Why we’ll be giving a little extra this Christmas

We know that part of the fun of Christmas is all those lovely gifts, tempting food and glittering decorations – even the most charitable of us appreciate the more commercial side of Christmas alongside the truly important meanings.

But we know that when you have little ones running around, it can all get a little too focused on the Playstation 4s, bulging Christmas stockings and mountains of chocolate. We’re partial to those lovely Christmas treats here at Christmas Tree World, but we know how important it is to look at the bigger picture too.
After all, it isn’t the presents under the tree that make those lasting festive memories, it’s the time spent with family, friends and making a difference to those needing a little extra help around this time of year.

That’s why this year we’ve teamed up with Nugent Care to combine a little Christmas cheer with helping a truly worthy charity.

Nugent Care have been carrying out fantastic work since the 1800s, after father James Nugent, a pioneering figure who made significant contributions to issues of child welfare, poverty and social reform, established the charity. Fast forward to 2013, and Nugent Care are still making a huge difference to people of all ages around the North West.

Nugent Care provides support for many people, including children, adults and those with physical and mental disabilities. Some of the amazing services on offer include schools for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties and residential children’s homes.

In fact, no member of the community is exempt from the amazing support offered by Nugent Care and their extensive services even help homeless people and those in need of housing support.

With such a broad spectrum of people receiving assistance from Nugent Care, it was a clear choice to make Nugent our Christmas charity 2013. With every tree we sell we’ll donate to Nugent Care, all you have to do is pop ‘Nugent Care’ in the discount box when purchasing your artificial Christmas tree and we’ll do the rest.

Even the smallest gestures of kindness can go a long way this Christmas, so please spare a thought for those charities and individuals who could really do with a little helping hand. Whether it’s simply donating a few tins of food to your local animal shelter or donating your time to help those in need, a little thought can be all it takes to make someone’s Christmas.

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