The Best Office Christmas Trees For 2018

There’s something no workplace can do without at Christmas... no, not a full drinks cabinet, but a great inviting artificial office Christmas tree. The ultimate symbol that December is finally upon us, it’s the key piece in the festive puzzle.

And there’s plenty of decorative artificial Christmas tree options right here at Christmas Tree World to keep the office planning committee busy!

When it comes to your office Christmas tree, we're proud to cater to all tastes. We understand you may want to cling to time-honoured tradition, with some glorious bushy green artificial trees, or head in the other direction with something like a streamlined white or sparkling blossom tree. With such a vast array of choices on offer, we’ve decided to narrow down our collection to some office Xmas tree essentials. Read on for our seasonal tips...

Tall Office Xmas Trees

With images of towering trees in city centres floating around in our minds, it’s easy to see why tall trees are a popular option. Their vast scale combined with a shower of decorations, give off an amazing Christmassy vibe. And there’s nothing to stop your lobby or office entrance being bolstered by a lovely tall tree right here:

Giant Commercial Trees:

If you’re lucky enough to have a grand lobby or sizeable reception area, then one of our giant commercial trees extending up to 40ft can be ordered online with no fuss. Uniform in shape, with a consistent all-over crop of bushy branches, these are ideal for creating a welcoming space for workers and clients alike.

We even have Christmas baubles that range from 6cm to 30cm, so you can easily bulk out your tree with glittering decorations in the process!

Commercial Christmas Trees:

Similar to their larger counterparts, but on a slightly smaller scale, a commercial Christmas tree is ideal for nestling away in a corner of the office or as something to present proudly in a lounge or meeting area.

The 9ft Mountain Pine

One of our most unique trees, the 9ft Mountain Pine Tree is bright, bushy and ideal for large rooms - perhaps something to impress clients over the seasonal period? This particular artificial tree comes with luscious PVC tips that mimic real-life pine needles, and immediately create the feeling of a genuine tree.

Featuring a vivid green colour, and able to accommodate a range of decorations and trinkets, you’ll honestly struggle to find a better place for heaping all those secret Santas in the office!

The 7ft Snow White Fir

Flocking - if you’re a little unsure of the term - is the process whereby artificial tree branches are carefully frosted to make it look like they’re coated in snow. And they don’t come much more flocked that our 7ft Snow White Fir, with flowing branches that look like they’re being weighed down by real snowfall.

A brilliant feature by the water cooler, or something to cast a glow over a desk bank, this is a great reminder of what we regularly miss out on at Christmases - snow, snow, snow!

Other Office Xmas Tree Favourites:

The 6ft White Blue Ripple Effect Fibre Optic Tree

A superb innovation, the branches of this 6ft White Blue Ripple Effect Fibre Optic Tree use next gen technology to create a waving or rippling effect across the branches. There’s a real risk of mesmerising colleagues with this stunning creation lying around the office; and the durable LEDs and super lit fibres offer one of the liveliest trees on the market too!

The 6ft Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree

There’s a chance you might be strapped for office floor space this year: between the photocopiers, triple screen desks and other office paraphernalia, a grander giant tree won’t always be the right fit. This is where our 6ft Pre-Lit Slim Woodland Pine Tree is the best choice: with its sleek profile, two-tone green colours and handsome size, make the Slim Pine your office floor filler this year!

Office Desktop Trees:

It’s all too easy forget that there’s plenty you can do to spruce up your individual office desk at Christmas. Throughout the year, it may be a space full of useless post-it notes, well-used notebooks and neglected mugs of tea - but during the festive season, try transforming it into a mini wonderland with the following mini-sized suggestions:

The 45cm Frosted White Flower LED Blossom Tree

A huge trend in recent years, the Far East-inspired 45cm Frosted White Flower LED Blossom Tree will make a truly elegant touch to your workspace. They’re dainty in size, easy to assemble, energy-efficient and, best of all, the white plastic flowers will ensure you’re wrapped in a heartwarming glow all throughout December.

The 60cm Red & Blue Colour Burst Fibre Optic Tree

Sparkle and Christmas go hand in hand, which is exactly why this 60cm Red & Blue Colour Burst Fibre Optic Tree should edge it’s way to the top of the office wish list. With long-lasting LEDs constantly giving off beautiful red and blue sparkles, and a slim profile too (it’s 45cm diameter won’t be getting in the way of your pen pots!) these trees perch perfectly on your desk.


We hope these ideas help spark some creative ideas for every Christmas planning committee out there - are you starting to scope out your office decorations this year?

Let us know about your ideas and share your brilliant decorative plans for 2018 below! Alternatively, any questions about the trees themselves don’t hesitate to contact our expert team!

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