Warm White LED Twig (Blossom) Christmas Trees

Add something special to your festive decorations this Christmas with our glowing warm white twig Christmas trees. All of our artificial blossom trees at Christmas Tree World come with energy-efficient, long-lasting and vibrant LEDs. Each branch has attractive and durable plastic flowers which look like real Cherry blossom flowers. 

Browse our range of warm white twig Christmas trees below.

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Buy a pre lit warm white blossom tree

Our beautiful 3ft Warm White LED Blossom Tree glitters all year round and is a perfect decoration for the festive season. The artificial blossom tree has a sleek black trunk and can be used both indoors and outdoors, as long as the transformer remains dry. There are 100 LED lights on the branches, which creates a gentle and soft glow. 

If you want a more colourful pre lit blossom tree, our multi coloured LED blossom Christmas trees could be the ideal choice for you. Sit back in your garden or living room and enjoy a bright lighting display every evening.

You can also look through our indoor and outdoor Christmas lights to find matching LEDs to use around your house. Match your pre lit blossom tree with any other artificial Christmas trees you have and showcase your Yuletide scene.

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