strategically placed presents underneath it to help disguise the fact it didn't have a proper trunk, and we got away with it!

We spent £59.99 on this 5ft version and don't regret a penny of it. Other trees sell for WAY more and don't look a patch on this. The 7ft version is currently half price at £93.49 - less than the price of two real trees, so will pay for itself in next to no time. If, like us, you are fed up of real trees breaking the bank and fancy taking your chances on an artificial tree, we just can't recommend this one highly enough! Thank you!

Aga 09/12/2016
Amazing, looks like a real tree! :)

I am so happy with the tree, it looks amazing, you can't even tell that it is artificial. I actually hate artificial Christmas trees and after years of only buying real trees, I have decided to give it a try and buy this one. It was worth every penny, it looks like the real thing if not better :) I can highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for high quality tree that looks like real one.

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