Bright Christmas Decorations

Ah, Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year! It's that magical season when we deck the halls, light up our homes, and summon brightness for all to enjoy. At Christmas Tree World, you can effortlessly bring that extra dazzle to the festive season with bright Christmas decorations

We have a whole host of bright Christmas decorations to choose from, to help you bring life into your living room this holiday. What’s more, we sell pre-lit Christmas trees, and a variety of tree lights to suit all tastes - so you can illuminate your home with the spirit of St Nick.

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Decorating ideas for bright Christmas baubles

When it comes to Christmas decorations, baubles are the undisputed show stoppers. But why settle for the ordinary when the remarkable is on hand? It's time to break away from convention and add some glitz to your holiday decorations!

Below are some of our decorating ideas for a bright, illuminated and unforgettable Christmas: 

  • Glitter, glitter and more glitter: There is no doubt that glitter provides us all with a little dopamine, and magic, especially at Christmas time. Give your Christmas baubles a dazzling makeover with a touch of glitter. Once they take stage on the tree, they’ll work their magic for you by shining against the glow of the tree lights, making a unique and sparkling atmosphere.
  • Lights, camera… gingerbread: There’s nothing more magical than fairy lights adorning each nook and cranny of your home. That’s why, for a bright and cheery Christmas, we recommend having as many as possible. Hang them from the fireplace, the staircase, kitchen island and anything that needs an extra bit of sparkle (we recommend everywhere).

Bring the inside out: Don’t stop indoors, you can light up your home from the outside with our range of outdoor pre-lit trees you can light up the night sky and wow the neighbourhood. It doesn’t have to stop there, you can string outdoor Christmas lights across your porch, decking or walkway to brighten things up, too!

What Christmas trees are best for brightly-coloured decorations?

When we think of Christmas, red and gold spring to mind but other likely contenders are white, silver, and mystical colours that represent snow, ice, Santa, and all things Winter Wonderland! And, you’ll want a tree to match. 

Our selection of artificial trees at Christmas Tree World is unrivalled, with plenty to choose from to suit every home. For brightly coloured baubles, ribbons and tinsel, you’ll want a tree that stands out. 

  • Snowy Christmas trees are among the most eye-catching trees that bring with them an atmosphere of Winter Wonderland! Watch as your bright Christmas decorations adorn these frosted and flocked sculptures of beauty. 
  • Another popular choice for shimmering decor are realistic Christmas trees. These big, bushy, forest green festive centrepieces are the perfect partner for your most bright and enchanting decor. 

If you want your Christmas lights to stand out, then why not opt for a Black Christmas tree? Any irridescent trees will reflect lights and make decorations POP, making them a must for bright Christmas decor.

Why choose Christmas Tree World?

As the holiday season approaches, remember that bright Christmas decorations bring more than just illumination. They are a testament to the joy, creativity, and sometimes borderline insanity that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas.

Explore our range of artificial Christmas trees, decorations and wreaths & garlands at Christmas Tree World and get FREE UK mainland delivery on orders over £30!

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