Which Christmas Tree is Best for Your Shopfront?
There are less than 100 days to go to Christmas, but how do you decide the best way to utilise your store’s window space? Many of the major retailers are releasing information about what lines they will be featuring on their shelves this Christmas. Meetings will be happening, planning on how to decorate their storefronts. For many, the unveiling of shop window displays from some of the country’s leading retailers can be seen as bigger events than the main high street lights switch-on. Which trends and themes will be featured this festive period? Sshoppers walking past a Christmas themed window display One major retailer’s window unveiling last year, which Christmas Tree World supplied, was such a huge event that Greggs made the most of it. By reversing their signage, they got their logo looking the right way in photos and videos that were shared online. This is how important a Christmas shopfront can be. Read on to find out why it’s so important to dress your shopfront at Christmas…

Who needs a festive window dressing the most?

You may think every store needs to make this a priority; however, it is more important for smaller independent shops to have their windows and displays looking their festive best in the run-up to Christmas. Small independents do not have huge marketing budgets, nor the TV adverts, to draw potential customers into their shop. The best they can do is have a window that makes people want to stop and look. christmas-window-shop The intricacies of trying to entice potential customers into a shop at Christmas is something of a fine art, or for revenue, perhaps a mathematical equation. Window dressing displays and merchandising can, therefore, take months of planning. From ensuring you have a realistic-looking commercial Christmas tree to positioning it in just the right spot, the psychology of window dressing, particularly at Christmas, is fascinating. Learn more about the secrets of window dressing in our dedicated blog piece.

Which Christmas trees are best for a shopfront?

This, ultimately, comes down to some crucial factors that you will need to consider. These include your budget, size of your shopfront and the theme you choose. christmas-shop-display It is of real interest to see which trends and trees retailers opt for to dress their shops. We supplied a major sports retailer with our snowy Christmas trees, while others have gone more contemporary with upside down Christmas trees to hang in their windows. Some may want traditional-style foliage or the ultra-realistic - it all depends on your wants and needs.

Real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees will, obviously, be the part; however, they come with many issues. Placing a real tree in a shop window will often lead to it drying-out under strong lights, which not only creates a poor look as needles start to fall, but also becomes a fire hazard.

Artificial Christmas trees

Everything you have from a real tree but cleaner, safer and easier to install. If you have limited window space, half trees and upside-down trees while flocked trees work especially well in shop windows. You can choose from various styles to match every theme.

Fibre optic Christmas trees

Fibre optic Christmas trees are hassle-free, with many forgoing decorations entirely as a decoration in its own right. Energy-efficient, low-cost and lightweight, these trees come in a variety of styles and sizes. All you need to do is pop them up and plug them in.

Pre-lit Christmas trees

Pre-lit trees combine the best of artificial Christmas trees with those of fibre optics - you can still decorate them yourself, but the tricky lighting is taken care of. Pre-lit Christmas trees come in a range of styles and sizes to fit every space and theme. Pre-lit Outdoor Woodland Pine Tree Whatever type of tree you are looking for displaying in your shop window, Christmas Tree World is the place to go. Here are some top tips for Christmas window displays:
  • Plan your theme and tell a story
  • Don’t put the window display in too early or too late
  • Remember it’s to drive footfall into your store, not drive it away
  • Having the wow factor often means customers spending more money
  • Look at buying key pieces which can be used again in future years or altered to be used again

If you would like to learn more about our unique artificial Christmas trees, including ready-made designs or to make your own, we’re here to help.

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