Cat-Proof Christmas Tree

The world's first cat-proof Christmas tree! The Xmas tree that barks like a dog, distracts your cat with lights & more. Coming soon to Christmas Tree World!

While cats can be loveable little balls of fur, often they and Christmas trees don't mix. For some reason they decide they're an Everest to be climbed, or the baubles are to be batted across the room. Many a Christmas tree has been felled by an over-enthusiastic feline. But not anymore!

Introducing the world's first cat-proof Christmas tree!

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Cat-Proof Christmas Tree


Christmas trees for cat owners are hugely overlooked, and our elves are currently busy away in the lab designing and developing an artificial Christmas tree that gently dissuades your moggy from deciding the tree is its new favourite play thing. Looking just like a regular Christmas tree, you can choose from a host of groundbreaking features, as detailed below, each of which can be added at a small extra cost...

Remote speaker

You can choose to include a remote speaker with your Cat-Proof Christmas Tree that can be positioned anywhere around your home. You can record your own sounds onto the speaker, which can then be triggered when your cat approaches your tree. You may choose to record the sound of you calling his or her name, or the sound of the box of cat biscuits being shaken - whatever will bring your cat running. Extra speakers are also available for a surround sound experience.

Extra cost: £500 per speaker

Distracting laser lights

We've all seen the videos of cats chasing laser lights as they dart across the wall - what better way to ensure your four-legged feline friend forgets all about the baubles and tinsel? The tree comes with a set of specially produced Christmas lights that send lights, laser pen style, onto the opposite wall. The lights can be set to a number of different colours and will move automatically to keep your cat entertained for hours while your tree stands unharmed in the corner.

Extra cost: £2,500

A realistic dog's bark

The tree comes with a sensor that detects your cat as it approaches and emits a dog's bark to make your moggy think twice about coming any closer. You can even choose the bark from a range of different dogs, including French bulldog, German shepherd, golden retriever, springer spaniel, and more. If you have your own dog, you can even send us its bark as a recording and we'll put that into the tree.

Don't worry, the bark isn't loud enough to scare your cat, just enough to reconsider if it really wants to go near the tree.

Extra cost: £3,000 (£5,000 for pedigree dogs)

Emergency treat dispenser

At the foot of the tree is a handy little compartment to store some treats that can be dispensed when your cat is in the mood to bat your baubles. We can even supply the treats, which include cat biscuits, tins of tuna, saucers of milk, and catnip covered toys.

Extra cost £2,000 (packs of treats from £100 each)

Paw-proof Baubles

There are few things cats enjoy more than a spot of bauble boxing. However, we've developed a set of baubles that will stand up to even the most playful pussies. Reinforced with a thin layer of kevlar, they'll stand up to just about anything thrown at them, no matter how strong your cat may be. We have also filled each bauble with a strong magnet that is attracted to a metal pole within the tree to ensure they're never swatted across the room.

Extra cost £3,500 (set of 12)


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Moggy lover 08/12/2018

Purchased this with all the added extras and 5 sets of the baubles. Einstein our 9 month old moggy has enjoyed everything except the dog barking. The laser lights have had him running like a lunatic for hours on end. The cat treat dispenser once he found it (not long after which he couldn't run) had him scoffing away like a pig in a trough. Incredible value for money and all my cat loving friends are eager to buy. Please please get them back in stock soon.

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