Upside Down Christmas Trees

Try something completely different this winter with a pre lit unique upside down Christmas tree. Our inverted trees create an incredible centrepiece and your guests won’t be able to look away! Upside down Christmas trees are ideal if you want more floor space during the Yuletide season - simply hang your tree from the ceiling or from anywhere you can hook it to. 

Spend time decorating your stunning pre-lit Christmas tree with colourful Christmas tree decorations to complete your festive look.

Browse our upside down Christmas tree collection below or look at our extensive range of artificial Christmas trees for more inspiration.

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Why choose an upside down artificial Christmas tree?

Traditional Christmas trees are incredibly popular, but nothing is stopping you from choosing something different this year. Over the past few years, upside down trees have grown in popularity and are now one of the most popular trends to follow. These topsy turvy trees feature a striking inverted triangular shape and look like they’re gracefully floating above the floor. 

If you want to make more of a statement, our modern Christmas trees are definitely for you. Each Christmas tree offers something different, making it easy to find the dream match for your home or garden. 

Our collection of shatterproof Christmas baubles look breathtaking on an upside down Christmas tree. Add as many decorations as you want and marvel in their beauty as they dangle delicately from the realistic branches. 

Buy your upside down Christmas tree online today!

When you buy an upside down Christmas tree online from Christmas Tree World, you receive a 10-year guarantee plus FREE UK mainland delivery when you spend over £30!

We also have an extensive range of delivery & shipping and returns policy for your upside down tree.

Upside down Christmas trees FAQs

Where did the upside down Christmas tree originate from?

Even though upside down trees are a current trend, inverted trees have been around for a long time. These trees hold the same meaning as a traditional tree and have been popular in homes for thousands of years. It’s believed that they were first used in the 7th century by Benedictine monk Boniface.

Hanging trees were also used throughout the 12th century in Central and Eastern European countries. It isn’t uncommon to see a fir tree, spruce tree or oak tree hanging upside down from a ceiling!

The upside down Christmas tree has remained popular over the years and is a trendy addition to any home today. These trees hang beautifully from the ceiling and make a memorable statement. Not only do they look magnificent, but they also save floor space.

How do you decorate an upside down artificial Christmas tree?

You can decorate your upside down tree the same way you’d decorate a traditional Christmas tree! Spread festive cheer and joy and attach as many baubles, tinsel and Christmas tree lights as you want. 

Have a look at our collection of artificial Christmas wreaths to match even more ornaments to your Yuletide set-up. 

Are hanging trees safe to use?

Yes - a hanging tree is perfectly safe to use in your home, business or venue. Each tree comes with a metal hook for you to attach your tree to the ceiling easily. All of our artificial Xmas trees are also fire retardancy certified for your complete peace of mind.

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