Bushy Christmas Trees

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Grid List

A bushy Christmas tree is the universal sign for Christmas cheer, with full branches and thick foliage to fill up your decor space. Perfect if you want to make a grand festive display, our range of artificial Christmas trees are ideal for making a feature in large spaces, such as hallways and foyers. There are great options for small spaces, too, with diameters available that can fit into tighter areas.

Offering ample opportunity to show off your tree decorations, our beautiful artificial bushy Christmas trees give off a realistic feel, thanks to high quality materials, two-toned colours and natural looking shapes - see The Mountain Pine Tree for one of the more unique options!

Take a look at our extensive range of bushy artificial Christmas trees to find one that suits your room. With sizes ranging from 3ft to 14ft in height, plus a range of finishes such as fir, pine and snow covered, you will be fully prepared to deck your halls this year!

What Size Bushy Artificial Christmas Tree Do You Need?

Don’t dampen your Christmas spirits by buying the wrong size Christmas tree - go too big and you risk knocking baubles over until January; go too small and your tree will get lost in the room. Measure up the height of your ceiling and deduct at least 6 inches for clearing space.

Also, make sure you pay attention to the diameter of your chosen tree. We always list the widest point of all our bushy artificial Christmas trees, so measure your space and make the most of your area! If space is really tight, our Woodland Pine Half Tree can be conveniently set against a wall.

Pre-Lit and Flocked Bushy Artificial Christmas Trees

Avoid the annual fairy light tangle with one of our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, featuring warm white or multicolored LED lights for effortless sparkle. We also feature bushy artificial Christmas trees with flocked snow effects for a truly festive finish.

Shop our wonderful range of bushy artificial Christmas Trees now, along with Christmas lights and decorations, and enjoy UK free delivery on all orders over £30, plus receive our no-quibble 10-year guarantee to ensure your tree lasts for many seasons to come!